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SUMMARY: It's been 2 years Kyosuke comes for a vacation not knowing that soon he'd have to play against his friends and brother. Will he be able to win find out and it ends with Miki's marriage with Kyosuke.

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BY: Lux the barbarionwarrior



"Welcome to tady's match, the final match of this tournament. Dare would win the title will it be Amsterdam or will it be Ac Milan? Dou da?" the first commentator said as the two teams started to march up to the centre of the field.

After the toss was won by Ac Milan who decided to do the first kick all the players took their position on the field.


"The game starts dewa" the first commentator said.

Ac Milan attacked with Seisuke in the lead. Demo as they reached the opposing side they had to face a lot of troubles. Amsterdam was giving them the hardest resistence they had ever faced.

Dakara far Seisuke managed hard to keep the ball under his control shielded from the Amsterdam player's tackles, side-kicks and all sorts of dangerous tackle which he had never seen before.

"They are really good at their defenses. I haven't seen players like them before it's like they are linked with each other somehow" Seisuke was musing within himself.

"I'll shoot the ball no matter what" Seisuke said this out aloud finally making his decision.

"Well you can't unless you beat me" seeing the source to be Kyosuke who dewa ran upto block him.

"Are you won't get the ball from me that easily Kyo-chan" Seisuke said as he moved the ball from one side to another trying to shield the ball from Kyosuke but it was proving very difficult against his strong foot work.

Kyosuke was smiling now. "So, what's gonna happen will Kyosuke be able to get the ball of his brother or not?" the second commentator said.

Kyosuke did the unthinkable, he bent on his knees and with his left leg kicked the ball and ran for it. "Are what just happened?" Seisuke was dumbfounded he didn't even see Kyosuke did.

"He's just the same doing something unexpected" Morikami said to the others in the stands.

"Oh! Kami-sama that was just one of Kyosuke's unexpected tackles and Seisuke is still dumbstruck at one point" the first commentator said.

When Kyosuke saw that two defenders were coming to attack him he quickly passed the ball to Ryu who was running towards the net. Now only the goalie was left.

"Shoot the ball Ryu" Kyosuke shouted. Ryu was confused 'what's he up to?' but he finally understood what the young vice captain was planning. He shot the ball. The ball soared with the lowest speed.

"Dewa what kinda shot is that, it's too slow and goalie looks confident to stop it demo somebody is rushing up the field (the person came up to be Kyosuke), Kami look at Kyosuke he is running to the opposite direction slow ball. Is he gonna shoot?" the second commentator shouted.

Hai he was gonna shoot the ball. He ran up to the position where the ball was gonna stop and with one big header with a great speed and inclinedthe ball to the other side of the net.


"Yeah………….." sounded around the stadium.

Now Milan had the ball and Seisuke was leading them again demo this time they moved forward by short passes which proved very successful against Amsterdam's defense.

Kyosuke was again trying to block the ball even his strength wasn't and Milan successfully reached the net. The ball was shot by another Milan player at the left corner but the goalie was able to kick it out with his forward leg.

The re-bounced ball was caught by Seisuke on the other side of the net. Tension had gone up to the highest. Everyone was just thinking the one same thing 'Will Seisuke be able t shoot?'

Milan's small strategy was working. Seisuke shot the ball and as Planned the goal Keeper wasn't able to get up to the right corner and the ball went in ensuring AC Milan's first goal.


"Dewa with Milan's first goal this first half ends" the first commentator said. The crowd was cheering madly.

In the Ac Milan changing room. "You did a good work out there boys well done and gambette ne in the second half as well," the Milan Coach Paul said to his team. "Hey captain are you worried that they'll lose to us" Milan's goal keeper asked Seisuke "This is a match and I'm sure Kyosuke also feels that our brotherly relationship should not lie around here" Seisuke replied.

In the Amsterdam changing room, "boys I'm not happy………….not at all………..you let Milan take over (ever one had their heads bowed in shame) but on the contrary I'm very happy that you put up a good fight………..for that I owe you all one (now everyone was happy to hear a compliment)" Coach Han said to everyone present there.

"Dewa (now) boys since Ac Milan is a very strong team and no wonder what kinda strategy they might have formed now in the half time, I want you all to play at the highest level" Coach gave them their instructions.

Everyone's face lit up when they heard that they could then play at the highest level. All of them had been dying to play the level since the tournament had started.

"Now boys it's up to you to win the tournament. Come on the second half's gonna start".

The whole team rushed out with excitement shown on their faces.

"Welcome back everyone. The second half starts now. Dakara dare win? Let's find out and since this is the finals no extra time would be given here" the first commentator said merrily.

The players positioned themselves and the whistle was blown.


The game started with the first kick by Kyosuke demo this time the second half became more brutal than the first one since Amsterdam players were playing very roughly and it was a wonder not a single player got any red or yellow cards.

As time went by tension was again on its peaks because since the second half had started and 20 minutes already gone neither Milan nor Amsterdam was able to score a goal because both the opposition teams were concentrating on defense as well as offense.

Since Amsterdam had increased their capacity of their play strength and had been continuously attacking Milan's net they had also to defend their goal post.

Only 4 minutes were left and Kyosuke and Seisuke were for the ball again.

"They're at it again will they ever make it or not" the second commentator said.

Then all of a sudden…………


The final whistle was blown marking the end of the game as well as the tournament. The stadium went all quiet all of a sudden, everyone was shocked that the game had ended so abruptly even the commentator were contemplating the sudden occurrence.

Then out of nowhere the stadium exploded with the loud cheering of the people……………..everyone was happy with the results.

"Now this is something unusual the game has ended with a tie between Ac Milan and Amsterdam with 1-1. This is truly amazing" the second commentator announced.

Both were the victors.


This day was a memorable day, the day marking the wedding of Kyosuke and Miki. Even though the wedding went on nicely and everyone was happy demo Kyosuke was not for he wanted a western style wedding not the traditional Japanese way.

Everyone was presnt for this occasion. Saki, Osako, Rodrigo, Esaka, Sargent Shin, all of the Amsterdam players and Milan players, much to Kyosuke's displeasure Kagami as well, for even J League had lost but the dislike still remained. Coach Han, Mirikami, Gayn Nakiyama and allthe T.V. reporters were also present to record the occasion.

All the more even if Kyosuke wasn't happy about the way the marriage was held but still was happy that now he and Miki were together for life and nothing could go wrong.

The marriage was finally over after a long procedure with all the vows and perfections and the bridegroom, ie., Miki and Kyosuke's kiss to seal their vow.

Everyone was happy and Kyosuke's dream of beating Kagami in a soccer match had finally come true and his wedding with Miki.


Dare - Who?

Dou da - How about it?

Kami-sama - God

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