As You See Fit

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Warning: CRACK!FIC – Dolores Umbridge/Harry Potter.

She was watching the black-haired student in detention, considering how sweet he looked, writing his lines. His eyebrows almost met, he wrinkled his nose, and he bit his lip ever so slightly. His green eyes were subdued, focused on his work, but his hair was as unruly as ever.

Dolores Umbridge was jealous. She loved him, but did he love her? Did anyone love her? Only that pervert, Draco Malfoy. It just wasn't fair. Mind you, life wasn't.

Everything about the boy was beautiful. He was perfect. Not even his hand, scarred with the words 'I must not tell lies' marred his perfection. He was the boy from her dreams, sitting in front of her, writing.

Her boss had told her to 'Punish the boy as you see fit.' He hadn't even imagined the possible implications of this. Now, watching the boy write, Dolores Umbridge did. And she used it to her advantage.

Briefly, thinking about how perfect the boy was, now naked, Dolores Umbridge wondered whether Cornelius Fudge had even pictured this. 'As you see fit,' he had told her. She doubted his imagination was that wide. In fact, it was very clearly narrow. Punish him as you see fit. Well, she was. Perhaps Cornelius wouldn't describe it as a punishment, but judging from the boy's groans, even under Imperius, it was.

Punish him as you see fit. Well, she had.

Now it was time for him to forget. She wouldn't, of course, but it was her secret. The boy didn't need to know.


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