KP All Grown Up v2.0: Future Stoppable
Well everyone, here is the promised sequel to KP's "All Grown Up" story. If you're reading this and don't know the story that this is based off of, then I suggest you go read it as there will be references every so often to it and I'd hate for anyone to go "Huh? What's he talking about?" Otherwise please enjoy the story:D Since JMAN2.0 was the only one to suggest a new title, I went with it and so here's your name in lights, well bold really... best I could do!

Chapter 1: The Future is Now

Kim was laying bed at the hospital with Logan in her arms and smiling up at Ron as he held one their newest baby twins, Morgan. It had been an exhausting delivery for Kim and for some reason it had felt like déjà vu to her when her water had broken but that was impossible so she shrugged it off to having given birth to twins before.

Kim looked at Ron's face as he looked down at Morgan as she lay sleeping in his arms while he gently rocked her with expert practice since they'd had four children before, with the two they had making it six. She just loved the sight of Ron, as he seemed to almost beam at the little girl in his arms.

Ron smiles a bit more as the baby stirs for a moment, opening its eyes to look up at him before closing them back. He looks at Kim and says, "She's got your eyes Kim... I can tell she's going to be a real spitfire."

Kim giggles and says, "Well Logan's got your freckles and that cute dimple you have..." She watches Ron's face when says that before she continues by saying, "He's going to rock the world, just like his father."

Ron chuckles and he moves closer to Kim, adjusting the baby very carefully in his arms so he can lean enough to kiss her on the lips. He then says, "I love you Kimberly Stoppable..." with Kim smiling as she says back to him, "And I love you Ronald Stoppable, and our new children."

They both smile at each other very lovingly before he gently lowers the one in his arms towards Kim. He waits until she adjusts the one she is holding and then he slides it into the free arm. The sight of Kim holding both of their new sleeping babies in her arms made him wish he'd had a picture of that moment. He then realizes that the Kimmunicator (which Kim wanted to rename but Ron liked the old name better) was still on the nearby bedside table and recording everything for their families that couldn't be in the room.

Ron presses a button on it and it quietly spits out a 5x8 color photo of that very moment, which he catches easily, and smiles as he looks at it before he slips into his pocket.

Ron says, "I think I've taken enough time Kim, I think I'm going to leave so someone else can come in."

Kim smiles lovingly at Ron and says, "Thank you honey, for always being so sweet."

Ron smiles in return at Kim and says, "I love you Kim, just take good care of our babies."

Kim says, "You take care of our older ones out there. I'm sure they're all itching to get in here and see their new brother and know what happens when they get their mind set on doing something."

The smile on Ron's face disappears quickly and he slightly pales before he softly says, "I wonder how much it'll cost BN to repair..." before Kim giggles and says, "Got you!" He slowly grins at Kim and says, "Ohhh, if you hadn't just given birth and holding our babies, I'd so give you the tickle attack you deserve."

Kim's eyes seem to twinkle as she says, "Maybe later Ron... when we have the teens baby sit so you can help me recover..."

Ron chuckles and says, "Oh, I'll help you recover all right." He winks at Kim before he slips out the door. He then smiles to the huge group of people out in the room. Looking around, he sees Kim's parents, his parents, his younger sister, the teens, Jesse, and the tweens. Even Wade, his wife Clarise and their own child was there.

Ron says, "So... who wants to see Kim and the new babies?" This gets all of the kids clamoring for his attention immediately! The Possibles and Ron's parents knew that they would get their chance but they'd want to get in the way of their grandchildren who were all super-eager to see their newest brother and sister.

Ron knew the doctor's orders which, were that Kim could see people but at no more than two at a time. He had also planned long before Kim was even halfway through her pregnancy in which order they would all go in to see her in.

Ron says, "Cindy, Mindy... Go on in." This makes the two of them smile big time until they notice Jesse step back quietly.

Cindy says, "Can Jesse come in too? He's part of the team." with Mindy joining in as she says, "Yeah! Please Father?"

Ron glances at Mrs. Possible who gives a quiet nod before he looks at them and says, "Ok, but just this one time and try not to wear out your mother. She still has to see the rest of the family ok?"

Cindy grabs Jesse's arm while smiling and she says, "Thanks Father! You're the greatest!" To which Ron chuckles and says, "You don't have to tell me, but it helps to hear it" He smiles as Mindy comes up and gives her father a quick, big hug. She says, "Thanks Father, you really are the greatest!"

