Warnings: Hmm…OOC-ness, a little fluff, and the abuse of certain foods…that's all.

Polaris: Satoshi-chan? Disclaimer, please?

Satoshi:...Yeah. (sucks on lollipop) Polaris-chan doesn't own D.N.Angel, she just owns this story's plot…and lots of lollipops…(looks at authoress) Can I have another one?

Polaris: Not until the end of the fic.

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It started off as a normal day. Well, as normal as it could get for Daisuke, anyway. He made his way out of the building that was his school and raced down the sidewalk in an effort to get home as quickly as possible. That's when he saw it. Satoshi was leaning against a tree, casually sucking on a bright red cherry flavored lollipop. It took a moment to register in his head that he had passed said item, but once it clicked, he stopped running and walked back over to the blue-haired boy.

Those crimson eyes lit up as Satoshi slipped the sucker out of his mouth. "Is there a problem?" a glare was given to the red-haired boy. If there was one thing Satoshi couldn't stand, it was needless attention being drawn to him.

Daisuke stood there, ogling the small piece of candy in Satoshi's hand. He couldn't take his eyes off of it! That smooth, round shape, and the way it glinted in the sunlight made him want it even more! He found his face slowly moving closer to the desired object, before it was moved away and placed back in Satoshi's warm, wet mouth. Those crimson eyes looked up at him as he sucked teasingly on the candy, oblivious to Daisuke's small pout. "Satoshi, um…" He really, really wanted that lollipop, and if he had to, would reduce himself to begging for it!

One again, the cherry flavored candy was taken out of his mouth. "Yes?" Satoshi looked at the desperate boy. In truth, he was a bit scared of Daisuke right now. He had a hungry look in his eye like a cat looks at cream. If anything, he wasn't going to get molested for some damn piece of candy! 'Drop the candy and run!' his brain reasoned. It probably wouldn't be a good thing to get in Daisuke's way if he wanted it. 'No,' Satoshi tightened his resolve. 'If Daisuke wants it, then he'd have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands!'

Daisuke stared once again at the delicious treat. If only Satoshi would give it to him…but he'd most likely want something in return for that little favor. Satoshi wasn't the type who'd just give something of his up for free.

"Let me guess," The blue-haired boy let a small smirk tug at his lips. "You want this lollipop, don't you, Daisuke?"

An eager nod was the only reply the boy got.

Satoshi brought the already-claimed item up to his lips, inserting it back into his mouth. "Get your own." He spoke, teasing the frustrated boy with one last seductive lick to the candy, then walking off, shoving his hands in his pockets.

Daisuke looked on in shock. 'That sneaky little…' he scowled. "Satoshi, wait up!" he ran to catch up to the boy.

"I told you," Satoshi didn't even bother to look at Daisuke. "Get your own. I'm not sharing, so leave me alone."

Daisuke fell in step with the arrogant boy. "Come on! You can always get more, so stop being so stubborn and let me have it!"

Satoshi was violently pushed back so that his back was pressed firmly against the side of a building. Daisuke growled, pinning both the startled boy's hands above his head and yanking the lollipop out of Satoshi's mouth with his free hand. "Let me tell you something, Satoshi…" he stared into those azure eyes, his voice becoming that of Dark's for a brief moment. "I always get what I want." He smirked, before kissing those soft cherry flavored lips and slipping his tongue past them.

A soft groan of encouragement escaped Satoshi's throat and he tried to quickly tried to hide it. His eyes closed for a brief moment to better savor the experience. He'd never realized that Daisuke was an exceptionally skilled kisser! Or was it Dark he was kissing? Either way, it didn't matter. One blue eye opened to stare at his molester, only seeing the form of the young redhead. If he had transformed, he had done it with perfect timing, but the only time he could've done it was when his eyes were closed.

Grinning, Daisuke pulled away from the confused commander and stuck the lollipop into his own eager mouth as he walked away.

Satoshi stood there, speechless, but gave a soft chuckle to brush it off. It was inevitable to try and argue with the logic of it all. A lollipop wasn't worth fighting over. If Dark wanted something, then he got it by any means necessary, even if it meant he had to steal it. 'After all,' Satoshi realized, as he turned to walk in the opposite direction. 'He is a phantom thief…it's what he does best.'

A/N: Poor Satoshi. Big bad Dark stole his lolly! Bad Dark! Bad! (hits Dark with rolled up newspaper)

Dark: Ow!

Daisuke: You made me kiss Satoshi! (rinses mouth)

Dark: Hey! I had to kiss him, too! (grabs mouthwash)

Satoshi: My lollipop…You knew this would happen, didn't you? (glares at Polaris)

Polaris: …well, no. Not really. What I had in mind for the ending was you and Daisuke sharing the lollipop, but when I start something, if usually turns out different if I don't plan the entire thing out to the way I want it! I dunno, I guess I'm just lazy. It still turned out pretty good!

Satoshi: Then why didn't you give me my lollipop when I first asked for it? You said you wouldn't give me one until the end of the fic, so you must have known that Dark would come and steal my first one!

Polaris: I'm telling you, I really didn't know! Ugh, fine. I'll give you another lollipop! Now say what I told you to!

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