Warning: This story has a little rape content (not much, and there is NO detail). The rape is useful for the plot and for the development of Sam's profession.

Michael was aged to fifteen in this story for plot purposes.

Chapter 1

Samantha McCall never expected to fall in love with only one sight. But now she knew what love at first sight was. Sitting by the table right outside of Kelly's diner, Samantha sipped a sip of her hot coffee while the wind blew at her hair and face. Her deep red leather jacked clung close to her body protecting it from the wild wind and the coolness that was approaching. It was way too cold to be late August, even for New York. The North Carolina girl nearly shivered as the wind blew again ripping past her spine. The sun was setting and the clouds were coming out. The clouds threatened, foretelling her of rain and she knew she must stand and go home to her new apartment which was on another part of town. But Sam didn't want to leave.

Her long black hair fluttered in the wind as she took another sip and watched as the people passed by. She was new in town and no one was a recognizable face. Tomorrow will be her first day of work and she felt nervous for it. She had already heard the case she'll be working on will be one of the hardest she could ever work on. She viewed the file and sure enough she wanted to run for the woods. The thought of failure crossed her mind but she refused to give into her doubts. She refused to think of getting fired and going back to North Carolina, she'd never go back.

All of her friends back in NC thought she came to Port Charles for a work offer, but that was all a lie. She came to find her sister. Samantha had always believed she was the daughter of the McCall family, until one day her mother told her she was adopted. A chill of hope and fear ran past her as she thought of finding her sister. How did they even know there was a sister? She took another sip of the coffee and got lost in her thoughts. It wasn't every day you come to a new city to find a family member you had never known about.

People passed past her but Sam didn't notice. A drop of rain fell on her deep red leather jacket and slid down the nonabsorbent fabric.

"It's starting to rain,"a blonde woman said as she walked quickly towards the little diner. "I'm gonna get all wet."

"Don't worry, I'll protect you from the evil rain," joked a tall blond man next to her. He wrapped his arm around the woman's shoulders and they both went inside. Sam's eyes filled with sadness as she thought of another reason she could never go back, the pain of lost love. She watched the couple walking through the door and a stab of jealously took her mind, but it was too early for her to date. Sam know she wasn't over the man she lost, she wasn't sure she ever will be over him. She knew he'd wish her to go on, but the fear of loving and losing again was too strong.

Alone in the approaching rain, Sam sat sadly looking at her cup of coffee. It was almost empty but she didn't want to finish it so soon, she didn't want to have a reason to go home. Home, so lonely and empty. Sadness filled her inside.

The door to the diner opened and two men walked out. One of them was a short Hispanic man whom she recognized from the newspaper while the other one was tall with dirty blond hair. She stared up at the tall one, he was hot. This is no time to be thinking of men, she thought as she tilted her head down. Tempted to look up, she felt heat around her.

"Yeah, I'll do it, Sonny," the tall man said as they walked past her. Sam looked up at the man as he walked away, she admired the way his butt looked in those jeans he was wearing. Sonny? Was that the name she saw in the newspaper? Or did she hear that name somewhere else? Sam wondered but knew an answer wouldn't matter much, it was the tall me she really admired.

With all her strength, Samantha pulled herself up and walked out into the rain.


The bright sun shined into her office as Sam opened the blinds. It was a new day and a fresh time in her life. A time where she felt she could start over. Her mind traveled back to the life she had in North Carolina. The sadness and the pain. Samantha took a seat at her desk and pulled out a picture from her purse. She stared down at the photo as a tear slid down her face. A knock on the door disturbed her silence and she wiped the tear away. "Come in!" she said as she slipped the photo back into her purse.

The door opened and a skinny 15 year-old girl appeared at the door. "Dr. McCall, your 9 o'clock is here."

"Thank you, Molly, let him in," she said and dismissed the young girl. Molly Arnolds was a high school student who was working off her community service hours for her graduation so she wouldn't have to do it her senior year. The girl left the room and a tall 15 year old boy walked in. He had sleek red hair and freckles. The boy threw himself on a leather couch and ignored her eyes.

Sam pulled out a file from her desk and opened it, taking a yellow pad from it she started to write. She glanced up at the boy, "Okay, tell me what happened when you were 8."

"It's not like you care," the boy shot back at her, anger in his voice.

Sam saw that this will be a hard case and jumped to another, more easier question. "What is your name?"

The red-haired boy looked up at her. "Are you that stupid not to be able to read it on your file?"

A shot of anger hit Sam, as well as amusment. She had always worked with troubled kids but this one was very disrespectful. She wanted to call him mother and tell her to smack some sense into him, but she knew from his attitude that he was too far gone to care. "I'll ask you again," she said in a calm, yet firm tone, "what is your name?"

The boy sat quietly and turned his head when he heard a knock on the door. Sam threw her pen on the desk and yelled, "Come in!"

The door swung open and Molly walked into the room. "Sorry for the interruption, Dr. McCall," Molly said as she walked closer to the desk and handed Sam some papers. "This just came in today."

"Thank you," Sam said as she took the files for her other case and shoved them in the desk. She sat up and watched the boy as he looked at Molly. His face reddened a few shades and his aloof position was now tense and nervous. Molly turned, walkingout the door, and Sam saw the boy smile at her, giving her a devilish grin, trying to show off how cool and in control hewas but Sam noticed shyness in him. Molly snuck out the door and the boy turned his attention to Sam. "You like her don't you?" Sam smiled.