The trio walks then walk through the door, quietly shutting it behind them with Ron smiling and thinking that they make such a great team and thinks about how they weren't much like how Kim and himself were at that age.

Just then Connie and Ronnie come up to their father and they say, "Can we go see Momma next?" in stereo.

Ron looks down at them and says, "Sorry, you two can't go in by yourselves. It is against hospital policy but don't worry, my sister will take you in since they rules state you need to be accompied by an adult."

Connie and Ronnie run over to where Ron's sister is and Connie latches onto her with Ronnie trying unsuccessfully to pry her off.

Ron chuckles even as his sister who had born during Team Possible's high school years handled the infamous Connie with a smile on her face. He knew his sister loved all of his children but she seemed to have a special place for Connie. He thought that it was perhaps she saw herself in the little girl, having been a real curious girl who without even trying caused trouble and a few interesting adventures for Team Possible.

Ron chuckles again as he remembers some of the trouble she caused and he supposed he was lucky that she eventually matured and stopped causing so much trouble, not that she still didn't every so often. Even if they were of a different sort than the kind caused by when she was young.

The trio came out of the room smiling a little and Ron turns to face them and says, "Well? How did you like your new brother and sister?"

Cindy says, "Oh, they were so adorable Father! I can't wait until I can grow up, get married and have kids of my own just like them!"

Ron says, "Hopefully that is a long way down the road Cindy!" His fatherly sense kicking in as he imagines her pregnant at her current age and that was not a pleasant picture to him.

Mindy pokes her father and says, "Of course it is far into the future father! She's much too practical to even find a boyfriend who could put up with her!" She laughs as Cindy looks at her twin sister and says loudly, "Mindy! I can't believe you just said that!" This only makes Mindy laugh even harder.

Ron says, "Mindy, what about you?" His tone carrying a curious question that didn't hide what he'd meant. This makes Mindy stop laughing and say in a kind of voice that made Ron wonder why she looked so uncomfortable all of a sudden, "Fat-her! You know I'm too wild for any guy to do anything but be scared of me! When guys see me round housing a superfreak or using the ol' monkey magic on TV... it paints a pretty strong picture."

Ron mentally chuckles as he'd heard that tone before from her mother when she'd asked him why he was so different from the other guys who were scared or simply didn't understand her for some reason or another and he seemed to without even trying. Outwardly he says, "Mindy, you are a strong and independent woman. You'll find the guy who's just right for you who won't be afraid and even be supportive in what you do... but when you find him, be sure to let me meet him, ok? Promise me?"

Mindy looks around for a few moments until she looks at his chest and says in a somewhat unsure but promising voice, "Ok Father... I'll let you meet him..." She doesn't add out loud, "When I'm sure you won't scare him away like Granddad tried to scare you."

Ron seems somewhat satisfied by her words even if he still felt that she was hiding something from him. He turns to his sister who was tickling Connie and he smiles as she laughs loudly. When his sister looks in his direction, she stops tickling Connie nods in Ron's direction, which makes the children look as well even as he says, "Ok, you three can go next."

Connie and Ronnie hold her hands and are lead into the room where Kim is so they can see their new baby brother and sister. Once the door is shut, Ron walks over to where his parents are as they stand next to Kim's parents and he says, "Who wants to go next?"

Mrs. Stoppable says, "I think the honor should go to the Possibles. It is their daughter and besides we went first when Connie and Ronnie were born."

Ron smiles and says, "I have an idea... I know that this is against the rules, but I think that the four of you should go in together. I know it would mean a lot to Kim... to us..." He finishes with his voice soft but full of pride and love.

Both groups of parents smile at Ron and they all nod in agreement before Mrs. Stoppable says, "Thank you Ron, you are such a thoughtful son." Mrs. Possible says, "I always knew this day would come. You've made all of us so proud today Ron."

Ron says, "Thank you, both of you." Before he steps forward and gives the parents a big group hug. It doesn't last long and Mrs. Stoppable gives a quick kiss to her son's cheek before whispering, "I love you dear." He doesn't say anything but he does smile at her warmly.

The sound of a door opening gets the attention of Ron and the parents to see that the three of them were coming out. Connie of course was excited and to expect her to be anything less would have been shocking and even Ronnie was in an excitable mood which was to be expected since neither one of them had seem a baby before.

Ron turns back to the Grandparents and says, "Ok, your turn and then it'll be Wade's turn."

They all nod and walk into the room where Kim was even as Wade walks up and says, "Thanks Ron. I appreciate you letting us join in on seeing Kim and the new babies like this."

