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The Trail Leading Up To The Trashed Cabin

She cursed herself for how far she'd let her love for others take her. Try as she might she couldn't figure out a plan of attack for keeping out the cold. At her side Trish looked like she was more ready for a party than a rescue attempt. If it were possible her snowsuit seemed to be a brighter pink than her hair, and she had just been to the salon. Bonnie had never been a fan of the cold unless she could use it to her advantage, using its effects on certain parts of her anatomy in her attempts to woo Ron and the others, and keeping the others at her side so that they could keep each other warm. Jessica was spending her time going through a checklist of their supplies with Holly's help while Zhalia looked more than apprehensive about spending so much time in the cold.

"Don't worry about it dear, you'll get through this alright, I'll make sure of it," Bonnie remarked softly with a supportive tone to her words and warm smile on her lips before she leaned over and gave the Egyptian a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I'm okay really, I'm just not that fond of winter…for any other reasons beside its physical affects on the twins…yours and mine, but this isn't the time for that, even though Trish isn't exactly making it easy with that skintight suit of hers," Zhalia replied with a soft wave of her hand and warm smile, as inwardly she really wanted to pull the still beautiful brunette back into more than a kiss but knew why they were there and that her lustful thoughts could wait, or so she hoped.

"Hey…nobody said that I couldn't look good while trying to find Lacey and the others," Trish remarked back, more than a bit under her breath so that the driver didn't hear her, as she sat back down in a bit of a huff and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"True, but Zhalia is correct about your outfit Trish, did you have to find the tightest snowsuit that they had…scratch that, what am I saying…of course you did," Jessica added softly with a roll of her eyes in Trish's general direction before she squeezed her eyes shut and shook her head slowly from side to side.

"See, you do know me…and here I was thinking that you were all boobs and no brains," Trish answered with a bit of an impatient and snarky smirk curling up the edges of her lips as her gaze started off at the blonde nurses still twinkling eyes before dropping down to her still formidable chest.

"I believe that I proved that I was more than the sum of my physical parts years ago Trish, Ron always saw me as more than that…Ron and Kim and Bonnie and definitely Hope…not that she didn't like the upgrade, but right now I need to know that you're ready to get your hands dirty, if I see you taking it easy because you don't want to get your outfit dirty I," Jessica calmly replied, holding back a bit of anger in her words at the pink haired songstress' own before the latter's smile dimmed and she seemed resigned to her fate.

"Good, because that avalanche could have picked up the cabin and moved it almost anywhere, and that's taking for granted that it didn't just bury it up under like a mile of snow or something crazy like that, if that happened then we're screwed," Bonnie pointed out with a serious look in her eyes as inwardly she was hoping and praying that her guess was dead wrong.

"Yeah, and not in a good way, we wouldn't by any chance have a satellite lock on them with g. p.s. or something like Kim used to do with Ron, that'd make things a whole lot easier," Zhalia seriously grumped with an impatient and fearful expression before her countenance changed completely and she looked suddenly hopeful, but with a slightly darker edge.

"Sorry Z…but they had a meeting about that years ago right, they decided that it wouldn't be right to low-jack everyone, they agreed that they needed to actually trust each other…novel concept for someone like you I know but," Trish replied with a slightly impish smile as she leaned back in her seat a bit and reached over and lightly patted Zhalia on the shoulder.

"Novel concept my ass pinky, I lived my entire life under someone's watchful eye…for my own protection, until I met and fell in love with Ron and you all, I learned what true freedom was for the first time…so yes, I fully understand why they agreed not to track everyone, but that doesn't really help us right now does it," Zhalia countered sternly as she remembered her earlier days of being followed around everywhere she went by her father's security guards, at times they'd even sent female guards into public bathrooms with her.

"Usually that would be true Zhalia, but this time given the possibility that something like an avalanche could happen we had Heather and Martha take a transponder with them, now we just have to hope that they remembered to turn it on when they got to the cabin," Jessica said softly with a fearfully hopeful look in her eyes and tone to her words as she looked up from her notes that she had been working on with Holly.

"To bad we couldn't just track the whole cabin like that, then we'd be there in an instant and save the day," Holly remarked suddenly, after having stayed mostly silent for much of the trip, as she lightly leaned her head onto Jessica's shoulder, doing it partially in the hopes of getting some of the blonde's body heat.

"We did that and already checked, the signal is coming from the same spot that it's always been, though unfortunately we've already had the rangers look for it, all they found was part of the foundation…and the locator, so it's no help to us," Bonnie remarked somberly as she cast her gaze down at her feet briefly before returning it out of the front window past the driver.

"So we're going to use that spot as a starting point for our search, we'll fan out when we get there and each take a section of the mountain and look…hopefully we find them sooner rather than later," Holly added with a scared smile before she silently wished that she was back at home in bed or in the shower with Jessica and some of the other women.

