Dana arrived on the beach to see Logan sitting about ten feet from the water's edge, staring out into the ocean. She came up from behind him.

Despite the fact that she didn't make a sound, Logan knew when Dana was there. His head turned quick enough to give himself whiplash. His eyes on her froze her so there was about six feet of space between them. He stood, as his body turned to face hers, his eyes did not leave her. It was awkward and uncomfortable.

Dana's eyes scanned everything around her; it was unnerving, the way he looked at her. She couldn't bring herself to meet his eyes. Growing nervous in the silence Dana began biting her lower lip.

"Please don't do that," Logan shakily pled as he finally lifted his gaze from Dana.

"Do what?" Dana asked confused because she didn't notice herself doing anything.

"Bite your lip like that," Logan said not yet letting her eyes return to her.

Dana hesitated slightly, but her curiosity got the better of her. "Why?" she asked as she unknowingly started nervously biting her lip again.

Logan glanced back at her to see that she was once again biting her lip, so he shut his eyes and put a hand over them before he replied, "Because it makes me want to kiss you and that would be a really stupid move now."

With her hands on her hips, Dana was completely outraged. She yelled angrily, "Kissing me is stupid now! Because you didn't seem to have a problem with it earlier!"

"That's not what I meant," Logan said quickly as he winced at his stupid mistake, "Right now, before explaining, it would have been a bad idea." Running his hand through his hair frustrated, "This isn't how I meant for this to go."

He seemed to be genuine, so Dana sighed and said firmly, "Start over."

"What?" Logan asked hoping that he was really being given another chance.

"Say whatever you asked me here to tell me," Dana maintained firmly as she finally let her eyes meet his.

Logan shifted his weight from one foot to the other and back again as he took a deep breath and began talking quickly, "Okay, so I came to see you today because I really wanted to see you and I came to ask you out cause I had this whole dinner thing planned and I didn't intend for any of that to happen. Don't get me wrong that was a great hello, and if we always say hello like that it would be fantastic, but I didn't plan any of it. But you said after Valentine's Day that you like spontaneity and then I had you in my arms and it seemed like the perfect chance and since I've thought about it pretty much constantly since I met you, I kissed you." Logan began walking towards Dana slowly, cautiously, "And I told you I missed you because… I missed you." He was less than a foot away so he said softly, "And when you kissed me I…I guess I kind of stopped thinking. And I'm sorry, I should have…thought." He pleaded, "I swear I just intended to sweep you off your feet, you had said every girl wanted that, and I wanted to do it. I wanted to do something great for you today, earlier or on the date were not on that I planned, just something to sweep you off your feet. That was the only type of agenda I had."

Dana thought all of that sounded really good, which made her wish she could just forget about the question in her head, but she had to ask. She whispered, "Why didn't you come back?"

It made sense in his head, but Logan needed to make sure it made sense to Dana, so he spoke carefully, "Like I said, I wasn't thinking and then we got interrupted and…Do you remember when I told you before how I always end up saying something stupid around you when I'm not thinking and it usually makes you mad?" Dana nodded and Logan continued, "Well, I wasn't thinking so I decided that my first instinct, to go back and pick up where we left off, would be the wrong thing and instead I should go think. Only I couldn't think of anything. I mean I know that we crossed a line, went a little too far a little to fast there, but I don't know what to do or say. I know you're probably mad, but I don't know how to fix this."

"And I'm supposed to know what to do?" Dana said getting a little defensive.

"No," Logan quickly replied, "But…you could tell me why you're mad about earlier."

Dana scoffed and replied, "Do you realize what would have happened if we weren't interrupted?"

"Yeah," Logan said smiling, which he stopped when he saw that Dana was not, "But I don't know why that would have been bad."

Through gritted teeth trying to keep her temper Dana replied, "If we weren't interrupted I would have slept with you and I would have regretted it. I would have hated my self for being stupid enough to sleep with you without knowing what this is between us." Dana started biting her lower lip nervous about her question, "What…why…" she was having trouble deciding what question she wanted answered first so she decided not to chose, "Why did you start writing to me? What did you want that you didn't get for your birthday? What did you mean by telling me you had 'Warning Sign' stuck in your head? What did you want to give me on my birthday? And what do you think this is between us?" Dana asked very quickly, nervously and took a deep breath.

Logan was a little surprised, he had never seen Dana so nervous. He tried to answer all of her questions, "Okay, umm…I started writing to you because I missed you and I didn't want you to forget me while you were gone. And you are what I didn't get for my birthday, I know it was kind of an impossible birthday wish since we were thousands of miles apart, but you were the only thing I really wanted. And for your birthday I wanted to be with you, it was kind of a selfish gift idea for you, but it's what I wish I cold have done. And with the Coldplay song I was trying to tell you I missed you constantly." Logan hesitated, but decided he needed answers of his own before he continued and potentially completely humiliated himself, "Before I answer your last question, I want to know some things. Why did you write me back? And did you actually want me to come see you over summer? And…um…and what do you think about us?"

