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Neji's favorite flower was a single red rose; in the language of flowers they meant simplicity. The gentle brush of finger tips against the soft flower petals relaxed him. There was no judgment, no expectations, nothing. To the flowers he was not a prodigy nor genius, a Hyuga nor jounin, neither branch member nor former misguided soul. He was simply Neji. Much like he was to her.

Ino's favorite flowers were white lilacs, in the language of flowers they meant first meaning of love. Fingers dancing across the petal surface made her feel powerful. That she could give life to something and if she wished could take it away just as easily. To the flowers she was not a Yamanaka or Anbu, weakling or interrogation leader, neither killer nor misunderstood soul. She was simply Ino. Much like she was to him.

Neji valued simplicity despite what others thought. He wanted a quiet life and to reach the height of his shinobi career. He would want a wife that wouldn't nag all the time but wouldn't mind giving him a decent debate. One that would rub his temples at night and sooth the headache he had obtained during the day. Then perhaps a few kids, mostly boys and perhaps a little girl who all he would train to be as great as he was as a child. Neji wanted a simple life with little to no complications.

Ino was a simple person despite what people thought. When she was sad she would cry, when she was angry she would vent, and when she was happy she would smile. Of course she had a sharp tongue but only so no one could walk all over her. She was a kind person after all though little to no people realized it. Ino wanted a simple life, she wanted to reach the height of her shinobi career but continue to work in the flower shop. Have a handsome but kind husband who would be her complete opposite. Where she was loud he would be quiet, where she was emotional he would be her stone. Then a few kids, mostly girls and maybe a little boy, all of which she would train not to let anyone take advantage of them.

It was simple between them. To each other they were simply Neji and Ino. Every Wednesday and Friday Neji would come to the flower shop to relax and Ino would teach him about the different flowers. Side by side with aprons on they tended to the flowers. They didn't speak for there was no reason too. They communicated through the flowers. Neji would give Ino a single red rose. I love you…Ino would give Neji a single lavender ambrosia. Your love isreciprocated... Who needed words anyway?

Sometimes simplicity is the best.