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Alaska-The Cabin

Nipples. It wasn't the first time, or she would later guess the last, time that she'd woken from a restful slumber to find one of them poking her in the ear and the other trying to slide in between her parted lips. The only difference between the times was who the nipples belonged to. She had soon learned that just such an occurrence as this was par the course given the life that she now led and the company that she now kept. That was not to say that she or any of the others would describe themselves as odd or strange, just different. People would still stop and stare when Heather would wear something inappropriate to the grocery store, with Trish never seeming to tire of the old comparing her bared breasts to melons joke. That trick had very nearly gotten them banned from the establishment. Only Kim's way with words had saved them that day.

"Mhm," Lacey mumbled softly as she was still half asleep and given that Martha's nipple was in her mouth, making it a bit hard to speak clearly at that moment, as she fought the battle to stay asleep a little longer. Neither she nor any of the others in the cabin knew what had transpired during their slumber.

"Go back to sleep already," Martha weakly mumbled back with her eyes closed as the blonde guessed that the older woman was probably still half asleep and not even fully aware that she was saying anything at all.

"Nnh…no, we haffa get up, somefin's wrong," Lacey managed to mumble out with Martha's nipple still in her mouth as she debated whether or not she truly wanted to get it out so that she could speak clearly or stay where and how she was, all nice, warm, comfortable, and loved.

"Somthin will be wrong if you wake me up from this dream, Katarina's all covered in chocolate syrup with marshmallows in her," Martha started to argue back as again Lacey wasn't sure that the nurse knew full well what she was saying, though the blonde soon began to let that dream enter her mind and a little bit of drool began to silently slide out of the corner of her mouth.

"Don't tempt me, we hafta get up, somefin's wrong," Lacey again mumbled out softly, this time with a bit louder of a tone as she tore herself from thinking about how Martha's naked body felt against hers and looked out of the small window of the sleeping bag, but could only see white.

"Nnh…not yet, to early," Martha answered before she wrapped her arms even a little bit tighter around Lacey and held the former babysitter closer to her. Lacey tried to immediately reply but it was several moments before the nurse's grasp released enough for her to finally pop the older woman's nipple out of her mouth enough to form clear and complete sentences.

"Come on Martha, I think something's wrong," Lacey countered with a steadily growing nervous tone to her words as she began to inwardly become scared that something was truly wrong, along with the fact that her stomach was getting a bit queasy for some reason.

"Somefin's wrong all right, I'm not dreaming about your little ass and my," Martha started to answer with a tired little pout souring her expression as she tried to fall back to sleep before a loud noise shook them both wide awake. Before either could say another word it felt like the entire cabin shook violently, enough so that they were sent rolling off of the end of the bed and slamming into the dresser.

"Ow…I think I'm gonna hurl," Lacey burped out softly after several silent seconds as she tried to reach up and touch the side of her head, making sure that she wasn't bleeding.

"Bloody hell woman, don't…yeow," Martha started to hurriedly reply, mostly because she didn't want to be barfed on, before she forced the zipper of the sleeping bag on and pushed herself out. What she hadn't expected was a fair amount of ice-cold snow to collide with her bare breasts and then slide down her stomach.

"What's the, whoa," Lacey started to wonder aloud before Martha's efforts to get rid of the snow caused the former babysitter to be shoved forward so that she did a face plant in the snow. To say that she reacted in a hurry would be an understatement.

"Would you two keep it down out there, I'm trying to get some sleep," Vanessa exclaimed from her sleeping bag with Heather, who only mumbled something suggestively for her part.

"Where'd all this bloody snow come from…what happened to the cabin," Martha demanded furiously at first through chattering teeth as she hurried began to brush the snow off of herself.

"How should I know, it was fine when we went to sleep, something must have happened," Lacey answered fearfully as she found her clothes and tried her best to move across what was left of the bedroom to try and get to her clothes without stepping in or on any snow.

"We should try and call home, don't you think Heather…Nessa," Martha stammered out through the cold air as she wrapped her arms around her midsection and looked over at the other sleeping bag, hoping for a quick and helpful answer.

"Do whatever you want Martha, just leave us the hell…who, where'd all this snow come from, damn it's cold in here," Vanessa added at first with a dismissive tone of voice before her whole countenance changed when she saw all of the snow and the state of the cabin.

"There must have been an avalanche or something, that's the only thing that would explain all of this," Lacey countered with a nervous look, all while shaking noticeably, as she slid her panties on and then squatted down to fish around in her clothes for her bra.

"Say you're right, what do we do about it, it's not like any of us have had any survival training, sure Martha's got her medical training but I don't think that'll save us," Vanessa started to add while shaking noticeably before she stopped speaking to try and warm herself up as best she could while dashing to get her clothes.

"She's not the only one with medical training, sure I don't have a bloody degree but I'm not a child," Heather angrily replied with a stern and determined look in her eyes as she balled her hands up into fists and set them on her side, puffing her chest out finally to make herself look more threatening.

