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Summary: It's been 2 years since Kyosuke joined the Amsterdam soccer league, now he comes to know that according to the contract he had signed with the club and is allowed to play soccer for his school for just one year. So, will he be able to beat Tenryu and Kagami this time. Find out…………

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In Amsterdam, Soccer Club

Talking in Dutch

"Really" asked the shocked Kyosuke to the Director Mr. Callisto Barton.

"Yes, your leave letter for a vacation had been granted by the council." Said the director seeing a cheerful reaction he continued "Your passport had been arranged; the plane leaves tomorrow at 10 'o clock in the morning."

"Thanks, Director" Kyosuke said joyfully.

End of Dutch speaking

The mansion of Kanou

He was waiting impatiently for the next day to come to depart for Japan with his Butler Tolensinki. He had only told Miki about his arrival 'cause he wanted to surprise everyone else, then he came to remember that they had all passed out of Orange hill.

During the journey, next day

"Master Kyosuke do you want something to eat." Butler asked him.

Butler Tolensinki is always worried about his master's appetite that he keeps up through his tough routine.

"Nah, stop worrying about food, I'm full right now." saying that he closed him eyes and fell of into a deep slumber.

He was really excited about seeing everyone again. He wondered what had happened with Sakai, Rodrigo, Kiba, Esaka, Osako, Miss Kaori, Bukuku, Coach Morikami, Kamada, Otou-san, Okaa-san, Miki and Onii-chan.

At the name of Onii-chan, Kyosuke thought what might have been happening with him and Miss Kaori. Although he had heard about it from Miki that they still haven't told each other of their love.


"What" said a shocked Kyosuke.

"Yes, I know it's hard to believe that they always go on a date whenever they meet, Demo… they never confess feelings" Miki said from the other side on her laptop.

She and Kyosuke had been keeping up with their relationship by talking via internet.

"I never knew that Onii-chan was weak at that spot"

"You know, he is perfect at everything else"

Kyosuke continued, "Now I think about it that we both have been more open to each other about our feelings."

He still remembered that day when he told Miki had he loved her and after hearing his proposal she had also accepted him and became his girlfriend.

"Miki…I…I……aishiteru" Kyosuke suddenly said to Miki while they were chatting on the internet. "Yes, Kanou I love you too" Miki said with a calm but happy tone "I'd been waiting when you would tell that you loved me."

"Kanou…Kaannoouu" Miki was shouting on the other side.

"Kanou, you jerk"

At this Kyosuke was brought back to the present and he looked blankly at Miki.

"Good, I got your attention"

"I have to disconnect now, need completing my homework."

"See you later, love." said Kyosuke.

"See 'ya, honey" said Miki. They disconnected.

I swear to myself today. I will do what is in my power to get Onii-chan and Miss Kaori together. They are a star crossed pair.


At this point Kyosuke opened his eyes from his slumber.

He examined the weather outside. It was kind of moderate.

"Ohayo master," the butler said catching the attention of Kanou Kyosuke, the Japanese soccer idol ranked after his Onii-chan, Kanou Seisuke.

"Ohayo, Mr. Tolensinki," said Kyosuke with a smile.

"We should get ready, the planes starting to descend Master."


Otou-san --- FATHER

Okaa-san --- MOTHER

Onii-chan --- ELDER BROTHER


Aishiteru --- I LOVE YOU

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