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Near by, the city streets roared with activity. People walked the streets searching for unknown while others remained in the shadows watching. Some even lured people into the dark and sucked their living essence... vampires. Vampires stalked the earth years ago and now they continue to do so, desperately trying to take over this world. Many stand aside and watch, others ignore their existence, but one lives for the challenge...his name is Blade.

To Blade, the vampires definitely existed. They just stuck out a little more to him, so instead of letting them drive out the humans he decided to make it a career. Sometimes it got really tough and others were just too easy but this time it wouldn't be so easy. He'd really have to work at this one, but not alone. This first started just after he thought he'd defeated Frost, some girl was there as Frost's prisoner. Well, Blade didn't fully understand right away but instead he decided to see what the story was this time. So, of course he saved her and let her stay with him and the new and wholesome Whistler. Her name turned out to be unknown so Blade continued to call her, her desired name... Kilanath. Blade took it upon himself, on his and on Whistler's behalf to help take care of her. Who would have known she'd cause so much trouble...after all she's was just a kid. Here's their tale:

" Tell me where it is Kilanath" Frost snapped at her sharply, showing his pearly fangs.

Nothing but silence came from the stooped figure kneeling on the floor. Frost kneed her in the gut and smiled as she keeled over mourning her bruised ribs. Blood trickled down out of a cut in her side from Frost's sharp boots. She winced as she attempted to move, her ribs ached with a stabbing pain.

" Let's try this again" Frost paced "I ask a question. You answer it"

Again he asked her where the anonymous man was and again no reply. Just as he was about to kick her in the face she mumbled a small "please...s-stop".

Frost kneeled next to her and stared at her emotionless features. " Are you going to give me an answer "?

Yet again she refused to answer.

Waiting in the silence, Frost chewed thoughtfully on his lip. A ringing sound came from Frost's pocket; his platinum silver beeper radiated light and continued ringing. Frost pressed one of its many buttons and the ringing stopped.

" Don't move Bitch...I'll be back" Frost mumbled " Do I have to do everything myself" as he left the room.

Kilanath had a better chance now to observe her surroundings. She was always taught to mind her surroundings, even when in prison or in your own home.

She'd apparently been here before and this time for something other then theft of Frost's supplies that he sends with his little 'blood boys'. This time was the same as always. She got caught, brought to Frost's place, beat up, questioned and beat up some more. Then he'd make her do him a favor which usually meant to finish off the job that was assigned to the guy she killed. Get paid and dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Last time she got dropped off right by the police station, which Frost pretty much owned. Anyway, she heard Frost stomping back towards the room but instead he stopped in front of the room and started incessantly yelling.


The idiots he was referring to just stared at him shockingly and only replied " Sorry boss" over and over again. Every time he corrected them they replied with a "Sorry boss" and they'd all continue doing their job. One specific guy leaned up against the wall and laughed 'incessantly'.

" WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, GET YOUR FAT ASS DOWNSTAIRS AND HELP THEM" Frost threw his hands up in the air and made fists. He gritted his teeth and growled.

Kilanath laughed through a closed mouth and smiled. Nothing ever got done right when it came to those idiots he called his workmen. But I suppose he was used to it. Frost came into the room finally, after a moment of sheer fury. He walked quick-paced and perfectionately. He grabbed her by the shoulder and lifted her off the floor, and half dragged her across the room.

" Come on sweetheart, we gotta move " Frost seemed almost completely happy and yet infuriated at the same time.

Kilanath let him drag her through a few hallways and out some doors to a parking lot in the back of his building. There, waited a limo, a BMW, and a Mercedes. Frost yanked the door open and hurriedly pushed her in and then got in next to her. It was quite a nice limo only the champagne was replaced with blood packets and the phone was replaced with a surveillance system, which made it look dumb.

Frost shouted orders to the driver and the driver pulled the stick into drive then was about to push the gas when a large black car pulled out of nowhere. It had tinted windows and was brand new looking, it roared its engines and sped towards us in the limo. Frost grabbed me by the collar of my jacket and fled from the car just before the black car hit the limo. The car didn't just hit it; it hit the limo so fast that its front end reared up on top of the windshield. Then he reversed and the car came off the limo and turned towards the other two, two large missile looking things shot out of a space next to each headlight and blew up the Mercedes and BMW. Car pieces littered the lot and flaming junks came falling from above. Frost didn't waste a moment of time and ran from the scene, heading towards the building we had just come out of except he turned off into an alley. He moved his hold to my upper arm and gripped it rather tightly before racing off. Even though we were running pretty fast I could still hear the roaring engine and after we made another turn the car was waiting for us at the end of the alley. Frost pulled a phone out of his pocket and yanked it open; he pushed a few numbers and then shut the phone. A few moments' later two guys with crotch rockets came speeding from behind us. They came to a skidding halt and Frost jumped on with one guy and the second guy threw her in front of him on the bike to make sure she didn't try to get away. Then both drivers zipped off down some more alleys and narrow driving streets between buildings. When they looked back they didn't see the car and they didn't see any sign of it anywhere. The one driver stared behind him to see if anyone was going to follow them and as soon as he turned around a tall man in a black trench coat with a long sword came from a fire escape above and spliced him in the back. Kilanath was still holding on and she tried to get control of the bike before crashing, she succeeded and decided this was her chance to get away. She looked back quickly and saw Frost get away and the tall guy killed the driver, took his bike, and came after her. Kilanath whipped around and twisted the handle some more to go faster. The air whipped her long hair like a cape behind her, and lashed at her face. Kilanath's bike wobbled a little. She wasn't very good at driving a crotch rocket, let alone a motorbike. Another turn came up and she slid a little as she made the sharp turn. No matter how fast she went Blade was right behind her and he was started to catch up. Kilanath panicked, her heart raced, sweat trickled down the side of her face and mixed with the dried blood where Frost had kicked her. She glanced back behind her and Blade wasn't there. That made her heart skip a beat and she took in a deep breath. He couldn't be seen but she could still hear the bike's engine roaring with speed. Then, it stopped. And she could only hear the humming of her own bike. When she turned around, Blade was standing at the end of the dead ended alley. His sword's tip touched the ground and he made a semi circle, ready for action.

" Oh shit " Kilanath whispered to herself.