"That's true Ms. Titanic Tits, but I don't think that your big boobs are going to help you this time, sure they'll give us something nice to look at as we slowly freeze to death, that is if we don't get poked in the eye first and can't," Lacey jokingly countered with as smarmy of a smile as she could muster despite how cold she herself was quickly becoming.

"Again with the jokes blondie, not that the name doesn't fit but right now we should be more worried about staying alive long enough for Ron and the others to come looking for us, they will have learned of the avalanche by now and mount a rescue, we just have to wait for them," Heather shot back impatiently as she walked up to Lacey and lightly glared down at the younger and shorter woman, giving her almost a full faceful of her large breasts.

"And let me guess, we'll have to huddle together for warmth, but I don't see how even that will be enough, we can't last forever," Lacey chattered back with a scared smile as she pulled her shirt back over her head and used her left foot to drag her jeans back over to her.

"While that would be quite fun I agree that we probably wouldn't last long enough that way," Vanessa said softly with a slow pacing to her words as she accidentally started to put her head into her sleeve because she was shaking so violently because of the cold. To try and counter that she pulled her head back out and then slipped her underwear on, hoping it would warm her up a little.

"Perhaps, but the smartest thing to do would be to get our clothes back on and then get back into the sleeping bags, they kept us warm and safe through the avalanche so they're the safest bet for us to survive long enough for Kim to send help for us," Martha decided calmly as she slid her shirt back on before Vanessa pulled her close, though the nurse guessed that it was more to keep the islander warm than anything romantic.

"Okay but this time," Lacey started to say with a slightly hopeful smile brightening up her features before Heather pulled her into a large hug, driving the younger girl's face right into her chest.

"Kids," Vanessa joked with a short little laugh before Martha handed her pants back as the two eyed their sleeping bag with some trepidation.

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The House-Ops Room

"I thought that we checked the weather reports before they left," Bonnie declared impatiently as she folded her arms across her chest and sent a light glare over at Joss and Yori, who were busy scratching their heads at how they'd missed the avalanche possibility.

"We checked them and doubled checked them Bonnie, a little light snow in the mountains is nothing to get your panties in a pinch over, it happens all of the time," Joss started to answer with what she hoped was a reassuring expression on her face before Yori cut in.

"This was probably just a…freak occurrence," Yori managed to add with a proud of herself smile momentarily brightening the mood of the room before Kim cut in.

"Where are we with the local law enforcement," Kim demanded sternly as she walked into the room, tying her bathrobe tightly as she walked.

"They're doing the best that they can however it was a large avalanche and they've got their hands full trying to block off all of the roads in the area and keep people from wandering into danger," Zhalia pointed out with a stressed edge to her words as she then let out a long sigh and ran her hands through her hair, grimacing a bit at how oily her hair had become since her last shower.

"So it looks like we're probably on our own…big surprise there," Hope grumbled impatiently as she slid her thumbs into the loops in her jeans and let her shoulders slump forward a bit, not knowing exactly what she could do to help at that moment.

"So what else is new…could we ask Global Justice for some help, you may have retired a few years ago Kimberly, but I'll bet that you've still got more than a bit of pull over there," Raquel wondered aloud hopefully with a hesitant but nervous smile as she turned and walked over to her favorite redhead, finally slipping an arm around her waist.

"I do, but I want to save that pull for a real emergency," Kim started to reply with an awkward look of concern etched across her face as she started to lean into Raquel's embrace before Bonnie interrupted.

"I don't know about you honey, but I'd say that this qualifies as a real emergency," Bonnie declared strongly as she glanced back at her beloved from the screen, hoping that her look would make the former redhead change her mind.

"Yeah, I don't see how it could get much more real than it is right now," Tara weakly added, the fear clearly evident in her voice, as she fought back the tears that were threatening to slide silently down her cheeks.

"Oh there's plenty of ways…but uh, you don't want to hear them right now huh," Selina started to offer up with a very cheerful and helpful smile on her lips before in her mind she realized what her words meant and she quickly quieted herself, her cheeks a bright red.

"But what could they do that we cannot, we could also ask Wade to help us, I'm sure that he'd be able to lend us one of his helicopters for the search," Kim replied softly with a forced tone of sternness in her words as Bonnie could hear the fear in her words, mostly because she knew the formerly redhead so well.

"Do you know if we'd even be able to get him on the phone, last I checked he's a very busy man, emphasis on the busy," Zhalia started to add with an anxious edge to her words as she inwardly wished that she had bothered to put something more substantial on than her silk bathrobe, as at the moment it was only loosely tied together so that it was clear to everyone that she had no underwear on, not that any of them minded that fact in the least. She was just about to add a little something more to her answer when she turned to one side and spied Katarina sitting near the door, completely naked.

