Epilogue – Life Then

The tapping of fingers on a calculator reverberated off the walls as both figures sat in silence. Tifa sat on the couch, her legs spread out before her. With a pen in hand, and a notepad in the other, she started taking notes of the stocks that needed to be reordered for the bar. As the pen came to her mouth, she considered for a moment in what else she needed to restock, hearing the soft tapping of buttons; it didn't take long before she lost focus. It appeared, watching a certain blonde who held a solemn expression, with a slight frown visible on his face was far more intriguing than making notes on stock.

With her eyes lingering on Cloud for a few moments, various thoughts ran through her as she grinned mischievously. Although it had been two months since their marriage, she still found it hard to believe that he was hers. Well, to be more precise she was his since she had adapted to his last name. At the thought of names, a sudden inquiry popped into her head.

"We should have another wedding." She stated, catching the blonde's attention.

Cloud Strife lowered his pen as his finger moved away from the calculator, his eyebrow arching in question. A solemn expression was smeared onto the beautiful brunette's features as he remained silent, perturbed by her sudden suggestion. Was their first wedding not good enough for her?

Forcing down the smile that was slowly creeping onto her full red lips, Tifa gave her husband a stare. "It would be fair." She continued, titling her head slightly. "I mean, I had to change my name when I married you. So if we make another wedding, you could change your name and be Mr. Cloud Lockheart." She had to suppress a giggle as she saw Cloud's expression change from puzzlement to alarm.

Fighting to continue, and half choking on her sentence, she managed to sputter the last of her words. "At least then my family name isn't totally ignored and forgotten." She explained a glint in her eyes.

When the blonde shifted around, giving her his undivided attention, she dropped her notepad and pen, sitting up, her mind reeling with other thoughts. "Our second wedding doesn't have to be a big one. But I'd honestly like it if I hadn't fainted. And besides, another wedding will do us good so I can get the message around that I own you." She stated, urging Cloud to speak. "Mr. Cloud Lockheart sounds terrific don't you think?" She teased.

Moments lapsed but there was no reply from the blue eyed man. Getting to her feet, Tifa sat across the coffee table, staring at her husband squarely in the face, biting her lip to hide the laughter. She placed her hands on her hips playfully. "Then can I at least call you Mr. Lockheart?" She bargained.

Cloud didn't react. He knew he was torturing her with his silence, and he could spot the gleam in her eyes as her lips failed to hide the grin that was running across her face. He smiled inwardly at himself as he observed her shifting to sit beside him. Picking up his pen, he commenced tapping figures into his calculator, doing his best to ignore his wife was that ever so persistent. He was waiting for her to get within arms reach before he was willing to say anything.

"Cloud?" Tifa questioned, her body leaning in closer to the blonde that wasn't staring at her.

As her face neared, the blonde's smile slowly came into view before she realized it was all an act. Before there was enough time to runaway, Cloud had caught her, gently tackling her to the rugged floor. Blue eyes locked onto brown ones, his hands resting on her hips, her arms wrapped around his neck.

Tifa threw Cloud an expectant look, "Cloud get off." She ordered, successfully hiding her grin. "The children might come," She explained.

At first, Cloud was about to release her and stand, but then he realized Barrett had taken the kids out. Staring back at his wife, he gave her a fiery gaze, his hands remaining in place on her hips, a disbelieving expression smeared onto her features. He knew she was disappointed that he hadn't fallen for her tricks, and now it was time to get even.

Leaning in closer to her face, Cloud's hands slid under her white shirt (well his white shirt to be exact). His hands travelled up her warm, smooth, flat stomach, resting on her ribcage. As their noses touched, he felt her sweet breath on his face, her eyes never leaving his. She was lying still on her back, watching silently as Cloud gave a mischievous smirk. He knew he'd got her right where he wanted her to be. Planting a quick kiss on her full lips, his fingers went into action as he tickled her skin.

Tifa squealed and shuffled under him, but he continued to tickle her mercilessly.

"S-sto-p!" She begged through laughs, but the blonde ignored her.

The sweet sound of laughter filled the entire house for a few more minutes before Cloud stopped, stood and ran.

Tifa lay breathless on the floor, regaining her breath as she placed a hand to her stomach. It'd been two months now, and she still hadn't announced the new member to the family. Sitting up, her eyes scanned the stairs to find her husband nowhere in sight. I bet you'll be as beautiful as him. She thought, grinning to herself.

As she got to her feet, moving to the stairs, the familiar blonde came into view, something clasped in his hand.

"Tifa?" He whispered, revealing the stick.

At first, Tifa didn't know whether if he was angry or calm. When she couldn't distinguish which extreme it was, she decided to finally unveil the truth. Nodding her head at him, she examined his expression that slowly changed.

At first, Cloud didn't know how to react, as he finally digested the news, a genuine smile broke free. Clearing his throat, he felt numb all over. "When?" He questioned, knowing she'd understand his inquiry.

Tifa gave a soft sigh. Damn Cloud and his ability to unveil secrets! And damn him for ruining her birthday message. "Two months," She responded, his head cocking up to stare at her.

She didn't see him move, but had felt his arms around her, pulling her close to him. They were more relaxed around one another now, and she was relieved. Once again, his hands slid under her shirt, resting on her flat stomach as if in contemplation.

"Are you mad?" Tifa whispered, her hand caressing his cheek.

Cloud shook his head in reply, his mako eyes reaching her gaze, his hands never leaving her stomach. He couldn't believe how fast things were going. In the beginning, all he wanted was for Tifa to be his… Only now, the two of them had created something more.

-The End-

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