This is placed a year after G Revolution. Max and Ray are on the team again. Daichi isn't in this one.

They Don't Get It

Chap. 1

Hilary, Kai, Tyson, Max, Ray, and Kenny were in the park practicing. It was Max against Ray.

"Come on Ray you're gonna have to try harder if you u want to beat me," taunted Max.

"Please I'm just getting warmed up," Ray replied. Bang, Bang, bang. Gunshots were fired at them. Hilary and Kai jumped down, everyone followed her in suit. The shooters speeded off. Everyone got up.

"What was that?" asked Tyson.

"Let's get back to practicing," Kai said quickly.

"Or we could go back home," said Kenny looking around, "What if they come back?" Everyone agreed and headed to Tyson's house.

The next day………

Tyson and the gang were practicing and Hilary was nagging at Tyson.

"Tyson you need to concentrate or you'll never get that move down!" Hilary yelled.

"I know Hilary! Maybe if you stop yelling I could!" Tyson yelled back.

"Okay let's just break and calm down u guys," Kenny said getting in between them. They started to go inside Tyson went in first and sat down with his foot out. Hilary didn't see his foot and tripped over it. Tyson laughed hysterically.

"What is your problem Tyson?" Hilary asked, "You know that isn't funny."

"Isn't that where you belong? On the ground?" Tyson asked.

"That was a reflex action in the heat of the moment. And you're just plain rude and wrong to bring that up," Hilary said.

"Well if you don't like it then leave! You're no good to us anyways!" Tyson said getting up. Hilary slapped him and said,

"You'll be very sorry," and left. Everyone looked at Tyson.

"What?" he asked.

"That really wasn't necessary Tyson," Ray said.

"Nice job idiot," Kai said getting up and walking out the door. Tyson just sighed and looked out the window.

Meanwhile Kai was following Hilary, until she noticed.

"What Kai?" Hilary asked stopping.

"You know Tyson didn't mean that," said Kai.

"Yeah, I knew," she said.

"So, why did you get all offended?" he asked.

"Because when I was little my dad got shot over saving my life. So now I feel horrible every time shooting happening," Hilary explained, "Besides I know I'm annoying to you guys. I shouldn't even be here."


"Don't Kai, I'm not going back there, ever," said Hilary and she walked away.

"That isn't what I was going to say," Kai said sighing.

So what do you guys think? No flames please just constructive criticism and comments. Thanks this is my first Hil/Kai fic. So yeah. I hoped you guys liked it!