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Chapter 8: Usa's Confession

The next day the log pose would set… ironically it was also the anniversary of the day the met. Hikaru had to go, he needed to give his father the Fire Blade for safe keeping. After breakfast Usa watched the clouds alone.

"Hey!" said Hikaru.

"Hey…" said Usa quietly.

"Um… Usa… I… I…" stuttered Hikaru.

"Yes?" said Usa.

Suddenly a dead giant bird crashed into the deck…

"What on Earth!" yelled Usa.

Everyone ran to see what it was…

"This bird dropped dead!" said Usa.

"Sanji can you cook it?" asked Luffy.

"I'll see depends on what the cause of death was…" said Sanji.

With the betting pool the other three handed a berry to Zoro… then Nami reminded him of his debt… and knocked off three berries.

Later it was time for both of them to leave.

"Well I should get going… after all, my dad's been searching for this for years… remember be careful… Jack and Iris will strike again I'm sure… this time they won't underestimate you guys for sure." said Hikaru, "It was nice seeing you guys: Lan, Zed, Umi, Jimmy, Sam, Gash, Raven, Kitty, Usa."

"You could have gotten our name right!" yelled everyone else but Usa.

"Um… Hikaru… I want to give you something… can you close your eyes?" asked Usa.

Hikaru closed his eyes, Usa put her face near his… and they kissed.

Ko sighed happily for her sister, Zoro and Robin smirked, Nami and Usopp smiled, Chopper giggled… Sanji was crying.

"Come one Perv Master S… you lost your chance way before she pushed you into the cursed spring…" said Ko slapping his back… extremely hard.

Luffy on the other hand…

"USA LIKES HIM?" he exclaimed.

"You just figured that out!" yelled Nami.

"I tried to explain it to him…" said Ko shaking her head in disappointment, "Of course they have to kiss right in front of it in order for to get it…"

They broke the kiss, "Usa… I love you…" said Hikaru.

"I… love you too…" said Usa.

The two lovebirds began to kiss again.

"Let's leave them alone for them to be together… they need some time with no distractions…" said Ko.

All of them began to leave… but Luffy. Nami grabbed him by the caller and dragged him to the Galley.

After they talked for a bit… they weren't ready for heavy make-out sessions… and kissed for a few times it was time for Hikaru to really say good-bye.

"I'll try and find time to visit you Usa. Bye Ronnie, Zoey, Kasumi, Danny, Sonny, Pikachu, Starfire, Ki." said Hikaru.

"If your going to date my sister try to learn my name…" said Ko.

"I'll try…" said Hikaru.

"You better…" said Ko giving him a death glare.

And so the two ships sailed away from each other and River Island. Usa was enjoying the breeze before having to start dinner. Ko walked over to her sister.

"So what did you guys talked about?" asked Ko.

"Nothing…" said Usa blushing.

"Oh come on you talked about something…" said Ko poking her sister's cheek.

"We didn't…" said Usa.

"Oh really…" said Ko.

"Really…" said Usa.

"You're lying…" said Ko.

"Well um…" said Usa.


"You know I haven't told anything this but I had two dreams for the future… one of them was meeting you again… and the other… well um…" said Usa.

"What is it?" asked Hikaru.

"Well it is to one day get married settle down and start a family… oh I'm so embarrassed I said that… I haven't told Ko that…" said Usa blushing brightly.

"Well… you know... I'd like to be the one that makes that dream come true…" said Hikaru.

Usa sighed happily and she put her head on his shoulder.

(End of flashback)

She was about to say then she noticed that everyone was listening on it.

"It's none of your business! Really, really! It's none of any of your business!" said Usa glowing pink. So much she accidentally shot a Ki beam into the air and shot another seagull…

"Mine… mine" moaned the seagull who was barely alive.

Usa picked it up and tossed into the ocean.

"Maybe its best if she tell us when she's ready…" said Ko with a sweatdrop.

The End…

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