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Chapter 1

"Ishida Yamato, clean your room this instant or I will seriously consider grounding you! I told you to do this yesterday because the exchange student is coming over, so you better get in done in less than ten or I'll take away privileges!"

Ah, yet another day in the Ishida household.

"Yeah, OK, mother. I'm already doing it anyways. And my name is MATT! Sheesh."

Well, he was negligent... He had told his mother just yesterday that he would do it and make sure that the spare bed in his room was all fixed. However, he really had just snuck out the window and went to a concert with his friends instead.

"I cleaned a little bit," he whined to himself, putting his hands on his hips. All he had done was pick up the clothes off the floor... sort of. "Stupid foreign exchange student..." the growing teen mumbled, tossing a shirt violently into the hamper and then picking up some magazines from the floor.

His mother was very involved with the school district and liked to help out whenever they could, but this was the first year she had considered taking in a foreign exchange student, and actually went through with it... and Matt wasn't exactly excited about sharing his room with some strange kid that he didn't even know. His father would never do crap like this, and he liked that, but he hated his father. He didn't really know why he hated his father, he just knew he did, from when he was a small child he could always remember how utterly crushed his mother was about his father, and it had probably spawned from that.

Even if his mother and he didn't get along very well all the time, he still loved her, and he couldn't believe that anyone would want to hurt her like his father had. Unfortunately, that had also made him hate his own name, for his father was Japanese and his mother was American, and thus he used his middle name 'Matt', instead of his first name. From force of habit, his mother still used the traditional Japanese way of saying names, the family name first and then the first name, even now that they had moved to America.

Ah, America... the 'land of opportunity'. More like the land of hell to him. His father had made the family move to America when they were all still together, and then when they split for reasons unknown to him, his mother kept the house and his father moved out, taking his little brother with him. They weren't that far away – in fact, they were within walking distance and he could see his brother at school and everything, so he didn't mind that much.

But he didn't want to think about that right now. He just wanted to get this stupid room done! Well what do you know... it's done.

He blinked at his efficiency and then scratched his head a little... Whatever, that's cool.

As if on cue, his mother opened the door, her mouth open to yell at him, but then she smiled. "Good, honey! Could you help me with some laundry?"

"Do I have to? I was supposed to meet TK at the park five minutes ago..." Matt said, crossing his arms.

"Ugh, whatever, go. Be back in less than two hours. We have to go pick up the exchange student from the airport in about three, got it? Go."

Matt grabbed his jacket and slung it over his shoulder, moving his jean clad legs down the hall in a hurry, sliding down the railing of the entry way stairs after closing the forest green door. He smiled and made his way down the sidewalk, shoving his free hand into his pocket and soon came in sight of the park.

His brother was already there, waiting for him and swinging his legs slowly as he sat on the swing.

"Matt... You're late." TK pouted slightly, making a half-hearted glare in his general direction.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. Mom was making me clean my room. We have that exchange student coming, but I could care less." Matt said, leaning against one of the support poles of the swing set.

His brother stared at him, looking him up and down. "Matt... You've changed a lot, you know?" Taken aback from the sudden, off-beat comment, Matt looked to his younger brother in confusion.


"Well, I mean, the way you dress is different, the way you talk, your attitude towards everything is really just... negative." TK said quietly.

"...Did dad put you up to this TK?" The blonde teen asked, moving away from him slightly. "Are you trying to guilt me into something?"

"What? No, I'm just... I just wanted to tell you what I thought, because you're my brother and all... I just... you really have changed in this last year... I'm a little worried?"

Matt frowned, but ruffled his brother's hair. "Don't worry about me, got it? I can take care of myself..."

"Well what about your girlfriend? She came to me the other day because she hasn't seen you in weeks and she's all emotionally screwed up!" TK blurted, only serving to make Matt raise a brow.

How to tell TK...? So he wasn't exactly straight as an arrow, and he really wanted to tell his brother, but it would just be too awkward... Besides, he didn't want his brother to hate him. He knew how some of the people were around here, and if it got out that he was even remotely gay, his brother would be picked on to no end.

It's not like he was dating men left and right... he just thought the occasional one was... well... sexy? That was normal right? ...Ok so he'd kissed a few guys... and liked it...

"Look, she shouldn't be going to you to get to me. She knows where I live, and I told her that I was breaking it off. Women... geez..." Matt waved it off like it was nothing. Then grabbed his brother from the swing and hooked an arm around his shoulders. "Let's go out to eat or something, I'll treat."

"Alright... if you insist." TK laughed as he looked at his brother's current attire. Tight jeans adorned his legs, and a stylishly tattered shirt with fishnet under it, showing through the holes and rips in his over shirt covered his chest. He couldn't say it looked bad, but it didn't look classy, that was the problem. This town was all about class and style, but Matt was just out of place – there were hardly any people who dared to step outside their houses looking the way Matt did. And it wasn't just the attire, his hair was array of messy blonde spikes, but the thing was... they sat that way naturally, but they only added to his punk, rebel look. No wonder every girl seemed to want a piece of him – he was something different and new.

"Hey are you listening?" Matt asked, giving him a playful punch on the arm.

"Huh? Yeah, of course."

Matt was late, and he knew he'd never hear the end of this. But this wasn't just any late, this was HOURS late – plural.

To be exact: three.

He knew he was terrible, but he'd saw some cute guy while he was out with his brother and slipped him his cell number. To his delight, he'd gotten a call and he'd met with the guy, not really planning on staying that long, just to see what he was interested in... but Matt had ended up pinning him to a wall and practically fucking him on the spot, but he'd refrained, knowing that it was a big mistake and that he was late...

Geez, just how long had they been making out back there...?


The car was in the driveway, which meant his mother had already gone to the airport and back... Oh dear... He was in for it.

Quietly, he crept up the stairs to the front door and opened it slowly, slipping into his house as gentle as a mouse and shutting the door.


Damn, he'd forgotten about that floorboard. Bloody hell.


He swallowed hard. To anyone who didn't know her, it was an innocent question to see if he was home, but in reality, it dripped venom of what was to come.

"Yeah, mom, I'm home." He said, slowly walking towards the course of her voice.

"Good, come meet the foreign exchange student, he's so cute!"

He? Interesting... but should she really be saying that in front of him? Leave it to his mother to embarrass the crap out of someone she doesn't even know. Sighing, he took a deep breath and stepped into the living room, plastering a smile onto his face to impress and be happy-American-family-like. But when those deep brown eyes turned to gaze upon him, his smile faded, and his jaw nearly dropped.

"This is Yagami Taichi."

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