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AN: Well people, this is it. I imagine MANY of you thought this story would go on forever but like "So The Drama" this is where it ends. I already have a story in mind too. It won't be another 60 chapter one. That much is for certain. The title of the story would be... "Mystical Zodiac War" with the story covering basically more of the mystical creatures and the people who wield them. The question would be WHO would reign supreme over all of the others? So are there any readers interested in it?

Chapter 60: The End?


It had been a tiring day for everyone. Fighting many guards, King Rat, Warmonga and more.

So it was little surprise that the most tired ones when they all returned to Middleton were the ones that had done the most fighting.

At the Stoppable home, the new couple were sleeping as they leaded against each other in the sitting upright position with their heads touching and yet as uncomfortable a position that sounded, neither of them had a unhappy expression on their face. In fact, they both looked so peaceful that no one… not even the parents of the two teens could bring it upon themselves to wake them.

Kim smiles and says softly, "Don't they look just adorable?"

Ron chuckles gently and says, "Yeah… they look nice. In fact, they kind of remind me of us at their age."

Drew looks at them and says, "Yeah? How so?"

Kim shakes her head and says, "Tell you later. Come on now. We should leave them alone to get the rest they need."

Drew is hesitant at first until Ron says, "Unless you doubt your son will behave in my daughter's company."

Drew sighs and says, "No, he would be a gentleman. I just wonder what my wife will say when she wakes up from her little nap as well."

Both Kim and Ron walk alongside Drew as Ron says, "What do you mean?"

Drew says, "Well, you know how protective my wife is of anyone in her family right?"

Kim thinks about what happened at the Warmonga base and says, "Yes… what about it?"

Drew sighs and says, "Well, she is already somewhat protective of her with the whole god-child thing. Just imagine what she might be like if they date? Or even marry?"

Kim starts to imagine and what she imagines is quite beautiful until Ron starts to tremble and say, "No… No Shego… Please don't hurt me!" Making her wonder just exactly what Ron was imagining in that head of his until Drew says, "Exactly!"

Kim looks at Drew with one eyebrow raised and says, "Ok boys, spill! What exactly is the sitch that is making you two tremble in fear so much?"

Ron says, "I uh… was just thinking of what might happen if their relationship didn't work out. Sheila would be really angry at someone for breaking her boy's heart and I would be her target!"

Kim rolls her eyes and says, "First, that is SO not going to ever happen. Secondly, she wouldn't take it out on any of us. She cares way too much about all of us and besides, like I said it so isn't going to happen. You both saw how they were sleeping."

Kim is startled when Sheila says, "Like what two people were sleeping?"

Kim spins and says, "Sheila!"

Sheila yawns for a moment as she does a couple of stretches to work out some kinks and says, "Yeah… yeah… that's my name Princess. So what were you two talking about?"

Ron and Drew both get scared about her reaction and immediately clam up while looking at each other nervously.

Sheila did not like the sudden silence and says, "Well? Isn't anyone going to tell me?"

Kim shakes her head in disbelief at how silly the two full grown men could be. She knew they could take on monsters, crazy villains, deadly traps but give them the simple task of telling Sheila that their kids were dating and they freeze up.

Kim just glares at the two of them as she says, "They're just being cowards because they think you're going to over-react to our children becoming an official couple."

Sheila thinks she must still have some cobwebs in her head because she couldn't have heard what she thinks she heard. She says, "I'm sorry, I think I haven't fully woken up yet. Care to repeat that Kim?"

Kim does a low growl as she thinks, "Has everyone lost it today?" before she crosses her arms in front of her and says, "Our children. Your Jesse and my Cindy are now a couple. They have professed love for each other and according to Ron, they have even kissed each other on the lips."

Ron is waving his hands wildly in the air in front of him as he thinks that is a bad idea to tell Sheila about the kissing part.

Mindy walks up and says, "Hey what are you guys talking about?"

Kim says, "Apparently Ron thinks it is a bad idea to mention Cindy and Jesse kissing…" She is cut off as Mindy says loudly, "OOOH! They were so cool kissing each other! It was like as if they were in one of those really good romantic movies."

Sheila says, "Let me get this straight… they're a couple? And they have already shared their first kiss?" She points at Mindy as she says, "And you witnessed it?"

Mindy waves a hand in the air as she says, "Witnessed it? I was in love with the kiss and it was my sister getting it!" She then frowns and jerks a thumb at her father as she adds, "Then father here decided that we had seen enough and pulled me out of the room."

Sheila says, "Just how long did they kiss for?"

Ron clears his throat and goes, "Uhhh…"

Mindy says, "I don't know when they started but I think they were kissing for like two whole minutes!"

Sheila's eyes go wide as her eyebrows go so high that they might leave her head all together before she says, "Where are they now?"

Kim says, "They're in the living room. As soon as they sat down in front of the TV they were out like a light."

Sheila spins on her heel without saying another word and goes into the living room, and sure enough. Still snoozing away with them leaning against each other with the most peaceful, happy looks on their faces were Cindy and Jesse.

Now Sheila had seen the two or even three (counting Mindy as well) when they had fallen asleep after some tough mission before but even she had to admit that she never before had she ever seen such a perfect or happy and peaceful moment with her son.

Sheila knew that Jesse had been struggling with a decision about whether or not he loved Cindy. She almost smiles on the outside as she was aware of the others around and they expected her to be unhappy.

She actually was happy for the two of them as she knew her son would never be hurt because of some misunderstanding about a mission or something that an inexperienced outsider would not understand. She also knew that Kim raised her children to be the sort who would give whatever they set their goal on their total all and judging from the expressions on their faces… their new and most important mission of their lives as each other. There would be no failure.

