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Author's Note: This is a story set after Kim and Ron have graduated high school and are full time agents for Global Justice, along with Bonnie. The title refers to the pairing in this story; it's not Kim and Bonnie fighting over Ron though. They're all together and have their own house, paid for by the proceeds from their missions.


It had all happened so quickly, one minute she had been sitting on the bleachers watching the cheerleaders warm up, and the next it happened. It was the first time in almost four years that she had not been at the helm of the squad. She had been just about to give them her critique of their newest routine when her cell phone rang. She had only briefly glanced at the caller id before answering. Her world stood still for those several moments as her ears heard quite possibly the worst news that she would ever hear in her lifetime. On their way back from a skiing vacation the plane carrying her parents and both of her sisters had crashed shortly after taking off. There were no survivors.

Initially she had bounced around between her friends, being quick to leave before she wore out her welcome, rather than stay alone in her big empty house. Other than those offering hollow words of sympathy she glad that most people gave her the space that they thought that she needed. Despite Kim's best efforts to keep him in check Ron had come to see her and stayed calm and silent, as she had verbally lashed out at him. You could have knocked her over with a feather when he finished speaking immediately thereafter. While she had screamed at him and thrown him out of the house his words had stayed with her. Three months later it would all come to a head in of all places Bueno Nacho.

She wasn't sure exactly what she was even doing there but later she'd remark that in her mind it was the one place that most of those that'd want to talk to her didn't frequent. She knew that Ron ate there but she had gone so late at night, just before closing, that she guessed that he wouldn't be there, but she had been wrong. Right as they were about to turn the ovens off he had slouched in, barely able to keep his eyes open and yawning deeply. Rufus hungrily sulked the whole way until Ron had gotten his food and sat down. She had started to leave, just making it past his table when he had spoken up. She had tried to act as if she hadn't heard him and continued walking. She thought that she was free until she turned to push open the door, finding him standing squarely in her path. She had ordered him to move in as threatening of a tone of her voice as she could muster in her depleted state.

He had laughed it off and started to do anything and everything that he could think of to get her to open up. As her level of anger had risen at him that night she hadn't noticed that her eyes were filling with tears at the same time. His last few comments had gotten lost in her brain before her emotions overwhelmed her and she fell into him, sobbing her life story out onto his chest, never noticing his arms encircling her and holding her safely.


Six months to the day that her family had been killed she had forced herself to return to gym to watch cheerleading practice, hoping that it would take her mind off of her problems. She hadn't expected to see him there instead, teaching of all things a few self defense moves to some of the freshman that reminded him of himself years before. She had done her best to launch her best taunt his way but he had surprised her and laughed it off. What he did next still surprised her years later, he had challenged her to step up and take him on one on one if she thought that his helping the freshman was stupid and pointless. Against her better judgment she had obliged and joked as she stepped onto the mat that she bet that Kim wouldn't like her boyfriend spending his Saturday's with the enemy rather than her. He had only grinned, the one odd bright spot in her otherwise dreary life, before the next few hours flew by in a cloud of physical exertion. More than once, when he had blocked one of her attacks she would find herself with him in pretty close quarters. Feigning a move she had pushed off of his stomach, being pleasantly surprised to find that the years of helping Kim save the world had done him well. By the end of the workout she realized that she hadn't been that close to a man since Brick had graduated and gone off to college.

Weeks later Ron had made an off-handed comment about Bonnie, despite her dismal attitude, having some skills. Global Justice had been in the middle of a recruitment drive that quarter and so Bonnie had been called into headquarters and put through her paces. Had she really anything else to do she probably would have declined, but since deep down she was beginning to feel lonely she had thrown herself into the tests. Despite her low marks for compassion and working well with others Bonnie had been surprisingly adept at the tests, enough so that one of the doctor's remarked that he hadn't seen anyone with skills like hers since Kim had joined up. This hadn't sat well with Kim but Ron had been there to calm her down, at least long enough for them to get back out of the same room as Bonnie. It was only a few weeks of training later that the director had called Kim and Ron in for a meeting. Try as she might Kim could not get the decision changed, Bonnie would accompany them on their missions until she was seasoned enough to strike out on her own.

