Title: Triple E 1/1

Author: Sivan Shemesh


Rate: K+

Warning: None. Fluffy counts?

Disclaimer: They are not mine.

Spoiler: AU.

Summary: Elrond watched his sons, and his adopted child. Something about Elladan's acts made him smile.

Note: Arwen is not in the story.

Note2: Elladan and Elrohir are 6, Estel is 4.


Elladan, Elrohir and Estel set by the river.

Lord Elrond watched them with care and awareness as he made sure that nothing would ever happened to them.

Even though Estel was new to the family, Elrond could feel his love surrounding the boy, as he noticed his gray eyes sparkling and the pure smile. It melted his heart just to see it.

He noticed that Elladan crawled to the edge of the water, he thought to call to him, and yet, he could see that Elladan was only holding his hands over the water, to feel it.

Soon Elrohir and Estel followed their elder brother. Elrond found himself smiling and almost chuckled as Elladan put his hands like a bucket, collected some water, and let his twin and Estel drink from his hands.

Elrond did not know how and where Elladan took the idea from, but it seemed that their bond was growing and strong.

Elrond walked over to his sons, and decided the he needed to arrange Elladan's clothes, and then he walked away, and glanced over them.

Elrond noticed as Elrohir arranged Estel's clothes as well as he tried to match it over his twin, and then Elladan and Estel's hands been working over Elrohir, as they set his braid, and his clothes.

Elrond tried to foreseen the future, but all he was able to see was war, and loss. He hoped that none of them died in the upcoming war.

He tried to push the thoughts of what might happen someday in the battlefield away, but he somehow had a strong feeling that they would be all right, with each of them caring for the other.

Elrond noticed the sky, noticed the color been changed from bright to dark and decided that it was time for their sleep.

Elrond watched them as they walked toward the house, and then he heard Estel's cry as he fell. Elrond wanted to comfort him, but stopped in his place as he noticed the twins taking charge and looking over the wound, and comforting the boy.

He watched his sons, realizing that they did not seem to need words to know how to care for each other.

The End