A/N: Whoo, I thought I wouldn't get this story the date I hoped. This take place after Straw Hats One Half ended, (there are a few reverences particularly since a main story point was in Straw hats One Half) anyways there are a couple OC members of the Straw Hat crew who main characters in this story.

Usa: Often referred to a female version of Luffy, she's a very cheerful and ditzy girl who specializes in martial arts and Ki manipulation. She's a rabbit girl (has rabbit ears and tail) she's the assiant chef

Ko: Usa's younger half sister by a day, she's extremely sarcastic and hates perverts, often torments Sanji. She used to hate pirates , not so much any more. She's a cat girl (cat ears and tail), she's also the musician and battle strategist.

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Gem of the Moon

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Ten Years Ago…

(Flashback/ Dream Sequence)

A 5 year old girl with pink hair, and pink rabbit ears was unconscious on a beach… she was Usa when she was 5. Her body was riddled with many wounds. A hand touched her hand… it belonged to a 7 year old boy with dark green hair. He put a crystal clear gem in her hand. The gem turned pink and her wounds began to heal. She began to stir she opened her eyes slowly and saw the boy.

"It you again…" she said somewhat angrily then remembered something, "Wait are you the one who saved me?"

"You could say that…" said the boy.

"Thanks you…" said Usa, "Sorry what I said earlier…"

"That's okay… with a dad like that I'd understand…" said the boy.

Usa noticed the gem in her hands, it was looked like a necklace.

"It's a gift…" said the boy, he took it and put on her neck, "Never take it off… something terrible will happen…"

"What?" said Usa.

"I don't think it's time to tell you…" said the boy.

"What's your name?" asked Usa.

"Usa!" yelled a voice.

Usa turned around and saw a 5 year old Ko running towards her crying. Ko nearly tripped and she hugged her sister.

"How did you get away from them?" asked Ko.

"He helped me…" said Usa.

"Who did?" said Ko

Usa looked around the boy was gone.

"He was here..." said Usa.

"Who was?" asked Ko.

"A mysterious pirate boy... he save my life." said Usa.

"Usa!" cried another voice.

It was Serena, she was crying she hugged Usa much tighter.

"Oh Usa! I thought I lost you!" cried Serena.

"Mommy?" said Usa.

"I'm so glad your safe… I did want to lose someone who was dear to me… again" cried Serena.

Trent, Ichigo and Moko showed up.

"Say sis what happened." said Trent.

"A mysterious pirate boy save me!" said Usa.

"Yeah right, and I was saved by Captain Jack." said Ko sarcastically.

"You were?" aside Usa.

"How does your daughter know sarcasm?" asked Moko to Ichigo, she shrugged.

"She doesn't believe you." said Trent.

"Oh but I have proof… this necklace" said Usa.

"It's pretty." said Ko looking at the crescent moon shaped gem around her neck.

"It was a gift… from the mysterious pirate boy." said Usa.

(End of Flashback/ Dream Sequence)

Usa woke up, the other three girls of the merry go were sleeping. She looked at the calendar near a picture of her family.

"10 years ago this week…" she said quietly.

She got dressed in pale pink sundress and put her hair into a braid. She headed to the deck where Sanji was waiting.

"Sorry, did you wait too long?" said Usa.

"No." said Sanji who was smoking.

The two began to make breakfast. Sanji noticed a small change in Usa, usually she was cheerful… or in denial about her being angry but today, she was quiet and sighed a lot, she didn't even sneak any of the food she was chopping. Breakfast was pretty much the same, usually there's some sort of eating contest between her and Luffy… but she wasn't hungry.

"Hey Usa are you okay?" asked Chopper.

"Yeah why do you ask…" said Usa.

"Well your not eating." said Chopper.

"Yeah usually you're eating your weight in food along with Luffy but today…" said Nami.

"It's nothing, I'm fine…" said Usa, "I'm not hungry today and that's all I'm going to excuse myself."

Everyone was shocked but Luffy who was eating Usa's leftovers and Ko who sated, "So that time of year again."

"What?" said Zoro.

"She acts like this every time around this time of year." said Ko.

"Why?" asked Chopper.

"Well you see…" said Ko who held off for dramatic tension "It's none of your business…"

Resulting in the others to anime fall, she coughed comically "Hey Perv Master S, after breakfast we need to talk."

Sanji sighed, he was getting really tired of Perv Master S.

After breakfast was over, the two talked.

"What is this about?" said Sanji.

"Well you're the only who I can why Usa's acting like this… you're the only she's told." said Ko.

"Told me what?" asked Sanji trying to remember what Usa had told him.

Ko glared at him, it wasn't the usual "I'm going to kick your pervert butt" glare it was the glare that a guy would receive when he forgot something important by his girlfriend, he remembered the conversation from the "Jusenkyo Incident", time when he, Zoro and Luffy were tempoaply cursed to turn into girls when splashed with cold water.


Usa and Sanji-Chan were talking, sue to the fact that Usa pushed her into spring of drowned girl and was angry with him to his ways, Sanji-Chan promised to listen to a story about herself so that she wouldn't be so angry with him.

"Okay, here how it goes… it happened when I was 5. I was kidnapped by pirates they used me for something I don't remember… any way I'm pretty sure I almost died…" said Usa.

Sanji-Chan's eyes widened. "You almost died?" she asked.

Usa nodded, "Yeah but I was saved by a mysterious pirate boy, I know he exists… he gave me the necklace that I'm always wearing. It's my treasure like Luffy's hat… One of my dreams is meet him again one day… And that's what happened… don't laugh…" said Usa.

(End of Flashback)

"Yeah that story, the one she was 5" said Sanji.

