Shadow Phoenix: hehehe heres a little sumtin sumtin dat i just thort of like 2 minutes ago hehehe i love da llama song its soooo kool hahaha,

poor kai having to listen to tyson and max's bad singing i think somebody needs a hug

SP: gves kai a cuddle

kai: glares at SP and pushes her off him

SP: pouts meanie

kai: hn

"Here's a llama, there's a llama,
and another little llama,
fuzzy llama, funny llama, llama, llama, duck!

Llama, llama, cheesecake, llama,
tablet, brick, potato,
llama, llama, llama, mushroom, llama, llama, duck!

I was once a treehouse, I lived in a cake,
but I never saw the way the orange slayed the rake!
I was only three years dead, but it told a tale,
and now listen, little child, to the safety rail!

Did you ever see a llama, kiss a llama, on the llama, llama's llama,
tastes of llama, llama, llama, duck!

Half a llama, twice the llama, not a llama, farmer,
llama, llama in a car, alarm a llama, lama, duck!

Is this how it's told now? Is it all so old?
Is it made of lemon juice, doorknob, ankle, cold?
Now my song is getting thin, I've run out of luck!
Time for me to retire now, and become a duck!"

Tyson and max sung at the top of their lungs max giggled and shouted "again" so once again they started up singing the llama song kais eye twitched as they got louder with each new rendition of it he growled low in his throat ray who was fast asleep and didnt seem to be waking anytime soon was free from torment of the song kai stood up and swiftly walked to the front of the bus which is were max and tyson were singing out of tune might i add he thwacked them both on the back of the head "owww what was that for kai" tyson whined kai death glared both him and max "if both of you dont shut up there wont be enough of you left for anyone to find got it" both max and tyson nodded nervously with one last glare he stalked to the back of the bus and sat with his arms folded and eyes closed he sighed quietly 'piece 'n quiet' he thought


"This is the song that never ends,

it just goes on and on my friend,

some-people STARTED singing it

not knowing what it was

and they'll continue singing it forever just because

this is the song that never ends..."

kais eyes snapped open as they continued singing not heading his warning he yet again stalked up to max and tyson and just stood there arms crossed tyson and max slowly turned to see kai
tyson gulped and both he and max instantly shut up kai yet again retired to the back of the bus and thankfully for tyson and max's sake they stayed quiet and everyone got to the stadium in one piece

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luv shadowphoenix

SP: say goodbye kai

kai: hn

SP: kicks kai in da shin

kai: fk girl glares

SP: say goodbye glares

kai: fine bye

SP:BYE jumps up and down waving

kai: alrite who gave her tha suga goes off in search off culprit who gave SP suga