Baba Yaga's Curse: Friction with the machine


A long time ago in a universe far far away Ranma Saotome lived his regular life and did many things, but one day Ryouga came to him with a special blessing from a powerful witch named Baba Yaga.

That blessing first sent Ranma and Ryouga to world where Queen Serenity was the ruler of an evil Moon Empire and an Alternate Version of Ranma had been born female and was the Senshi of the Sun. It turned out that Ranma herself was able to use the solar henshin rod and when she did so she was given the entire set of the previous Guardian of the Sun, including her death at the hands of Queen Serenity and the inner senshi.

Soon after that Ranma and Ryouga joined forces with that universes version of Beryl and ended up killing Serenity and destroying the evil Moon Empire.

The two boys were briefly separated with Ryouga taken in by Count Dooku and training in the dark side while Ranma briefly visited an alternate version of Nerima and faced down a predator before he ended up freeing Ryouga from Dooku, then later they end up fighting with the Jedi against Darth Vader and Palpatine. Ending their time in that world with Palpatine's death.

On another world they became entwined with the lives of the Sailor Senshi once again. However the two ended up on somewhat different sides in the conflict. Ryouga was more than willing to work with and help the Senshi, but Ranma's memories of the Moon Empire would not allow her to trust those people she had been fighting against.

Ranma thus went off and in doing so he saved Hotaru from Kaolinite and then from the outer Senshi. The two ended up joining with that universe's version of Beryl as well and destroying Mistress Nine. But, in this world Nine was not the only servant of Paharoah 90. It turned out that yet another version of Ranma Saotome was living in this universe and had become a member of the Death Busters. It ended in a huge conflict with all parties involved and at the end of that a somewhat deranged Pluto dragged Sailor Sol off to be killed.

Saturn and Beryl, now Sailor Earth came and were able to rescue Sol from Pluto, but after that Baba Yaga came and tried to claim the Time Gates for herself. The Three couldn't allow that and so they ended up destroying the gates or did they?

Prologue – What has already happened.

Ranma woke up. He was male and lying on a bed, he could feel felt warmth on him and noticed that Beryl and Hotaru were also in bed with him and they were holding him close. In fact, as he looked closer he realized that they all were tangled together in a shabby medical bed mostly naked and in their civilian identities. He thought he could hear sounds like explosions and gunfire in the distance and so he gathered his courage. With a deep blush on his face he quickly, but carefully untangled from his friends so as not to wake them.

As he got out of the bed, the sounds of gunfire seemed to be coming closer. He found the light switch and a bare white bulb came on. There were five other beds in the room, but they all looked like they would fall apart at a touch. He approached what looked like a hastily erected metal door and then it burst open and a rugged-looking elderly lady came into the room. Her white hair was streaming behind her and she was holding an automatic weapon in her hands. She slammed the door behind her and said, "Good, you're up. The med team said it was just exhaustion."

The gun fire was coming closer and the lady said, "Alright, there is a hidden door in the north east corner of the room."

Ranma stared at her and she said, "Look, I'm Commander Sarah Conner and we don't have any time for chit chat. Get it in gear! Wake your wives and hurry it up! Skynet has located us!"

Ranma stammered and he used his English skills to say, "Uhm, you're confused–they aren't my wives."

"That doesn't matter. Just wake them and hurry it up! The terminators from Skynet are here and I have ordered a full retreat to Tango Base. Now come on hurry it up or you'll be dead! They could be here in this room at any moment!"

Ranma decided to listen to the lady and quickly roused his friends as the gunfire came closer and closer. They were both getting out of bed and moving towards the corner of the room when the sounds of a firefight came from outside the metal door and then there was a small explosion.

The explosion sent them all to the floor. He looked up from the floor and saw that the door had been blown down and was now on top of Commander Conner. Standing in archway was a metal man holding a black automatic weapon. Without hesitation, Ranma was off the floor and attacking with the Kinjin Rashu Dan. The vacuum blade traveled across the room, knocked the foe to the ground, and destroyed its weapon.

Ranma sighed in relief–and then saw the machine getting up. That was when he grasped onto the power of the Sun and transformed. Suddenly he was splashed by cold water and became female and then the magic of Sol surrounded her. She was garbed in elbow length white gloves and a bright yellow leotard with a red skirt, a spectacular yellow diamond tiara rested on her head and she was suddenly wearing a pair of red high heels. A pair of hot plasma wings appeared on her back and twin yellow and red bracers with the symbol of the sun appeared on her arms. The transformation had taken nano-seconds and when it was complete, she immediately jumped across the room next to the metallic man. She hit him with a plasma enhanced amaguriken until she melted it into slag.

Hotaru and Beryl had shouted their transformation phrases as well and so Sailor Saturn and Sailor Earth were lifting the heavy door off the elderly lady. They helped her to her feet as she stared at them with awe. "I couldn't believe it. When my son John was killed, I was sure we would lose. I was sure that his last message couldn't be true. After all who would believe that we could be saved by the Sun, Earth, and Saturn?"

Ranma saw confused looks on Hotaru and Beryl's faces and realized that they hadn't quite understood all of the English that Sarah was speaking. From her own escapades with her father training at U.S. military bases she had become more fluent than the average Japanese citizen. In fact she recalled many a sparring session with Sensei William Guile practically kicking English into her. So she looked back at Sarah and smiled. "It looks like your son was right, Commander Conner."

She bowed and said, "I would love to continue this conversation and introduce my friends, but I think you have a more serious issue right now so we will meet again after the battle."

With that thought she looked towards her friends and switched back to Japanese, "Come on girls, let's go see what these terminator things are made of."

