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Truth Or Dare +chapter 6+


"Calm down, Lee, I have to admit you look MUCH better." said Neji.

The guys looked at Neji in surprise (remember chapter 2?).

"So you DO like Lee!" said Kankurou, pointing.

Neji stared.

Shikamaru operated the camera.

"MY YOUTHFUL BROWS!" cried Lee, looking at the strips of fuzzy duct tape. They now resembled caterpillars.

"Next dare." said Gaara, now bored. The video camera failed to amuse him.

Naruto handed Lee the orb.

Lee, in tears, spun the bottle.


"Temari. . ."

"Truth. I am SO not embarrassing myself."

The orb dispensed the question quickly.

Lee's eyes widened.

"Who among the guys in this room have you flirted with the most?"

Temari's eyes were almost as large as Lee's.

". . . . . Shikamaru."

"NANI!" said Kankurou. "HIM! I had no idea sis was THAT weird. . ."

Shikamaru nearly dropped the camera in surprise.

"I know you're flirtatious, Temari, but I had NO idea. . . ." he said.

Temari turned a rather nice shade of pink as Lee handed her the orb.


"Finally. . . . Kiba!" said Temari. "Truth or dare?"



The orb dispensed the dare.

Temari grinned.

"Kiba, do you know how to lapdance?" she said.


"Spin the bottle anyway."

More unnecessary spin sound effects

The bottle nose rested at Tenten. (You know what's next!)

"You don't know how to do a lapdance? I'll tutor you through the process." said Temari evilly. (Heheh) "The lap in question will be Tenten's."


"This is weird. . . . ." said Kiba.

"This is all your fault. . . ." said Tenten.

"This is priceless!" said Naruto, assuming camera duty.

"Make some noise!" said Kankurou, videocam rolling.

"Now, you have to put both arms around the girl. . . ." said Temari.


"Come on, Kiba, this is educational!"

"Since when is this educational!" said Kiba.

"Do it or I'll make you. Or worse, Gaara will." smirked Temari.

"Leave me out of this." said Gaara, who looked quite amused. Temari had with her the magazine that Naruto and Sasuke had copied a 'position' from.

Temari had chosen a different position (this one involved sitting) and proceeded to instruct Kiba in the art of lapdancing.

"Hoo boy. . . . I bet people are gonna start wondering why these two are making out, judging from all the pictures that camera has taken. . . " said Shikamaru.

The shinobi continued to laugh at the poor couple.

Until. . . .

"Naruto!" said Sakura. "Watch where you-"

For Naruto had kicked the truth or dare orb out the window.

"NOOOOOOO!" shouted the mischief makers.

behind the Haruno house fence+

wheeeeeeeeeeeee BONK

"What is this?" said the masked jounin. "Hmm. I think this is one of those new truth or dare objects. Great! Iruka told me to bring entertainment for tomorrow's party, this should be interesting. . . . "

As Hatake Kakashi strode to his apartment reading Icha Icha Paradaisu, he completely ignored the sounds of shinobi frantically searching for a particular round, scandalous object. . . . .

Owari. . . . . . For now.

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