Ron smiles at his long-time friend as he says, "Think nothing of it. Kim and I both agreed that you should be here for the birth or our children just like you've always been there for us."

Clarise is all smiles as she says, "Thank you Ron, it really means a lot to us to be here."

Ron chuckles and says, "Trust me, we felt quite strongly that Wade was to be here. There was... something, that told us that he should be here."

Wade thinks, "I wonder... do they remember? On some subconscious level?"

Clarise looks a little confused but shrugs it off and says, "Well, whatever the reason, Wade and I are very happy to be here." The young which child was probably no older than two years old stirs in its sleep within the stroller.

Just then, some doors on the other side of the room open up and no one notices until they are close enough to be in talking range. A familiar voice catches the attention of Ron and the others, "Hey there partner. How's the mother?"

Ron turns and smiles as he says "She's doing very well, are you planning on visiting?"

The long-black haired woman in a green and black outfit shakes her head before she says, "No, we just wanted to drop off this teddy bear." She is holding a very large brown teddy with a big red bow around its neck.

Ron says, "Where is Drew?" Looking around for a sign of the blue guy.

She looks in the direction of the doors from which she'd come from, "He's outside. You know how he hates hospitals."

Ron chuckles and says, "Yeah Sheila, I remember." as he takes the teddy bear from her and then he says, "Thanks, I'm sure Kim will love the gift."

Sheila grins before she says, "Well, if she doesn't then she can take it up with me at our next sparring match."

Ron laughs for a moment before he says, "I doubt there will be any need for expensive repairs to that dojo again... Trust me, she'll love it."

Sheila chuckles before she says, "Yeah, and maybe you'll build the dojo tougher next time when you rebuild it..." Before she turns around and walks away. He thinks, "Some things will never change..." as he shakes his head.

Once Sheila is out the door, the grandparents walk out with smiles on their faces. They immediately notice the huge teddy in Ron's arms and they make a bit of a fuss before Ron tells them that he didn't get it but that Sheila brought it.

Everyone seems surprised at first and quite speechless until Mrs. Stoppable says, "She brought a gift? But I thought they didn't like each other much?"

Ron shakes his head and says, "Not true, they just have a sort of friendly rivalry and great respect for each other. It sometimes comes across as that but that's just how they are after everything they've been through." No one who knew the history of Kim and Shego could argue that point.

Ron says, "Well Wade, it seems like it is your turn."

Wade turns to his wife and says, "I won't be long." with her kissing him on the cheek before she says, "Don't be long sweetheart."

Wade goes into the room and Ron walks over to a chair where he puts down the teddybear, as it was a little hard to hold for a long time.

Just then a musical little tone goes off and Cindy whips out the Cinmunicator that she had in her pocket. A hologram floats in the air, showing Mindy and Jesse as well what the reason for the call was. A picture of a village in trouble shows up that was being threatened by one of their nemesis's floats in the air along with some details that they would need to know.

Cindy says, "Father?..." The question hanging in the air as she looks at him.

Ron walks over and hugs Cindy and Mindy before he says, "Go on, I can see on your faces that someone, somewhere needs you. So don't worry about your mother, she's in good hands."

He gives them a gentle push as he says, "Now go! Go save the world from whatever threatens it!" He smiles at his children as they rush to go out of the room with Mindy saying loudly, "Don't worry Father! We'll be back before you take Mother home from here and I'll make sure they know the word Stoppable!" Mindy disappears behind Jesse as they leave the room.

Ron knew that Kim would understand as they had faced many situations themselves whenever they were teens, out to save the world. One thing that both he and Kim could agree on was that their children made them proud, and not just because their oldest ones decided to follow in their footsteps in saving the world.

AN: Well everyone, I hope you liked the first chapter. I know there wasn't a lot of action in it but I hope I surprised you all with Shego showing up or at least Ron's sister being there. :) As you can see Kim and Ron still have memory issues left over from All Grown Up. What did you think of the scene with Kim and Ron looking over their new babies? Do you readers think Cindy or Mindy have boyfriends? What did you all think of Wade and his family? I know that hospitals usually don't like having babies in places like that but hey... it is my story. lol! Did you all like Shego's gift? And about the dojo thing with Kim and Shego? Any guesses as to what the name of Ron's sister is? Ok... next chapter info! The next mission is going to be exciting! So get seatbelts for your chair and socks or you'll find yourself blown out of your seat or at least your socks! lol! New villain alert too! As Kim might say, the next two chapters will be spankin'!