1111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111 11111111111111

The House-The Bedroom

"Kim…you really should come and eat something honey, you need to keep your strength up," Tara whispered softly from the doorway, her voice full of genuine concern, as she caught sight of Kim sitting calmly on the bed, somberly staring out of the window.

"I'm okay Tara…really, Yori brought me something earlier…she tried to get me to go for a walk," Kim softly answered with a warm but tired and weary smirk brightening up her features before she was interrupted.

"Possible-san did not take me up on my offer," Yori commented from her spot directly across from Kim, sitting in Kim's favorite chair, her highly embroidered bathrobe wrapped snuggly around her still vibrant frame and one of Ron's vintage hat perched on top of her head so that the former cheerleader could only barely see her eyes. As Tara's eyes adjusted to the dim light of the room she caught sight of a small tray of food that Yori had obviously tried to get Kim to eat sometime earlier.

"Heh…yeah, our Kimmie Cub can be quite stubborn when she puts her mind to it now can't she," Tara said with a little laugh as she fully entered the room and shut the door behind her before she sat down on the bed beside Kim, giving Yori a warm smile of greeting along the way.

"Kimmie Cub…my mom use to call me that before she…sorry Tara it's not going to work on me this time, I'm just not very hungry, I never could really eat when Ron and Bonnie were off on a mission together, guess I don't have much of an appetite when someone that I love is in danger," Kim joked out softly at first before her countenance went from some small amount of mirth to some amount of concern before she glanced out the window.

"You could always just be jealous you know, a mega-hottie like Bonnie getting all that time alone with Ron…knowing our Bon-Bon she was probably naked before the plane even left the ground, those two probably couldn't have kept their hands off of each other back then," Tara started to reply with a joking little smile as she edged closer to Kim on the bed before she to was interrupted.

"I thought that she hated that name and didn't want anybody to call her that," Sophia remarked from the doorway of the bathroom, looking like a disappointed child even though her still well built form was only clad in a towel that was looking like it was about to burst apart at the seams, from her stomach and breasts now being so large that Tara silently wondered why she even bothered with a towel, given that because of that the towel wasn't covering anything.

"What are you doing here," Tara demanded coldly with a less than impressed but slightly envious tone to her words as she glared back at the younger woman, secretly wishing that she could still rival her in looks even though the no longer blonde had never really been a stickler for looks.

"Trying to cheer Kim up a little…even if only for a little bit, we had a good start before I figured that her heart wasn't in it…so I took a nice long hot bath, try to get all of the kinks out…though I seem to still have one left in my neck, just about here…care to help a girl out," Sophia answered with a slight shrug of her shoulders and sweet little smile pursing her lips as she looked straight at Tara.

"It's what I'm here for, but you're not the one that I'm worried about…I'm here for the redhead, first and foremost," Tara countered with a stern but not angry furrowing of her brows as she scooted even closer to Kim and wrapped her arms around her, pulling her close.

"Ah nuts…thought you'd say that, ah well maybe Dani's still up, she'll know how to get this kink out of my neck," Sophia grouched back sadly before her shoulders slumped forward and downwards noticeably as she started to head for the door.

"I'm sorry dear…I just wasn't in the mood, how about a rain-check for after the blessed event, I promise you that you won't be disappointed," Kim called out softly over her shoulder with a warm smile as she genuinely didn't like to make the much younger woman unhappy.

"I'll take you up on that Possible," Sophia started to reply, while heading out of the room, before she felt her baby give a good hard kick, causing her to grimace a bit and lay a hand on her stomach just out of sight of Kim and Tara.

1111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111

The Mountain-Hours Later

"You sure she's even human," Holly wondered aloud with a slightly scared look on her face as she watched Lacey wolf down a plate of mashed potatoes and chicken.

"Leave her be Holly, she hasn't eaten in hours and the others probably took advantage of her and passed them back and forth between them," Jessica said softly with a concerned tone to her words as she sat down in a chair across the table from the former babysitter.

"We did nothing of the sort…mostly, most of the time we were to busy trying not to die," Vanessa added with an impatient scowl before she breathed on her cup of hot chocolate and tried to soak in the warmth from it.

"Hmpf…a likely story…tell me another one," Trish grumbled unhappily before wincing in pain as she sat sullenly on the couch on the far side of the room. The pink haired former singer had awkwardly stepped in a hole and sprained her ankle.

"Easy honey, take a few deep breaths and try to relax a little, otherwise you'll burst that pretty little face of yours," Zhalia cautioned with genuine concern in her words as she leaned over and put one hand on Trish's shoulder before using the other to reach out and unzip her suit far enough to allow a fair amount of cleavage to show.

