Title:Cheap Hotels

Author: Spazoid

Summary: Every member of Team 8 sleeps differently.

Every member of Team 8 sleeps in a different way. Shino lies perfectly still, never moving, with his glasses still perches on his nose. Hinata has the tendency to curl up, taking up as little space as possible. Kiba, unlike his still comrades, usually ends up shifting and sprawling into awkward positions; it's not uncommon for his sister to find him half hanging off the bed, part of him clutching Akamaru

Sometimes though, when the mission was just that hard and the exhaustion has seeped into their bones, when they're still shaken up and they really need each other, their sleeping differences are put aside; all three (or four, if you count Akamaru) end up tangled in the same bed.

This is not to say they're sleeping with each other, far from it. Both boys would inform you that they are quite happily straight and Hinata is like a younger sister now, even though Kiba used to have a crush on her and Shino used to be a little infatuated, if only because not many people are comfortable with a man who has bugs inside his body. And Hinata has that crush on Naruto anyway, even though Kiba thought she should just ignore him because he's practically blind. Shino thinks so too, only he's not quite as vocal as his Inuzuka counterpart.

But these things really don't matter when they all check into that cheap hotel, sometimes getting weird looks and sometimes not, and collapse into that rickety bed. And Shino stays still as always, and Hinata somehow always worms her way in-between both of the boys, mostly because they make her feel safe. And Kiba usually ends up sprawling over both of them, not because he's protective, of course not, just because it's comfortable.

Hinata doesn't mind him sprawling usually because Kiba's warm but sometimes she gets annoyed because with him on her she can't get up. But usually it fades and she just curls back up with them and goes back to sleep, warm and safe. Because together they're unshakeable, formidable, holding a bond between them that will never be broken.

The differences between them are nothing compared to what they are when together.