Sheila turns away from the kids and faces the four of them with a serious scowl on her face making Kim and Mindy wonder what was wrong while Ron and Drew both readied themselves for the flying plasma.

Sheila puts her hands on her hips and says softly so as not to wake them, "Are you going to let them freeze? Go get a blanket for the lovebirds!" Her voice was firm and commanding enough that Drew turned and ran for where the Stoppables kept their blankets.

Kim didn't fully understand what was going on right away with Sheila until she saw the way Sheila put the blanket over both Jesse and Cindy whereas in the past she might have put just Jesse under it. She begins a slow smile as she understands that Sheila was including Cindy into her family now by showing more than saying.

Kim lightly shakes her head and thinks, "That is so like Sheila, always a woman of action more than of words."

Mindy says, "I am confused mother, what is she doing?"

Kim leans her shoulder against Mindy and says with her head slightly turned but still keeping her eyes on Sheila in front of Jesse and Cindy, "She's welcoming Cindy by action rather than words."

Mindy smiles as she fully understood now and nods as she says, "Cool…"

Ron says, "Uh, does this mean no anger and no pain?"

Kim pulls Ron towards her and says with a happy smile, "Yep, everyone's safe Ron. I don't think Sheila's even mad."

Sheila turns and says, "Well I am a little upset you guys didn't tell me sooner but seeing as how I was asleep…I'll let it pass."

Drew walks up to his wife and says, "So…you are really ok with them dating? You know, as a couple?"

Sheila chuckles and puts her hands on her hips before she says, "Well now, it really isn't up to me who Jesse wants to date is it? Besides, they make a cute couple."

Drew still couldn't believe Sheila was this ok with it and says, "Ok, what is it. Tell me!"

Sheila looks at Drew with mild confusion and says, "What is what honey?"

Drew sighs and says, "Why are you so ok with them dating? You don't seem to be in the least bit surprised or angry."

Sheila says, "Oh that…"

Sheila wraps her arms around Drew and says as she leans against him and says, "I already knew that Cindy loved Jesse and that he was struggling with the decision. I just didn't know that he would choose her so soon."

Drew wraps his arms around her waist and says, "So I guess everything is ok?"

Sheila smiles as she leans in and says, "Oh… yeah… now come here and give me my reward for rescuing you." She doesn't even wait for a response as she kisses her husband directly on the lips.

Drew doesn't resist at all and kisses her back deeply while hugging her tightly to him.

Kim says, "Come on you two, let's go so we don't wake them up."

Sheila pulls back for a moment and says "One second Kimmie…" and then proceeds to kiss Drew even more passionately than before for a minute and when she pulls back she smiles and says, "Ok… I'm good to go now."

Sheila wiggles her butt in front of Drew as she walks ahead of him but behind Kim and the others who lead the way out of the room.

As soon as the door closes, Jesse with eyes still closed says in a whisper, "I think they're gone."

Cindy peeks with an eye and smiles as she whispers, "Yep, they're gone."

Jesse opens his eyes and looks right at Cindy with a small smile on his face as he whispers to her, "I'm glad that my mother is ok with us dating."

Cindy opens her eyes and gazes into his deeply with a smile and a soft, happy sigh before she whispers, "Me too. With her blessing the others won't give us any hassle… well except maybe for Connie and Ronnie."

Jesse softly chuckles and brings his hand up to caress her cheek tenderly, "Still, I am glad they left alone instead of sticking around. I don't know how much longer I could have pulled off the fake sleeping in front of my parents."

Cindy nods and whispers, "Same here." She then pauses for a second and whispers, "I love you Jesse, I really do."

Jesse smiles bigger as he continues to caress her cheek with his fingers right down to her soft lips and though he had seen her for just about all his life. He was just now truly seeing her in a kind beauty that seemed so much more intense than before. He says, "I love you too Cindy. Can you forgive me for being such a dense lunkhead until I realized it?"

Cindy softly giggles and smiles at him, whispering this time not because she didn't want her parents to hear but because she wanted only Jesse to hear her words, "You're forgiven if you can forgive me for keeping my true feelings about you hidden for so long."

Jesse chuckles softly and whispers back, "Don't worry about it. I believe it all worked out for the better anyway."

Cindy smiles and nods before she leans forward and kisses him on the lips. She is so happy that her dreams of having Jesse as her boyfriend finally have become a reality. For a flash of a moment she remembers what else she'd seen during that time bubble sitch and wonders if that is their future. She decides that if it did come, she would be all right with it. Any future with Jesse in it was a mega-great one in her book. She couldn't think of anything or anyone that could spoil things for her at that moment.

Meanwhile back at King Rat's castle, a soaking wet figure angrily crawls out of the moat cursing the names of the ones responsible for putting him in there. He shakes himself like a wet rat and says, "I will have my revenge!" He thrusts his fists up into the air, glowing brightly in his mystical power.

Cindy just sighs as she slips into Jesse's arms and closes her eyes, hugging him close to her and never wanting to let go ever again.

AN: Well everyone. That is the end! It was a long journey but I wanted to make Cindy and Jesse grow and learn every step of the way. So what did you think of the whole story? Sure, I admit that I could have done better and some areas need to be rewritten but I also left a bunch of things that I could come back to that need some wrapping up and will be should I get the interest in a sequel to this one. You know it is coming… yep, here come the questions! Do you think Cindy and Jesse are a lot like Kim and Ron at their age? Was Drew in character you think? Do you think Drew and Ron were right to worry about Sheila? What do you think of Cindy and Jesse playing possum? With all the talking going on around them, how could they stay asleep? What do you think of King Rat's reemergence? Think it'll cause trouble in the future? What did you think of the end? Well, that's all for now. Thanks everyone for your support and your time in reading my story.

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