Chapter 2

Okay so here's the next chapter. It's not very good as the first one though.


Hilary stormed into her room angrily.

"What gives Tyson the right? I belong on the ground? Who does he think he is?" Hilary rambled on and on as she paced back and forth. Then she sat down on her bed deep in thought. After awhile of thinking she smirked, took out her suitcase, and started to pack.

"MOM! I'm ready to go," Hilary yelled putting her suitcase in the trunk of her mom's car. Her mom came outside, got in the car, and they drove off.

"Now Hilary are you sure you want to do this?" Her mom asked when they pulled up to the airport. Hilary sighed.

"Yes. But don't worry Mom, I'll be back for the World Championships in a few months," she said.

"Okay honey I'll miss you!" Her mom said hugging her.

"Bye mom! I'll when I get off the plane!" Hilary said walking away.

Meanwhile at the Granger dojo……………

"Tyson you really should go to Hilary's house and apologize, like now!" Ray said.

"Uh you're so fustrating!" Tyson grumbled, "But I guess I'll go over there." He got up and walked out the door.

"Think we should follow him?" Max asked.

"Oh yeah," Ray said getting up and walking out the door with Max, Kenny, and Kai following close behind. When they all got to Hilary's house Hilary's mom answered,

"I'm sorry she's at the airport."

"Why is she at the airport?" Tyson asked.

"Oh she's going to stay with a couple of her old friends in Italy," her mom said.

"ITALY!" they all screamed.

"When does her flight leave?" Max asked.

"In like 10 minutes," her mom said looking at her watch.

"Crap! Come on guys we gotta catch her before she boards that flight!" Tyson said.

"The airport is like 20 minutes away. Face it guys, Hilary's gone," Kenny said.

In Italy's airport……………

Hilary was just getting off her plane and was looking around for someone when she saw him.

"JOSH!" she yelled. A boy is an orange baseball cap turned around smiling.

"Hey Hil!" he yelled back. Hilary ran up to him and they hugged, long and hard.

"Well I must say your phone call surprised me," Josh said letting go.

"Things were just getting to hectic back in Japan," Hilary said.

"Ah, got it," Josh said putting an arm around her shoulder. "So, show me which bag is yours and we can go. The rest of the team has missed you."

"Good because I missed them too," Hilary said putting an arm around his waist. They walked off.

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