Dana was very happy with the first part of his response, but completely hating the fact that he didn't answer her most important question and he was turning it around on her; he was making her vulnerable and she hated feeling vulnerable. But so far she could trust Logan, he may have left her wondering for six hours, but he thought he was doing right by her. He had yet to be careless with the bit of heart she let him have. So, Dana decided she could tell him the honest answers to his first two questions (she was not going to be the one to answer the last one first), "I wrote you back because I missed you too. I mean, there were other factors too, but mostly because I missed you. And I really wanted you to come see me and I was really…crushed when you couldn't. And your last question…well…I asked you first." Dana concluded childishly as she began chewing her lower lip again, nervously.

She missed him too, that was the thought that kept playing in Logan's head. He missed her, she missed him. He wanted to see her over the summer, she wanted to see him over the summer. He kissed her, she kissed him. He was nervous, she was nervous. He had to do it, he had to tell her how he felt, and with all of this information racing though his mind he didn't think he'd be seeing violent Dana tonight.

There was only a few inches between them. Logan took Dana's right hand in both of his. He brought it up to the level of her chest and held it palm up, so she could look down on it. His eyes met hers and he said softly, "The answer to your question…" . She began unconsciously holding her breath. He began writing in her hand with his right index finger. Looking down at her hand he clearly wrote, "I-L-O-V-E-U". She knew what he was writing by the time he finished the "V" and she stopped biting her lip because her mouth moved to form an enormous smile and she began breathing again. When he finished he didn't look up as he gently shut her hand and kissed it softly. As his lips met her smooth hand he looked up at her with hope. She was smiling, but he only caught a brief glimpse of her smiling because she quickly took her hand from his, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him. Before the fact that she was kissing him registered in his head she pulled away slightly and whispered, "I love you too." Their lips immediately found each other again as his hands found her waist.

After a few minutes Logan pulled away, mostly because he didn't want to repeat previous "getting caught up in the moment" mistakes. He asked, "So, anymore question?"

"Hmmm…" Dana began playfully pondering, "Are you seriously a Shania Twain fan?"

"No, I went through Zoey's collection to find that. Why? Would that bother you?" played back.

Dana replied to a shrug, "No, it wouldn't really bother me, it just didn't seem like your taste, so I was curious." Dana opened her mouth to say something but shut it deciding maybe it could wait.

Logan saw her do that and asked, "Any more questions?"

"No," Dana wasn't sure maybe she should just tell him. Things escalated between them really fast earlier, so maybe she couldn't put it off. She was uncharacteristically nervous about it. She believed he loved her, but she still didn't know how he would react to not getting as far again for a while. She took a deep breath and began, "Well, not a question so much but a concern. Umm…earlier how we almost…well now I know you love me and I love you and so that reason is gone…but I have another one. Umm…okay so when I'm thinking clearly and rationally, which isn't really something I'm doing when I'm kissing you, I'm not ready for us to…go that far. It's just that…I have this neighbor at home that I've grown up with, she's my age, we're kind of friends…when I went home this summer she was seven months pregnant. It was from her first time, she was on the pill, and they used protection. It kind of has me freaked out. I want to be with you, but I'm not really ready for the possibility of that."

Dana stopped and she was looking at him so Logan figured she was waiting for his response. He said simply, "Alright."

"Alright?" she repeated, "You don't have a problem with waiting?"

"Honestly," Logan began, "If you say we have to wait until we want to be parents or something, I'd have a problem, because that probably means like ten years. But, I've heard about stuff like that happening too and you know if, God forbid, we did end up in a situation like that, we'd be in it together. I would never leave you. I've waited two years just to kiss you, I love you, so I'm willing to wait for you. Just…don't make it ten years okay?"

"Okay," Dana said as she pressed herself against him tighter, "Don't worry, I know I can't wait ten years, maybe only one." She kissed him reassuringly and asked, "Okay, I thought of another question. Why didn't you call me earlier? When you figured out that you didn't know what you should do, why didn't you call me immediately?"

"Because I was waiting for this," Logan said as he gestured to the sunset, "The perfect setting. Girls love sunsets."

"Some girls Logan, some," she repeated to make her point, "Did you really think that I'm the type of girl that would melt over a sunset? You waiting that long just increased my anger. You know you're lucky I didn't hit you right?"

"I know," Logan replied, "I thought wrong, again. I'm sorry. You know I'll always have the right intentions, but I'm probably going to do a lot of stuff like this with you. I'll probably mess up a lot."

Dana wanted this relationship to work so she said determinedly, "I'll just have to be more patient and forgiving then."

"And I'll try to think better," Logan quickly replied somewhat awkwardly, but also determined to make things work.

Dana wrapped her arms around his chest and rested her head on it as she said, "Okay, I'm out of questions. Do you have anymore?"

Logan gently put his hand under her chin and moved her head so that she was looking up at him. He whispered, "Are you gonna be my girl?"

Normally, Dana would not agree to be anyone's, but she was in love. And looking up into the eyes of the man she loved, she simply had no desire (in that moment) to reply snappishly. Going by the game he was quoting she found the perfect response. She whispered back, "Forever and always."

Logan smiled, glad with the answer, and said, "Promise?"

"I do," she said continuing to quote like him, but she had to be the one to break the game again, "You?"

"Yeah, like I told you, this year's love is going to last, forever and always," Logan assured and kissed her again lightly, sweetly, briefly.

They began by hating each other, but liking each other. They managed to become friends, but both realizing they wanted a lot more. And now, with promises, hope, and sealed with a kiss, began a relationship that had evolved into something that was love, forever and always.

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