"She's 'aight," the boy said and leaned back further onto the couch.

"I'd prefer more proper English," she said as she wrote something. "Now what is your name?"

The boy shifted a little in his seat. "Michael Corrinthos."

Sam knew they were making progress, the boy wasn't ignoring her anymore. She wrote somethings on the yellow pad and looked back up at Michael. "So tell me what happened when you were 8?"

"I don't wanna talk about it," he shot back at the speed of light. His body became tense and anger spiked in his voice. Anger, hate and regret, maybe?

Sam knew she had to take a different approach. On her yellow pad, she scribbled a few sentences and looked up at him "Tell me about your father."

"He's a cool guy," Michael said, leaning forward and placing his elbows on his lap, interlocking his hands and fingers together. "I love my father, he cares for me and treats me like an adult, despite his anger problems which surface if you get him pissed enough."

"And do you get him pissed enough?"

"Yeah, like all the fucking time. That's why I'm here, cause I fucking piss the shit out of him everyday and now he wants me to straighten up."

Sam knew she was making progress with the boy. "Now tell me about your other father, you're biological father."

The boy get tense again and anger burned in his eyes. "I don't wanna talk about him. He's dead and that's the end of it."

"How did he die?"

Michael stood up from the couch. "He was fuckin' murdered!" he shouted and left the office.

Sam felt like she failed, her biggest fear was coming closer, she hated failing and didn't take it lightly. Getting to her feet, she walked around and out of the office. Molly was sitting by a small desk and doing her high school homework. "Have you seen the red headed boy running out of here?"

Molly looked up from her studies and smiled at Sam "Yeah, he ran full speed in that direction." She pointed to the right and Sam started walking in that direction. She managed her way outside and looked around the parking lot.

"Lookin' for me?" a voice sounded behind her and Sam turned around to face Michael Corrinthos. He was leaning against the side of a black Mercedes. "Sorry I had to bail on you. It's just that I don't want to have to fucking answer everyone's questions."

"Answering questions will help you deal with your issues," Sam informed him.

"I'm dealing my own way, I don't need nobody else's way to deal with my fucking shit."

"Michael, apologize to this nice lady right now!" a man behind her shouted firmly causing Sam to turn around. The man she saw last night outside the diner was starring back at her. Sam's pulse began to beat faster as she stared into his blue eyes. "I'm sorry for his behavior," the man said, "He needs a lot of help."

"No I don't, I just need everyone off my fucking back," Michael said and climbed into the car. "Let's go, Jay."

"And stop calling me Jay," the man said to Michael, it looked like he was at the end of his rope with that boy. The man turned to Sam and smiled. He extended his hand. "I'm Jason Morgan, Michael is my best friend's kid."

"Samantha McCall." Sam shook his hand. "And we only let children go home with parents or legal guardians."

"Sonny, Michael's father, has arranged it that I could pick him up," Jason said and smiled at her.

Sam admired how firm and in control Jason was about the situation. "Yes, I remember reading that in his file. You can take him."

Sam felt the man's attraction towards her, and she couldn't deny feeling the same thing, but it was too early for her to feel. She stared at Jason, unsure of what to say to get him to leave.

Jason looked at the doctor and felt an attraction, he admired her looks and he wasn't the type to let a good think slip by. "Hey, you look like you're new in town."

"I just moved here a week ago," Sam said, afraid of what he might ask next, she wasn't sure she could resist.

"Maybe I could show you around town sometime."

Sam knew she should say no, "Yeah, that would be nice." Her own answer surprised her.


It was late and the mental health offices were all closed. Molly Arnolds walked through the park to get to her home. An eery feeling filler her senses and she knew something will go wrong. Her parents never gave her the time of day and she didn't want to go home, but there was nowhere else she could go. She thought of the boy she was at Dr. McCall's office. The red-headed guy who had a huge attitude. Molly knew he was the biggest jerk on earth but she couldn't get his face out her mind, he wasn't even that great looking, but there was something about him, something she liked.

A step cracked behind her and Molly turned around. The sight ofa dark haired man lurked at her and she felt fear rushing up and down her body. She knew the man and was scared off him "What are you going?" her voice shook as she had asked it.

"I'm just making sure you get home fine," the man smiled and she felt an urge to run away.

"Please leave me alone." She trembled.

"Now what kind of man would I be if I left a pretty young girl like you alone?" the question wasobviouslyrhetorical.

Molly turned to run and a large hand gripped her arm. "Let me go!"

"Never!" he shoved her to the ground, laying down on top of her, he pinned her, keeping her hostage.

"Noooo!" she screamed as he ripped off her shirt. She tried to stuggle with him, fight him, but he was too strong. The man ripped off her bra and squeezed her until her skin turned red. Molly felt her blood pumping faster and as heripped her pants, she dug her nails into his chest and scratched, fighting her way out of the situation. She turned her body towards the ground, digging her nails into the soil, she pulled herself out of his grip.

The man grabbed her ankle and pulled her closer, moving her body under his, he felt her fears and screams, but her screaming didn't bother him, it pleased him. He loved torturing. The man stuck his penis inside her, moving fast he broke the sacred seal, Molly was a virgin, no more.