Dana had been gone a year. Though she hated her school in France and missed everyone terribly, her semester had unwillingly turned into a year. There weren't many people around; move in day had just begun. She looked around in confusion, there seemed to be fewer doors in the hall and they weren't in the same locations as before. They had announced that there would be renovations made over the summer, but she thought that meant new carpet or something, not everything different. She opened the door to room 101, though technically and to her great confusion she was in room 101B. It was a suite. All of the rooms had been remodeled into suites. The room looked nothing like it had the last time she was in it, it was completely different. There were welcome signs on the three bedroom doors. 101A welcomed Zoey and Nicole, 101B welcomed Dana and Lola, and 101C welcomed Quinn. So, Dana figured it was either two doubles and a single or three doubles with an unfilled bed and the five of them would be sharing a common room and a descent sized bathroom. She went into her double, it was spacious enough, and began to unpack as she waited for everyone else to arrive.

Around 11 a.m. an unfamiliar face arrived. Lola and Dana had both heard a lot about each other from their mutual friends and they decided that they would get along sharing a room fine as long as neither one woke up the other with sound of a hairdryer at an ungodly hour of the morning. They were getting along as they unpacked. At little after noon Lola decided to get some lunch and invited Dana to come, and though Dana was done unpacking she decided to stay behind telling Lola she didn't want to miss everyone's arrival since she hadn't seen them in so long.

Once she was alone again Dana set up her laptop and re-read the last e-mail.

Tomorrow will be a life changing day.

She got it yesterday and because of it she didn't sleep last night.

There was a knock at the main door and a voice, "Hello? Anyone here?"

This brought her out of her thoughts, she knew that voice. Logan. She got up and rushed to the door to see that he was already on his way in. The door shut behind him, they didn't notice. There was an awkward mutual staring silence between them.

"Hi," she spoke first.

"Hi," was all he managed to respond.

Dana attempted to shrug off the awkwardness and started to walk over to him, but tripped over her own feet. Luckily, taking his cue from her, Logan was on his way to her as well and he caught her. Her upper body was heavily leaning against his lower chest and hands tightly clung to her back.

Staring down at her he cockily grinned at her as he said, "I always knew you'd fall for me Cruz."

Dana snapped back to reality and straightened herself up as he let go. But they didn't back away, which meant there were only inches between them as she retorted, "That is such a bad line, but I guess you haven't changed."

Suddenly Logan's face lit up. He smiled (yes smiled not smirked) and came ever so slightly closer to her as he said, "Actually, I don't ask anymore."

Before Dana had time to begin to process what that could possibly mean his hands had cupped her face and he kissed her lightly, sweetly, briefly. As he broke the kiss and searched her stunned eyes he moved his left hand from her face to her lower back, firmly preventing her from backing away (not that she was capable of motor skills at that moment). His eyes moved to watch his right hand as he turned it over and slowly, lightly brushed it down the side of her face, her neck, her chest, her stomach. And as it was once again turning over to firmly rest on her hip he leaned in and whispered in a husky voice that had hints of desperation, "I missed you."

Since she first saw him her heart started beating faster and faster and was now so fast she thought it would beat right out of her chest. And he kissed her and it was so fast and unexpected and wonderful, but he didn't stop there; he touched her, but not gropingly. Then he said three words that though she still wasn't really thinking, they made her act. At his words she moved her head back to catch his lips (which had been near her ear) with hers. She kissed him passionately. She quickly began to deepen the kiss and Logan had absolutely no objections.

Thirty minutes later Lola returned from lunch to a frightening sight.