At first the betting was against the trio being able to function well past a few minutes. And on their first few missions those dire forecasts appeared to be eerily accurate. That was until a mission where the latest villain of the week, not bothering to give himself a catchy name, had almost killed Kim's mother. Her mother had survived, needing to spend a few weeks in the hospital, but Kim and Bonnie had hesitantly agreed to bury the hatchet after that. In the beginning it wasn't expected to stay buried for long, but as time wore on more and more dirt became piled onto it. So much so that by the time that Kim's twenty-first birthday rolled around Bonnie's name was second on the list of people to invite to the party, just behind Ron's.

That night had been a night of firsts, the first time that Kim really let herself go, with Ron making sure that none of the three held onto their keys, before the first rays of sunlight had broken over. The sun had risen that morning to find Kim snuggled up tightly in Ron's arms with his chin snuggled into the bend in her neck, not something that would cause her concern. The fact that they were both naked gave her an immediate pause. But the sight that greeted her when she first opened her eyes, after the stars and pain from the monstrous hangover that she had, was of Bonnie's face right there with their noses almost touching. They were close enough that Kim could smell the alcohol on her warm breath. Kim had been about to pry herself from Ron's grasp to go to the bathroom when she discovered that it wasn't Ron's hand on her thigh. Taking ever so much care Kim had started to slide Bonnie's hand off of her thigh when the brunette had mumbled something in her sleep and rolled over onto her back, revealing the fact that Ron and Kim weren't the only ones that were naked.

Even though they had been enemies almost since they first met Kim had always begrudgingly admitted that Bonnie was better looking than she was. Kim had seen Bonnie naked before, there had been enough cheerleading meets for that, but she had never been that close to her while naked before. She had heard softly muttered rumors about Bonnie before, but most of them had been about her and any guy that would help her popularity. But thinking back she had remembered that there had been one rumor that she had heard about Bonnie in which she had attended a party thrown by friends of her older sisters. The story went that after a few beers the partiers had begun a game of truth or dare. Bonnie had been having a great time daring her sisters to do things before they had hatched a plan and turned the tables. Bonnie had been to drunk to see it coming and by the time that she had realized what had happened it was the next morning and one of her sister's friends was climbing out of her bed away from Bonnie and looking for her clothes. Kim had guessed that the rumor was completely false and that it anything had happened the fact that the friend of her older sisters had been naked was meant more as a joke than anything else. When her sisters had finally gone off to college that rumor had ceased, but thinking back Kim remembered that the same friend that had been involved in the rumor had started regularly attending games with the cheerleading squad and even went on the road with them, or would meet them there later, and she would always spend all of her time around Bonnie, the two were never very far apart.


Kim and Ron had made sure to stay silent on the fact that the three of them had woken up naked in the same bed. Neither was sure that anything had happened but their fears kept them guessing that something had. Kim felt it odd that she was more angry about the fact that if something had happened that it wasn't by her choice than the fact that something probably did happen. Ron meanwhile spent the time trying to wrap his head around all of the possibilities of what could have happened that night. Rufus was forced to listen to every one of Ron's guesses as to what had really happened that night and what it would mean for the future. If he and Kim had indeed had sex then he was still safe, as that was nothing new for them. Their first time had been the night of graduation when the director of Global Justice had called them up in the middle of their graduation parties to send them on a mission.

What they hadn't been told was that there really was no mission and that two rooms had been booked for them in one of the ritziest hotels in all of Paris. After getting over the initial shock of it all the two had decided to make the most of it, helped in no small part by the changes of clothing that had been left in their respective rooms. That night only one of the beds had been used. When they had returned home Kim and Ron had lied and said that the mission was tough but that they had accomplished their objective and been offered rooms for the night, with a nervously blushing Kim repeatedly pointing out to her father that they had separate rooms. Her mother had seemed to get that there was more going on than met the eye but kept quiet.