"It's 10 years ago this week. She acts like this the week of the anniversary. The past two years we'd dock the nearest island for a week, guess that's not the case this time" said Ko.

"Should we tell the rest?" said Sanji.

"No, when… and if she wants to tell then we can talk about this to them. She's very embarrassed to tell the story, must have been a lot to actually tell the story." Said Ko, "Any ways I need your help to change the subject when someone asks why Usa is acting like this or something like that." said Ko, "Also I think it's best if she doesn't do shopping, she's too spacey this week."

"Does she get worse?" asked Sanji.

"You should see her on the anniversary then she's a complete space case, she's lucky she can even remember her own name." said Ko who laughed a bit.

"Hey land!" yelled Usopp.

Everyone went to the ram's head where an island could be seen.

"It's River Island" said Ko, "It has a large city on it, me and Usa been there a lot."

"You know where all the good restaurants are?" asked Luffy.

"Well yeah, but maybe tomorrow. It takes a few days for the Log Pose to set." said Ko.

Later the crew went to explore the island.

"I can believe Ko made me do this…" mumbled Sanji who was restocking the food with Luffy.

Luffy was trying out free samples… he felt sorry for the free sample guy.

Meanwhile a small ship docked, it had the banner of a skull and one cross bone, the other was a crescent moon. The lone occupant was a young man about 17 with dark green hair tied into a small ponytail. She went into the city.

With Usa she was sitting alone near a café. A hand appeared in front of her face with a flavored soda in hand. Usa jumped surprised.

"Sorry…" said Ko who laughed. She handed Usa the flaovured soda, "It's your favorite flavor vanilla."

"Thanks…" said Usa quietly.

"I know your such a space case around this time of year, but this year's different we're part of a crew… I bet everyone's worried about you. You should at least eat like normal." Said Ko taking a sip of a flavored soda she bought for herself.

'I guess you're right" said Usa with a sigh.

She stared into the crowd, she saw a young man… that looked like an older version the mysterious pirate boy.

"I have to go!" said Usa, "Take this." She said jamming the flavored soda into her sister's hand. "You can have it."

"What's with her?" asked Ko, who took a sip of Usa's flavored soda.

Usa began to follow the young man she saw. All the while a figure watched her.

"The keeper the Gem of the Moon… I've finally found you." said the figure in a singsong voice.

Usa continued to fallow the young man until she was in area where no one was.

"Shoot I lost him" sighed Usa.

"Kaze Kaze Blast!" said a voice.

Usa heard this and dodged a blast of wind. The one who shot the blast at her was a young woman about 25 with jet black hair, tied into a bun. She wore a blue kimono and held a sky blue fan.

"Who are you?" asked Usa.

"My name is Kanna, but everyone calls me Kanna of the wind because I ate the Kaze Kaze fruit or the Wind Wind fruit." said the young woman, name Kanna.

"What do you want?" asked Usa.

"Your necklace of course" said Kanna, "Kaze Kaze Gust!"

She waved her fan and created huge gust of wind.

Usa held out her hand "Ki Beam!" launching on her beams from her hand, "There's no way I'm never giving this necklace to you!" yelled Usa begging to glow.

"There is a way…" said Kanna, "Kaze Kaze Tornado!"

A large tornado appeared in the muddle of the city.

Ko saw this, "That's (belch) strange… I shouldn't have drunk (belch) both sodas" she said.

"Ko!" said Luffy.

She turned around saw Luffy and Sanji.

"Where's Usa." asked Sanji.

"She ran off for some reason she ran too fast I couldn't catch her." said Ko then burped a very loud burp.

Luffy burped at loud burp as well.

"Is that a challenge?" said Ko who oddly enough enjoyed participating in belching contests.

Luffy smiled, the challenge was set, Sanji couldn't' help but to sweatdroped.

Back with Usa she was battered from the tornado, she was lucky she could even stand.

"I'm surprised your even alive... after all your wounds from 10 years ago should have killed you… then again I shouldn't be after all with that necklace of yours…" said Kanna, "Don't be a fool, give it to me now!"

"No way!" sauid Usa weakly, "I didn't eat much breakfast, I don't think I can last much longer"

Kanna slowly walked to Usa tapping her fan to her shoulder, "Give it to me now!" said Kanna. She grabbed her necklace.

memories flashed though Usa's mind, she remembered her now, "You and your captain tired to kill me 10 years ago… there's no way I'm give you this neck lace!" said Usa glowing brighter than she has ever glowed before.

"Last…" said Usa.

"Uh-Oh…" said Kanna.

"Resort!" screamed Usa and an extremely large Ki beam shot from her entire body it grew and grew and shot into the air.

"This isn't good" said Kanna, "Kaze Kaze protect!" she made a barrier of wind to protect herself from the large amounts of Ki.

Meanwhile the young man who Usa saw was wondering the streets when he saw the large Ki beam in the sky.

"Oh no…" he said he ran towards the source.

With Ko and Luffy the belching contest continued. Luffy just finished listing all of his gum gum attacks… while belching. Not to be out done Ko began to sing the song Bon Voyage… while bleaching however she stopped signing when she saw the Ki Beam.

"That's not good" she belched, then said it again with out burping.

"What's that?" asked Luffy.

"It's Usa's most powerful attack… and most dangerous: Last Resort… we have to help her now if she used that then she's in really bad trouble."

She ran towards the source with Luffy fallowing close behind, Sanji fallowed but had a hard time, as he carried all the groceries with him.

"Ko… I hope you're all right" thought Ko.

Next Time: The Mysterious pirate boy saves Usa again. When Luffy, Ko and Sanji show up Ko and Sanji figured out who he is, but who is he really and what are his intentions?