She ran out of the room and towards the sounds of gunfire with Beryl and Hotaru close on her heels. The three entered the fray and destroyed the attacking machines turning what had been a rout and retreat into a victory. After the battle, Sarah Conner asked the three of them to come to her office.

The three were back in their civilian identities and walking towards the meeting when Beryl asked, "So Ranma, now that the evil Ranma Saotome is dead, will you be taking your old name back?"

Ranma smiled back at her and said, "No, I'm not that attached to it anymore. You can call me Ranma…" He paused for a moment and then continued, "Call me Ranma Taya." He smiled at that as they walked into the office and began their meeting with Sarah Conner. He had gained a new understanding with his memories of being Taya. No longer was Taya a separate personality, but instead she was a part and parcel of Ranma now. He also smiled he was feeling a strange new power washing through him. The power he felt was reminiscent of the chronological energy that had washed over the group and taken them to this place, but there was more to it. He investigated the energy within himself for a moment and found time slowing down around him. New and interesting avenues of discovery were opened to him, but as he sat in the seat he decided to leave more experimentation with the energy for later, and spoke once again. "Alright, I suppose we should start with introductions. I am Ranma Taya also known as Sailor Sol."

She pointed to Beryl and said, "This is Beryl also known as Sailor Terra." Beryl Smiled at Commander Conner and tried her own English. "Hello Commander Conner. Pleased I am to be you meeting."

Ranma tried to stifle a laugh and continued with the introductions pointing to Hotaru and saying, "This is Hotaru Tomoe also known as Sailor Saturn."

Hotaru didn't even try her English—she barely knew anything, so she simply nodded; Ranma continued, "We have come here from another place and time I think, but that doesn't really matter right now. From what I saw out there today fighting those machines I believe that we can and should help you. Perhaps you can explain your situation and I will translate for my friends."

Sarah looked at Ranma and said, "Skynet is a neural net based artificial intelligence. It was originally built by Cyberdyne Systems in 1999. It was given control over the U.S. strategic nuclear arsenal and programmed with a directive of defending the United States against all possible enemies. It started to learn at a geometrical rate, and soon concluded that the greatest threat is humanity itself. To neutralize this threat on August 29th, 1997, Skynet initiated a nuclear war between the United States, Russia, and China with the intent of killing as many humans as possible.

"Skynet gained access to several autonomous military drones and used them to round up survivors, who were forced to build automatic factories and robots that were better at construction than the military robots. Skynet then killed the human slaves or sent them to work on other projects. In the meantime it used the automated factories to rapidly design and produce newer and better machines until it controlled an extremely advanced empire centered in the state of Colorado. The very center of the empire is known as Sector Zero and it is located at the Cheyenne Mountain complex in the former location of NORAD.

"In the year 2029, while Skynet was winning the global man/machine war on a strategic level, a last-ditch offensive by my son Connor and his men was able to capture its time displacement device and destroy its primary Sector Zero mainframe. In order to prevent this defeat, Skynet sent a Terminator cyborg back in time to try to kill me before he was born and another back in time to kill him.

"John immediately followed on Skynet's heels and set to work on two missions that would fight back against Skynet's incursions in time. The first mission would send a man named Kyle Reese back in time to save me, and the second would send a reprogrammed Terminator back in time to save himself.

"Both missions were successful, but Skynet apparently had more than those two missions. We should have realized that fact when it was still able to recover and rebuild in less than a year, despite the destruction of Cyberdyne System's main labs and research in 1995. Then, just a few years ago, in 2025, my son was attacked by a newer, terminator. This was soon after we freed people from one of the North American plants. We were able to destroy the terminator, but it was too late. My son died in my arms and that was when he handed me the message. It said we would be saved by Sun, Earth and Saturn."

Ranma looked at Sarah and said, "So that's where we come in. Somehow we need to help you defeat Skynet and make sure that the two missions that your son created actually come to pass, but how can we do that?"

Commander Connor looked at Ranma and said, "I have no idea."

Something nudged Ranma's memories and he held up his transformation pen. He stared at the pen and saw the lines of her magical power within it and the idea came into his head. "How many people know your son is dead, and what did he look like?"

Sarah Pulled an old photo out and said, "Here's a picture. Not many people know the truth. Most of them think he is assisting at another base. Why?"

Ranma looked at the picture and whispered, "Solar Power Disguise."

Normally, the power of a Senshi disguise field could not transform a female into a male body, but because of Ranma's Jyusenkyou magic, it was able to complete its task. Sitting in the chair, the power of the sun brushed over Ranma like a warm summer breeze. His Chinese tangs became a more brilliant red and a bright yellow sun appeared on the center of them. The power of the sun then slowly morphed his features into those of John Conner and he said, "I think I just found a way to complete those missions."

Sarah stared at her son's face in stunned silence. She stared at a stranger wearing the form of her son and cried. Ranma said sheepishly, "I could change back."

"No!" Sarah looked at Ranma and with fierce determination said, "No, please don't let my emotions stop you. This is the best way to defeat the machines once and for all."

"Alright, fine where should we start first?"

Sarah pulled out a map of their position and told her new son about the small forces the humans currently had, and what they knew about the forces arrayed against them. As they discussed plans, Ranma touched his strange new temporal powers again and wondered if his friends had them as well. He wondered what the powers were capable of and then realized that he would soon find out. Baba Yaga's quests were over and the three Senshi were in a new battle now. They had four years to rescue and assemble the rest of the remnants of humanity and then launch an all out offensive on the Sector Zero main frame.