Title: Destiny
Rating: T+ (for now)
Characters or Pairings: Murata Ken, mention of Yuuram
Status: Incomplete
Notes: I wanted to get into writing Kyou Kara Maou more (even if I have a slew of other fics that are incomplete), something with Yuuram but angsty, so this is what I came up with.
Disclaimer: I don't own Kyou Kara Moau or any of it's many, many characters. Not much else to say than that.
Words: 160


He'd never wanted to be king, not ever. Even that first day they had met he knew that he didn't want to be king, no matter what he'd said to his mother or his brothers. Instead over Yuuri he said his brother Gwendal would make a better king. But now it was Wolfram no Gwendal sitting here on Yuuri's throne.

How was he, or anyone, to know that when Yuuri had proposed to him, Wolfram himself would become one day become king? That sounded wrong, Yuuri was the king and Wolfram was the queen. The queen who now ruled over Shin Makoku

No one had expected it, Yuuri's death. And it still hurt to think of it now, a year later. Why had Shinou not granted them more time together? Yuuri had been here four years, they'd been married for two and then tragedy had struck. Why had Yuuri been taken away from him. . . Why hadn't Shinou taken him instead?