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I know this game's been used in a few fics to date, but I decided on a truth or dare one simply because I thought it was funny.

Truth or Dare

Somehow, Haruno Sakura had managed to get all the Rookie Nine (including Akamaru, of course) and the Sand Siblings under her roof without much effort at all. It was a miracle that a fight hadn't broken out yet (don't hold your breath, people).

". . . Why are we here again?" asked Sasuke.

" Because it's not often that I get to host a party with everyone not on a mission or out of Konoha!" said Sakura happily.

"Parties. . . How troublesome. . ." said Shikamaru.

"Come on, Shikamaru, why arentcha enjoying the fun?" said Kiba.

"Chouji ate all the food, for starters." said Shikamaru.

"That's not true." Said Chouji, happily munching on a barbecue stick (he's not eating the stick, mind you). "Naruto ate some of it."

"Ah, parties! Merely one of the ways to celebrate the Springtime of Youth!" said Lee. He would have gone on for hours until he noticed both Gaara and Neji giving him mean looks.

Instead, he focused his attention on a certain Uzumaki.

"Oi, Naruto-kun. ." he whispered, pointing slightly at Sasuke. "How do you suggest we get Sakura's attention off the Uchiha? He seems to need it. ."

"Maybe it's Ino. . ." snickered Naruto.

"Saaaasuke-kuuun!" said Ino, grabbing the young genin by the arm.

"Hey! We were having a conversation!" said an annoyed Sakura.

"The Kami (1) must hate me. . ." thought Sasuke, as the two overzealous fangirls began having a fit.

"Go away! Sasuke-kun wants to spend time with ME!" said Ino.

"He wants to spend time with ME, Ino-pig!" said Sakura, as Inner Sakura got into a frenzy.

Shikamaru and Chouji went to the familiar "Must Restrain Ino Before Things Get Bloody" position, while Tenten and Temari held Sakura's arms back.

" . . . Why are we here again?" asked Neji.

"Oh yeah!" said Sakura, completely forgetting about Sasuke (if it is possible). "My father gave me this weird object that works like a magic 8 ball, only it's used for truth or dare! What it says changes according to what you need, a truth question or a dare!"

"And what exactly does this have to do with us?" continued Neji.

"Well, I wanted to try it out, and today seemed like the best opportunity!" said Sakura happily.

"Yeah!" said Kankurou. "Truth or dare! Can't wait to see what happens! Ne, bro?" He smiled one of those goofy-looking Kankurou smiles at Gaara, and received a death look in return.

"What great people skills my younger brother has!" thought Kankurou.

Sakura showed everyone the mysterious "Truth or Dare" instrument, which DID resemble a magic 8 ball, but instead of being black with a number 8 on it, it was parchment yellow.

"Hey, where's the dare supposed to be written? I don't see anyplace for it to be shown. . . You'd think there'd be a little window or something." said Kiba, scratching his head. Akamaru barked in agreement.

"Actually. . .I haven't figured that out yet. . ." shrugged Sakura. A large orange blur grabbed the ball (let's just refer to it as 'the ball' to avoid confusion, ok?).

"Whereisitwhereisitwhereisit—Aha! Uh, no, that's not it. . . Wait a minute, what's this little opening for?" Naruto gestured to a tiny horizontal hole big enough for a small piece of paper to fit through.

"Why don't we try it and see?" said Tenten, unable to stand the suspense.

"Hold it! Let's be fair about this. . ." Neji put the bottle of water he was drinking from earlier on the floor. "Whoever has the ball spins the bottle and whoever the nose end points to will be the, shall we say, victim."

"Smart!" said Tenten. She spun the bottle. "Oookay! Here we go!"




"Hey, it's slowing down!" said Naruto.

spin. . .



"What! Me already! Geez, okay. . . Dare!" said Kankurou.

The truth or dare ball made a gentle humming sound, and a piece of paper with the dare written on it came out of the slit.

"It says you spin the bottle. . ." said Tenten, reading the first part.

"That isn't too hard!" Kankurou spun the bottle, which stopped at Shino.

". . . and whoever it lands on, you have to—uh, Kankurou?"


The room's occupants tensed.

"You have to kiss him."

Naruto and Temari burst into laughter. Sakura stifled a laugh, while Hinata quietly looked at Shino (who was sitting beside her) with sympathy.

"WHAAAAAAAAAT!" said the freaked-out sand nin. "K-kiss HIM!"

"It doesn't specify where, though." Said Tenten, snickering. Gaara looked at Kankurou with a smug grin on his face. Kiba looked at his teammate in shock.

Kankurou then noticed writing at the BACK of the paper.

"There's something on the back."

Tenten flipped the paper.

"Wait, it DOES specify!" she said with glee. "You have to kiss his neck!"

"It could be worse, Kankurou! You could be kissing his butt!" said Kiba, howling in laughter upon seeing the look on Kankurou's face.

A vein throbbed in Shino's forehead.

". . . Just get it over with." said Shino, unzipping his collar to reveal a rather pale looking neck.

Kankurou gulped, cursing the yellow orb. He walked over to Shino, and shuddered at the thought of kissing the Aburame, or any other male for that matter.

"Well?" said a triumphant-looking Tenten.

It was all over in a few seconds. Kankurou quickly kissed Shino's neck, swearing that he'd felt a bug crawling in Shino's skin.

"I never wanna go through that again!" said Kankurou. Shino merely zipped up his jacket and observed a Kikaichu beetle crawling on his teacup.

Tenten handed Kankurou the orb.

"Okay!" Kankurou spun the bottle.



spin. . .

All eyes turned to Sasuke.

"Uchiha! Truth or dare?"

". . . Truth."

The ball seemed to have been listening, because it immediately dispensed another piece of paper. . .

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P.S. this fic isn't intended for yaoi, I just thought it might be entertaining.

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