"Uh Z…was that really necessary, I mean I'm as happy as the next girl to get a good look at Trish's twins but is now really the time, she has a sprained ankle, you should have been giving her some aspirin or something to help her," Jessica softly snapped with an impatient roll of her eyes before she let out a sigh and used both hands to try to rub some of the sleep from her eyes.

"When isn't a good time, we're supposed to be celebrating aren't we, we saved them so let's have a good time already," Zhalia shot back with a slightly indignant expression and her hands on her hips as she started to glare over at the former blonde before Trish surprised her by pulling her into a full liplock.

"Z's right Jess, sure I could use something for this headache, but a kiss from Zhalia is what I call some good medicine," Trish countered back softly after breaking the kiss with the Egyptian, smiling sweetly at the former nurse.

"You wanna do some doctoring I don't think that I got the splinter out of my finger from when I used that old axe to break through the cabin's bedroom door, care to take a look love," Zhalia wondered aloud with a slightly in pain expression darkening her features for a bit as she walked up to Jessica and held her finger up, allowing the former nurse to scrutinize her finger. For her part Zhalia was torn between closely watching Jessica's every action and keeping her gaze from the old blonde's still formidable bust.

"Hmm…yes, there does appear to be a small splinter still in your finger, were I Eve I would probably try to just suck it out…that woman's tongue," Jessica started to answer with a slight smirk curling up the edges of her lips before she turned to Holly as the brunette spoke up.

"Ugh…let's not bring her into this, that woman has no sense of privacy," Holly grumbled impatiently and a rolling of her eyes as she crossed her arms in front of her sizeable chest and slightly turned away.

"You do know that we live in a bloody cathouse…there's so many of us that I'm surprised that we even try to have a little privacy," Heather remarked from the doorway as she walked in wrapping a towel around her wet hair while clad in only a plush bathrobe.

"Just because there's a lot of us doesn't mean that we shouldn't at least try to have a little privacy Heather, just because I love all of you doesn't mean that I want you in my pants twenty four seven," Lacey added with a nervous little grin as she peeked out from behind Heather, a towel wrapped around her head and one wrapped around her body, being just long enough to cover her crotch.

"Really…because back in the shower you seemed to like it when I," Martha started to wonder aloud with a curious and slightly put out expression as she followed the two into the room, trying to use a towel to begin to dry her hair.

"Girl would you just stop for a second and remember that we're not at home, you can't just walk around with your robe open like that," Vanessa exclaimed loudly as she almost ran down the hallway, the sides of her own bathrobe flapping so violently due to her strides that some people glancing out of their rooms were getting quite an eyeful, before she got to the doorway and stopped to try and catch her breath.

"Vanessa, next time could you please try and remember to refrain from running down the hallway like that again…your bathrobe is hanging on by a thread…and Martha, would you please be so kind as to close your robe, at least until you shut the door and come over here and sit on momma's lap…now," Bonnie said softly at first with a warm tone to her words before it changed to a more commanding edge as Bonnie leaned back in her seat on the couch and pointed at her lap.

"But…I," Martha started to mumble back in reply with a slightly unsure and scared look to her before Bonnie loudly cleared her throat, earning her a slight yelp from the nurse before she hurried over and sat down on Bonnie's lap.

"Somebody's gonna get a spanking," Vanessa joked with a sly grin on her face as she straightened up and walked into the room, shutting and locking the door behind her.

"She ain't the only one," Heather continued with a sultry little laugh before she grabbed a surprised Lacey by the wrist and pulled her over to an open chair.

"Whoa…hey now, what are you…ow…stop it," Lacey shouted out loud as she briefly fought against the former flight attendant but failed as the older woman pulled the blonde down across her lap and hiked up her robe until her bare backside was showing. Before Bonnie could say anything Heather had begun to spank the former babysitter rather vigorously, though seemingly not with the intention of causing actual long lasting pain.

"Man…that ass is going to be mighty red in the morning," Vanessa started to joke with an almost envious edge to her words before Bonnie cut in.

"Probably…though I highly doubt that there'll be a short supply of ladies volunteering to give her some tender loving care, but don't worry my name won't be on that list, mostly because I've already got my entertainment for tonight," Bonnie said with a calm and measured tone as she pulled apart Martha's robe until the nurses more than ample breasts were bared.

"Uh oh…uh H…Heather, a little help here," Martha stuttered out with a very nervous and slightly scared look to her as she started to tense her body against whatever Bonnie was going to do to her before the former fashion model pinched both of the nurses nipples in between her index fingers and thumbs.

"Why…Bonnie looks like she has everything perfectly under control," Heather joked with an amused little laugh before she sat down on the couch next to Trish, who didn't seem upset by the company.

"Guess that means we can really get this party started…uh…so to speak, heh," Holly remarked softly under her breath before she laughed a little as she popped the top off of a rather large bottle of champagne.


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