Summary: Loud, boisterous Naruto suddenly fall silent upon entering 9th grade. What caused it? Why do his closest friends treat him like nothing? Why won't he speak? Because of IT, because of THAT night. Naruto doesn't want to remember. Sometime it's safe to be inside your head...

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The next morning finds me sitting outside of my assigned guidance counselor's office. Apparently, a good chunk of my schedule is screwed up. How is it screwed up, I don't have the slightest clue, but I'm hoping that it means a change in classmates. But knowing my luck, it's not going to happen…at least not according to my wishes.

I sit there staring at my hands with my faded jeans as the backdrop, trying to avoid eye contact at all cost. Staff personnel trickle in and out, briefly touching upon my peripheral vision until a pair of sophisticated pointy shoes stops before me.

I glance upwards.

Lady: "Uzumaki Naruto?"

I guess this is my guidance counselor? I nod in response.

Lady: "Follow me."

She goes on ahead without waiting to see if I was going to follow or not. Obviously, I obediently trail behind her to her office.

And I am out of her office in five minutes--way less than the hour long wait to see her. But I figured as much. They don't really care. It's just like the First Ten Lies. Pretty damn true.

Anyways, since I'm following the new schedule, it looks like I completely missed English and about 15 minutes of History.


I recheck the paper to unconfirm my growing suspicion on the teacher and slightly frown. Orochimaru-sensei is still teaching it this period. I can only hope he does not assign me the hot-seat.

Just like with everything else, nothing goes my way. You see, beside the fact that the teacher did not forget my face or getting the same seat, nearly everyone here came from my previous school.

Unfortunately, Algebra rolls around and I find that my ex-best friend is still present. I mentally cringe as I slump into my seat in the back corner of the classroom. She gave me the iciest glare anyone ever gave me. More so than Pretty Boy's. And that was saying something.

I figured she would have it fifth period, but I guess not…

Health class didn't change. The Lazy Asses continue to give me the silent treatment. But that's nothing new. Everyone's been doing the same thing to me all day—more or less anyways. It still hurts but what can I do?

In their eyes, I did the crime and now I pay for it...

Fortunately for me, I actually remembered to grab an apple along with crackers on the way to the bus stop. So all I need now is my POWERade. I pull them out of my pockets and drop them on my lap.

"Mind if I eat with you again?" For some strange reason, Haku decides to sit outside with me for Lunch again. I would have thought for sure that The Top would have Accepted him already.

Ah, but I'm presuming things, aren't I?

I shake my head and watch him take a seat beside me. He brought another 'School lunch sucks, so I packed my own' brown bag. And it looks stuffed compare to yesterdays. Maybe he packed it for that person he wanted to be with? I frown when a pang lances through me.

I guess Haku interpreted the frown as dismay for lack of food on my part since I was staring at the bag, and offers me a yogurt drink. A strawberry and banana flavor. "Here."

Me: "...No thanks." My first Card of Speaking today. And it is during Lunch too. Only four more periods and I'm done for the day. I think I can make it.

Haku: "Too bad. You're getting it anyways." He smiles with a soft chuckle and begins eating a sandwich after placing the drink beside me.

Blinking for a moment, I didn't understand where this random act of kindness of his came from. Haku should have heard from the rumors and gossips by now. He should have be one of The Tops and laugh and ridicule me. But why isn't he? I don't get it.

My blinking is lost on Haku and so I turn them to stare at the canal.

Me: "...Thank you." I begin nibbling on my crackers.

Haku: "Haha, none at all. Say, do you still have Gym next?" He already finished his sandwich and is now working on peeling an orange.

I rummage through my cargo pockets for the crumpled schedule. Once I found it, I unravel it and attempt to smooth it out. I then shake my head after looking at it,

Me: "I have Chemistry." Again, for some inexplicable reason another pang shot through me. Why do I feel this? Is it sadness for not having class with Haku? It doesn't make sense. I've only known him for much less than a day. Before I could dwell on the thought any further, Haku surprise me yet again.

Haku: "Me, too. With Ebisu-sensei, right?"

A sudden looming presence that is originating somewhere behind Haku, stops me from answering him. It feels eerily familiar to the point that the hair on my neck are prickling. My heart rate starts to quicken against my will. Why is my body involuntarily acting like this? It's beginning to annoy me. I turn my eyes to focus solely on the red apple on my lap.

Haku: "Ah. Sasuke-kun. You have Lunch this period, too?"

Sasuke: "...Yeah."

Haku: "I don't suppose you have Chemistry with Ebisu-sensei?"

Sasuke: "...Yeah. And every other day starting tomorrow I have gym with Zabuza-sensei."

Haku: "Haha, I guess we'll be seeing each other then. Ah, Naruto-kun? Where are you going?"

I can tell just by his voice that he is confused by my action. I had just risen to my feet after discreetly pocketing the yogurt drink in my cargo pocket and holding onto the apple. I feel another set of eyes on me; the same pair of eyes that stopped me from talking earlier. They rake over my being in a bored-like fashion. It probably belongs to this Sasuke that Haku is acquainted with.

I didn't reply right away though, just staring at the canal for a moment as I munch on the apple before turning around to face the cafeteria. I'm nearly done with the fruit now.

Me: "Trash and POWERade."

Right when I said that, the bell rings. And without waiting for a reply of sorts, I left ahead.

I'm not sure what the deities above are trying to say to me. Do they want to see me suffer for my wrong doings or something?

I take my preferred seat in Chemistry in the back, knowing full-well no one else will sit next to me and proceed to stare at the desk, ignoring all those around me until the teacher announces that we are to have assigned seats. I mentally groan.

Teacher: "...Haku..."

Huh? Haku is in this class too? I briefly look over his way and he greets me with a small wave and smile. I blink and my cast my gaze downward. Everything else is then tuned out until the teacher nears my letter.

Teacher: "...Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto..."

My eyes involuntarily shot up to the teacher and immediately return to the floor as I trudge my way to the seat. So this is Ebisu-sensei, huh?

...Lovely. Freaking lovely.

"Alright, the person you are sitting with will be your lab partner for the year. Get acquainted."

I'm pretty sure I said that I have the best luck in the universe. I mean, I stiffly but casually glance over at my unlucky lab partner who apparently is friends with Haku. He glance over at me the same time I did.

And you know what?

He's the freaking Pretty Boy.

Like I said before, nothing ever goes my way.