Why me?

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"Kiki?" Drew asked. Drew was standing by me now and Taven was in his chair again. I threw myself on Drew crying.

"I want to see her again! I miss her so much it hurts!" He held me then and I let myself cry.

I let the anger and sorrow and pain leak away through my tears. He was probably sick of me doing this, I was too. I was sick of myself getting like this. Now was the time to change it all. Revenge or not. This is my life and my game. My rules apply and with the rules come the consequences for breaking them. Deacon had taken a life and twisted another. His penalty was death.

"Taven. I think we need to have a meeting." I had finally calmed down after nearly an hour of Drew holding me.

"Yes dear Kiki, right away. I have arranged transportation"

"Good. And hey we are gonna need a party"

"A party?" Drew asked.

"But of course Kiki. This occasion calls for a celebration" Taven went out to the car. I went upstairs to change.

I picked out a more skater outfit. Drew had had me redo my wardrobe once upon a time. I wore a black girls t-shirt that said major attitude, a pair of tight flare jeans and my awesome black DVS's with a red DVS symbol. And my volcom jean jacket. I put on a black fall-out-boy styled hat and applied my usual makeup. Black eyeliner, dark eye shadow and lip gloss. I was always pale and now I just didnt care. So blush was a waste. Drew smiled at my outfit. I knew that meant he agreed with how I dressed. We went out to the car and jumped in back together.

In the car I sat up front with Taven and made Drew ride solo in back. He didnt mind. But he kept asking questions.

"Why a party Kiki?" He asked.

"Cause we are celebrating the beginning of a great battle" I answered and smiled.


"Yes. Deacon is gonna try something and I am not gonna let him dominate without a fight. And I will not lose"

"Or so we hope" Taven added. You can count on him to be negative.

"Oh and how do we celebrate something that I have no idea about" He had the angry tone in his voice. That was not something I tolerated. I whipped around to face him and gripped the leather sits tight with white knuckles.

"Listen up Kitten." I seethed. "I have been in this for as long as I can remember and I'm sorry you do not understand. The easiest way to put it is vampires exist and I am gonna kick all of their sorry asses back into hell!" I said. The look on his face told me he finally understood.

"So that's why. I didnt believe Taven's stories about what had happened to you. I'm sorry Kiki" This shocked me. He had never actually apologized on his own, at least not for getting mad.

"Well Kitten there's a lot to know but I can't explain in the hour of party time. We are gonna drink and dance and have a good time. You are gonna spend quality time with me and Taven" I smiled.

Drew nodded and smiled too. I turned back around. I noticed in the corner of my eye that Taven was watching me and when I felt it I knew why. I was on the verge of crying. My past was a very dark thing and well life was not how I wanted it to be. I was weak as hell but I pretended to be tough, and I hated every minute of life because of it. But you gotta live and I had everyone to live for.

The bar was packed with hot guys and well obviously there were girls there. Most of the guys lounged around drinking while the girls took up the dance floor. As soon as I walked in I saw some of my old friends. I ran to them and we met half way. Rachel or Slacker as we called her almost cried but well she had been drinking, we hugged for a moment. Ben, Serenity, my ex from long ago Corey, and Matt were all there too. I had all of us move to a better spot supplied by Taven himself. We lounged a little and drank. Drew watched as I slammed a vodka coke and 6 shots of a few different drinks. I was pleasantly buzzed. He watched me carefully but was enjoying himself too. The girls and I hit the floor. The previous floor hoggers had split and we took up the floor. The guys dropped their drinks and came to watch us, all of them crowding the floor. Some guys even took turns joining in. I spent some time with a few hotties. The music was upbeat and alive. My body tingled with adrenaline and well I was drunk but still alert somewhat. We stopped and went back to our seats earning moans and cries not to stop from the guys. Drew looked at me in a way I recognized as a little jealous.

"Having fun little alkie?" He asked.

"Im not an alkie but yes I am having fun" I smiled then took a sip of a weaker version of a vodka coke.

"Right" He smiled.

"I would have even more fun if you would dance with me"

He had a look of shock. I replied "But if you dont want to I can always find someone else I suppose" and I made a pouty face. He quickly jumped up and pulled me to the floor.

Thats exactly what I wanted. Me and him even attempted to salsa. We did good for a pair of buzzed people. Serenity joined me and him. Me and her had stripped off our heavier clothing and now had our shirts, pants, and shoes of course. We had a dancing battle which Drew I think loved cause me and Serenity attacked each others' bodies with moves of a talented dancer. We then retreated back to our seats again and he followed. A few guys dropped by to say goodbye as they left. It was reaching the wee hours of midnight and 1 but the bar was slowly losing population. I leaned on Drew on one of the couches and he had an arm around my shoulders both of us had drinks. He was okay but i was actually trying to get wasted. I wanted to get away form it all and this was my way out. My friends started to leave too.

"Hey sweetz I'm gonna leave as soon as my ride gets here" Corey said.

"Sure" I smiled. I had missed him. We were together almost four years and because of me it all went down the drain.

"Ah thats my ride." He said as a girl popped into the bar. Coincidence?

The girl stood by him and they hugged. "Bye Kiki" He waved on his way out. Thye had a hand in the ass pocket of each others pants.

I groaned and leaned into Drew a little harder. "Its okay babe" He whispered. I wish he had been right but I wasnt okay. I was gonna break down again.

Taven moved next to me and took my drink. I growled at him and he laughed. Never take a drink away from a silently raging girl who had just seen her ex love walk away with someone who was more beautiful and better looking. Drew, Taven, Serenity and I all began chattering away.

"Remember when I got really drunk and me and you almost kissed?" Serenity laughed and took a sip of a drink. I blushed hardcore.

"You never told me anything about that" Drew was interested.

"Actually" Serenity continued and smiled at me " We.." I leapt on top of her laughing.

"Be quiet you" I said laughing.

We both giggled and laughed and well didnt relaize that I was laying on top of her with her legs around me. I was drunk...that was my excuse. Drew's eyes widened as he noticed how close our faces were. Close enough that my breath warmed her cheeks. She pushed herself up and quick kissed me.

"Friends forever" She said.

"Friends forever" I agreed. She kissed me again only this time well we went all out.

You learn that drinking will make you do crazy things. We didnt do much else except kiss and rub our bodies on each other. It was weird but hell I was drunk and an experience is and experience. Drew was on edge and Taven licked his lips. When we stopped Drew jumped me. We kissed and rubbed and this time I had my legs around him. We practiced what we wanted to do and laughed. Alcohol can make you happy, sad, mad, and even horny as all hell. With our clothes still on we could do nothing else. This was a great night for all of us. Then we all decided to sleep at Taven's and that was a mistake. There are somethings you just dont want to know about your friends.