"It would not hurt to try then," Katarina declared softly before yawning deeply and awkwardly trying to stand up, but her four-month along stomach made it harder than it normally would be.

"You're right Katy, though would it be safe to say that they're probably not going to have any clothes on when we find them," Sophia offered up with a slightly excited but also unsure expression as she sat down and folded her hands on top of her own bulbous stomach, her own due date just a couple of short months away.

"What makes you say that," Joss wondered aloud looking more than a bit confused at the Greek woman's words before she yawned deeply.

"Well…didn't Ron remember to pack the Global Justice special sleeping bags for them," Selina said softly while deep in thought as she ran her finger down a list of special Global Justice inventions that Kim still received as the former head of the organization.

"Are those the ones that can keep you all nice and toasty warm even underneath an avalanche," Hope questioned aloud with a curious look to her as she wiped some lint off of the front of her pant leg.

"Last I checked yeah, I remember helping Ron test them out, we went to one of those ice hotels and spent the whole weekend in bed, gotta tell you the few trips to the bathroom were an adventure, I don't think that my nipples have ever been that hard," Zhalia explained with a nostalgic edge to her words as it was clear that the memory was one that she liked and cherished.

"Her nipples probably weren't the only hard thing that weekend if ya…sorry Kim," Katarina started to joke with a dirty grin slicing across her lips before she caught Kim's glare and apologized.

"You don't know the half of it, surprised that I didn't come back pregnant with triplets with all of the sex that we…uh, where is Ron by the way," Zhalia started to explain quickly with a very eager smile on her lips, as she looked almost genuinely disappointed at not being there with him, before her countenance darkened and she composed herself.

"He's in Los Angeles helping Britina with that new reality show of hers, Lacey wanted to go but Heather and the others really wanted her to go with them," Bonnie answered with an almost jealous tone to her words as she crossed her arms in front of her chest and shocked Zhalia that the brunette still looked as beautiful as ever despite her age.

"You mean they really wanted to have her all to themselves for a few days, girl will be naked in less than ten minutes with those three," Joss quipped with a sly grin, one that grew wider at the reactions of the women around her, as she then placed a quick and supportive kiss on Yori's cheek.

"Can you blame them, if that hot little piece of ass was…I mean that lovely young lady…maybe we should try and call Wade anyway, couldn't hurt to try right," Hope cut in, her gravely voice still as full as ever, as she gave Kim a weak smile before turning back to her console and looking up Wade's number.

"Maybe we should just go there ourselves…I know that we might just be getting in the way, but I can't stand her and just let them die, we'll take all of the precautions that we can…but we're going, you want to stop us then you're just going to have to slap some handcuffs on us and lock us up," Zhalia declared with a very certain and determined tone of voice as she set her jaw and awaited what she guessed would be Kim and Bonnie telling her no.

"Nyet, that won't work…you would just enjoy it to much…like you always do," Katarina pointed out with a bit of a snarky grin and tone to her words as she crossed her legs and leaned back a bit.

"It is against my better judgment but I will allow it, just know Z that if you run into any trouble it's highly unlikely that we'll be able to give you any assistance," Kim calmly said softly with a slightly defeated slumping of her shoulders as she knew that she couldn't stop the Egyptian without a superhuman effort.

"I understand Kim, I wouldn't be volunteering if I didn't understand the risks," Zhalia replied softly with what she hoped was a confidant look to her and that she knew what she was going to do and that others would get behind her.

"Okay then I'm going with her, and don't give me that look Katy, someone has to make sure that she stays safe," Trish said with a worried look in her eyes and tone to her voice as she walked into the room and laid a hand on Zhalia's shoulder.

"Alright, but at least take Jessica with you in case one of them is injured," Kim grumbled back softly as she decided that she was not in any position to deny them the opportunity to save those that they love.

"Let's just hope that her knowledge isn't needed okay," Joss chimed in with a worried look in her eyes, as she'd taken the young former babysitter under her wing a great deal and was worried about her.

"I'll be the judge of that kid, just make sure to help Kim if and when she needs it…I'm going to make sure that Zhalia and Trish actually look for Lacey and the others instead of finding some out of the way spot to fuck each other silly until it's to late," Bonnie interjected as she stepped up in front of everyone in the room and addressed them all with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"Great, this means I've got to sit in the back again…damn bitch always has to drive," Trish began to grumble out softly under her breath with a clear look of disappointment to her otherwise beautiful features before Bonnie lightly cuffed her on the back of the head.

"Damn right you're getting the back seat, and just for that you have to go commando on this mission, and I'm going to make sure that you get what's coming to you," Bonnie declared with a very stern frown before she used one arm to pull the pink haired former pop star into a breath sucking kiss, leaving the younger woman a little dizzy.

"In that case Bonnie take Holly and few more with you, enough to make sure that you don't miss anything," Kim announced sternly before she gave Bonnie a quick hug and then left the room, not wanting the others to see the toll that worrying about the women was taking on her.


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