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This is mostly just me making fun of my writing, mistakes, etc...*grin*

* * * *

With the wind blowing around her and the sun turning her hair to gold, Relena reaches over the railing to tie a strip of white fabric from her dress on Heero's arm. Soft music begins to play as she reaches over and then...


Relena: "uh oh"


The railing falls away and our heroine falls head over feet to the ground, momentarily dazed, but she quickly recovers her charming sense of language...

Relena: "ow"

Heero: "........."

John: *sweatdrop*

* * * *

'Heero' comes charging out of the trees on a black horse, wearing a set of black wings, waving a silver sword, and generally looking like someone about to commit murder.

'Heero': *in a deep, booming voice* "I WILL PROTECT THEE, MY SWEET RELENA!"

Relena:" uh....what are you doing, Heero?"

twilight: "Excuse me, Mr. Yuy, but the script says the 'avenging angel' part is Relena's thoughts. You don't actually come out AS an angel....*sigh*

'Heero' suddenly rips off his mask to reveal...Duo.

Duo: "Well, if some writer, who shall remain nameless...*cough* twilight *cough* ....would actually PUT me in the story, I wouldn't have to resort to this stuff!" *walks off grumbling*

twilight: *another sigh*

* * * *

Time slowed.

Heero turned, unthinkingly, towards the heart wrenching sound of Relena in trouble.


With an evil sneer, the knight behind him raised his sword.


Relena struggled in the arms of her captors, reaching one arm out to Heero as if to warn him.


The sword came down.


Heero: "Okay, I just can't take it anymore. What is WITH all these heartbeats? Every time I turn around there's a heartbeat in my face. GET THEM AWAY!"

twilight: "Their to show that all of these events happen in only a few seconds, Mr. Yuy. It's necessary for the stor......What are you doing?"

Heero: "I'm taking care of this once and for all."


Heero: "There."

Relena: "What did you do?"

Heero: *smugly* "You'll see."


twilight: "oh no..."


Relena: "He didn't..."


Relena: *flatly* "He did..."


twilight: "That was very expensive equipment you just trashed, Mr. Yuy. Don't make me do anything drastic....*gets out her keyboard* I can rewrite the kiss scene. How about giving John a nice smooch right on the lips?"

Relena: *grins evilly*

Heero: *faints*

* * * *

John: "I yield. By God, I yield!"

Heero: "Too bad for you, buddy." *proceeds to raise his sword*

twilight: "Wait a minute! You aren't suppose to kill him! You're above all that!"

Heero: "I am?"

twilight: "Yes."

Heero: "Why?"

twilight: "Uhm....well...uh..."

Heero: "This man has falsely accused my love interest of being a witch. He deserves to be run through! He's the bad guy!"

twilight: "Well, when you put it that way...."

John: *gulp*

* * * *

Relena reaches out a hand towards Heero and mouths words for him to read.

Relena: "Elephant's shoe."

twilight: "Ms. Peacecraft, the line is "I love you."

Relena: *giggle* "Sorry."

twilight: "Take 2,456."

Relena reaches out a hand towards Heero and mouths words for him to read.

Relena: "I....What was the line again?"

twilight: "oh boy..."

Heero: "Would you hurry it up, Relena, I'm bleeding to death out here!"

Relena: *mutters* "Grumpy, grumpy."

* * * *

Sorry about my bad humor, just wanted to take a shot at it! *grin*
Thanks for reading "In the Moon's Shadow" and have a great day!