Title: Chibi Chazz
Authoress: Darka-Chan
Summary: A spell turns Chazz into a chibi for ten days, and if he hasn't found his love by then, things will turn ugly, though they already start out ugly when his brother interfere… CxJ, ZxA

Chazz is tied up to a wall, dangling from one single chain which holds his wrists together. 'What is this?' he wonders. 'Where am I?… I believe I've been here before…' he thinks, looking around in the small cell that holds him. The cell is only 2 by 2 meters, there are chains on the wall, there is one single door next to the chains Chazz is hanging, and there is a small wooden bed in the corner on the other side of the room, not that that will do much good to Chazz from where he is now…

The door opens and Slade steps in the small cell. "Welcome home, Chazz." He says, smirking cruelly at the poor boy. "Do you still remember your room?"

Chazz looks at his feet sadly. 'That's why I know it… it's my room…' he thinks, realising that it indeed is.

"Well, I take that as a yes." Slade laughs. "Don't worry, little brother. You'll get out of here soon."

Chazz looks up at his brother hopefully. "Really?"

Slade smirks. "No." before he walks out of the door laughing, locking the metal object behind him.

Chazz feels tears gather in his eyes. 'What did I do to deserve this…'

"So, this is it?" Jaden asks, checking over the address.

He, Zane and Alexis are outside of the school under a tree where they can talk normally without people suddenly bursting in without them noticing, like some people do without knocking.

"Yes." Alexis grins proudly. "When are we leaving?"

Jaden looks up at her. "Erm… I'm going alone." He murmurs.

"That's insane!" Zane exclaims.

"Yeah, Jaden! Why would you want to do that?"

Jaden just laughs nervously. "Well, you see… One person is less to get caught then two or three, right?"

"But, Jaden!" Alexis yells before Zane places his hand on her shoulder.

"If he wants to go alone, let him." He says, nodding at Jaden.

"Zane!" Alexis says, protesting, but Zane just kisses her cheek.

Alexis lets out a sigh. "Fine…" she murmurs.

Jaden grins at Zane. "Thanks, Zane!" he grins at the taller boy who nods.

"But how are you going to get there?" Alexis asks, looking at the place of the mansion. "You need to go far for Osaka, yannow…"

Jaden opens his mouth before closing it again and looks at the ground dejected. "I… I don't know…"

Zane smirks. "Fortunately for you, I have already arranged something with dr. Crowler."

"You have?" Alexis and Jaden ask in shock.

Zane nods and points up at the sky where the helicopter in which Jaden has come to school too flies towards the three of them. A ladder is rolled out of the helicopter, and Crowler sticks his head out of the cockpit.

"Hurry up, you slacker!" he yells. "I don't have all day, you know!"

"Prof!" Jaden yells happily, jumping up and running to the ladder, stepping on the bottom tray. "Don't worry, guys." He says, turning to Zane and Alexis, "I'll save him."

"Be careful!" Alexis yells at him, waving.

"And good luck." Zane adds, nodding.

Jaden grins at the two before the copter starts to fly again and he climbs inside completely.

Chazz' POV

Shouldn't they be here right now? They promised they'd get me back… Was it all a lie? Don't they care about me? They told me they did… But… Then why aren't they here? My wrists are hurting, they have started bleeding, and will probably scar…

I know that they will, I have more scars on my wrists… Why does this keep happening to me? What did I do to make my brothers hate me so much? I… I can change…

When Slade came in, I was happy, but then he acted all mean again… He and Jagger used to be so nice to me… We'd all play an all, but then papa and mama died and they took over the company and they became like this.


What happened?

Did I do something wrong?

Tell me and I'll change… I'm sure I can…

"So… When do you think we can start?" Slade asks, looking at Jagger.

Jagger places his glass of wine on his lips and takes a sip before placing the glass on the table.

"Soon I recon… why?"

Slade shrugs. "No reason, I just want to get this done with."

Jagger looks at his brother critically. "Are you feeling sorry for Chazz?"

Slade looks taken a back "No, of course not." He murmurs. "why would I?"

Jagger smirks. "Good, because it wouldn't be good it you did. Not with what we planned after all…"

Slade nods. "Indeed… It would be very inconvenient."

Jaden looks at the mansion they're approaching.

"Wow… It's big…" he murmurs. 'Does Chazz really live here?'

Crowler nods. "Of course it's big! It's a rich family!"

Jaden gulps as he sees people dressed as security people paroling over the ground. "I… Kinda figured that already…"

"Good. Now buckle up, this is as far as I can take you without drawing attention to us. You'll have to walk from here on." Crowles says, switching a few things and pressing some buttons at which the helicopter starts to land.

'Can't be that far…' Jaden thinks to himself.

" Okay, it can be that far."

Jaden has been walking for about half an hour now, and is still going. And to make things even better; he doesn't even know if he's going the right way.

"Great." He mutters. "Juuuuuuuuuuust great. Can't get any better I s'pose."

Letting out a sigh, he sits down against a tree, pressing a hidden button. A cage lands on him and an alarm goes off.

"It just got better." He says with a sigh as the same people he saw walking on the grounds when he was still in the copter run towards him.

Jaden's POV:

"Jaden? Jaden… Hey, Jaden, are you awake?"

I open my eyes at the sound. It seems familiar. "Chazz?" I murmur.

"I'm here."

Looking around me I find Chazz cuffed to the wall, blood flowing over his arms and seeping into his shirt.


I want to run to him, but only then I realise I'm chained to the wall too, but unlike Chazz' my feet touch the ground.

"What are you doing here, Jaden?" he asks.

"Well, my plan was actually to save you… but yeah…"

I see his eyes lit up.

"Really?" he squeaks.

"Yeah… though I totally screwed up." I say with an uneasy grin. "Hey… where are we anyway?"

Chazz looks down to the floor sad. "In… my room." He murmurs.

I can't suppress the gasp that escapes my lips. This is his room?

Chazz' POV:

He gasped… Is he shocked? Does he think I'm a freak now? I… I… I don't know… I can feel the tears gather in my eyes… I'm probably so weak now…

"Don't worry Chazz." Jaden says, making me look up. "I'll get us out of here!"

I look at him sceptically. "How?" I demand.

"I'm not sure yet, but I will."

"How cute."

I look up and see my brothers stand in the door opening. I never heard it open.

Jagger… Slade…

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