After the night in question between the three of them Bonnie had played it cool, acting as if nothing had happened and she had woken up alone. Which in reality was partially true as by the time that Bonnie had groggily woken up both Kim and Ron were already dressed and eating breakfast. For all that she knew she had gotten drunk and passed out shortly after returning home, though she hadn't been exactly sure why she was naked it wasn't the first time so she just chalked it up to another wild night and went on with her life. It wouldn't be for several more weeks before memories of that night would start to flash back into her mind, changing everything. She originally hadn't been sure who to talk to first, which oddly enough ended up putting her face to face with Rufus. Now while she couldn't quite understand the mammal she knew enough to know that Ron would have told him everything, no matter how private and personal. By how he had answered, or refused to answer her questions she had come to the conclusion that it hadn't been just another wild night, bringing someone home from the party and having him leave before she woke up.

It wasn't until she answered Kim's question about why she was talking to Rufus that she caught an odd look cross Kim's face, a kind of nervous blush coupled with a smile. As much as she hated to admit it Kim had begun to remember that night shortly after it had happened, with Ron's fragmented memories coming back shortly after that. After deciding that the memories were truly real and not some drunken dream she had forced herself to admit that she had liked it, though actually admitting it was initially out of the question. Every time that she had tried to bring the topic up Ron would stare at his feet with a guilty expression on his face, hanging his head in shame as if he felt that Kim blamed him for what had happened.

On the last movie night of the month in January, a couple of weeks before Valentine's day Bonnie had chosen the movie for the night, picking out an odd choice. After fully remembering, or at least remembering enough to know how far the three had gone, she had decided that it was time to quit beating around the bush and get it out in the open. She had surprised Kim and Ron with one movie that she knew that Ron and Kim had wanted to see, and another that she had slipped into the back to find. After some hurried searching she had found the right video and hid it underneath her coat on the way back to their house. When Ron and Kim sat down to watch what they thought was the most recent blockbuster they instead only got a few seconds into the other movie before Bonnie had popped her question. The discussion that followed had lasted all night, leaving them all to tired and weary in the morning to come to a decision. When Kim had finally woken up and slipped into one of the bathrooms to take a shower, thinking that both Bonnie and Ron were still asleep she had left the bathroom door unlocked and turned the radio up enough to set her mind at ease.

Her shower was going fine until she heard the curtain being pulled back. Peering through all of the soap in her hair Kim had very nearly passed out when she saw Bonnie slip her robe off and step into the shower with her. By the time that Ron woke up and dragged himself into the kitchen to get himself something to eat he found Bonnie and Kim sitting oddly very close together at the table, fresh enough from their shower that their hair was still wet. He had thought about asking them something but then his stomach had overruled his better judgment and he had headed for the refrigerator. That night Kim had pulled him aside and very nervously explained everything, thankful that Ron didn't explode at finding out what had happened. Though he had replied that it was a bit odd to him he was most interested on the status of their relationship, given the new development. That question had remained unsolved until their next mission. Feeling bummed about the future possibilities about his relationship with Kim given the new development he had been surprised to say the least when just as he was about to go to bed one night, while staying in a small hotel in Australia, to see instead of Kim Bonnie walk into his room with only a nervous smile on her face. He would learn hours later that it had all been a bold plan that Kim and Bonnie had agreed upon but by the end of the mission a new arrangement had been reached between the three of them. Ironing out the details had taken the entire plane ride back to Colorado.


Author's Notes: Just an idea of mine after reading Evolved's story Tension. While that story is mostly Bonnie and Ron this one is with the three of them together, with Ron dating both Kim and Bonnie, Kim dating both Ron and Bonnie, and Bonnie dating both Kim and Ron. Sure Bonnie was more than a bit forceful in the chapter, but to me that's how she'd be about a tough question, especially after what happened to her family. Her family dying is just what I used to break Bonnie's bad girl streak, at least a little bit, and to push her into more direct contact with Ron and Kim. This story won't focus on the sex, even though there'll probably be plenty of it. Rather that it'll focus on how a Kim/Ron/Bonnie relationship would work. That is if people think that I should continue and make this into an actual story, otherwise this story will stay just the prologue. So please read and review and cast your vote, flames are okay as to a degree I'm just testing the waters with this. If I continue this story it will be in my normal style so don't worry about there being people speaking. It won't all just be in block format like this.