The Art____Chapter 9

by GreggSharp

Ranma 1/2 created by Rumiko Takahashi, AMG created by Kosuke Fujishima, Gold Digger owned/created by Fred Perry. Evangelion by Hideaki Anno.

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The Art 9
"What do you mean I missed the end of the

She had witnessed much in the years since the Tendo and Saotome clans had merged. The "Second Impact" and the rise of a New World Order. Such as it was. It seemed to have most of the foolishness of the old world order.

Wormwood's impact (they had called it other things, but it was Wormwood or close enough) had destroyed the Amazon Village of Shampoo's birth, while Nerima and the rest of Tokyo now were claimed by the ocean.

Kasumi watched as the Third Impact occurred. Quiet descended on the world. Closing her eyes, she could sense the two survivors off in the distance.

All the pureblood humans, the Sons Of Adam and the Daughters Of Eve, the Lillim, were gone. Save two.

Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langley Soryuu. Not the most auspicious of beginnings, she supposed, though there were certainly worse choices. One of whom had died shortly before the impact began. Though Asuka would not survive the year with what little care Shinji Ikari would be able to provide.

In terms of raw power, skill, and experience, Kasumi Tendo was the current reigning world power. She nodded, the meek had inherited the Earth. Or close enough.

Turning, now that another prophesy had been fulfilled and could now be discarded, Kasumi went to awaken the others. The crystalline caves of Tintagel were ready to release their cargo.

Kasumi paused, looking at the raised biers, each with a different figure on them. The preparations had been extensive and based on other prophesies.

Her husband, the mage Ranma Saotome. Her fingers traced the crystalline coffin over his face. They had come here when Wormwood had been imminent. She could remember the wedding, amusing because Tatewaki Kuno had taken one look at some of the wedding guests and might well still be running to this day.

The couple who slept while holding hands just beyond Ranma, Nabiki and the werepanther Johnathon. Akane Tendo and the wereboar Ryouga Hibiki. All were those that humanity would have branded "different" or "outsider."

They were those who were sufficiently not of Lillith or Adam, by trial or experience or birthright, that they were not considered.

Besides, if some Angel Of Death had shown up, the Triclops would have shown that there were ways to deal with Angels that did not require such extravagances as giant robots.

Now it was their turn. Those not of Adam. Those not of Lillith. Those who were the outsiders that had stepped aside for the time for ancient prophesy to play out.

And some of those who had been of humanity that had helped and supported them. Akari Unryuu and the Amazons. Tofu Ono and his wife. Ukyo Kuonji and Keiichi Morisato. Others who had stood with them during the last days of the 20th Century and had shared a dream.

But there came a time for sleepers to awake.

Kasumi smiled and touched the lid of Ranma's bier again. No better time than now.


The Great Dragon surfaced. It had all gone as he had foreseen. Now things would be Different. Now, maybe at last, humanity would break the old pattern.

At least it wouldn't be boring.


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