Ranma sat in a room with Beryl and Hotaru he was sipping a glass of water after taking a few pills for what had become a screaming headache. It was only a week or two after their victory over Ba'al and the Jaffa nation was free. Or at least it was in theory, but reality sometimes made messes of things that ought to be simple in theory. Huge numbers of Jaffa had overthrown their Gods and Goddesses and joined the cause of freedom. Ships were still coming to Dakara to pledge their loyalty to the Tria and the cause of freedom. Lord Yu and Amaterasu were off on their own planets with a single ship each and the few Jaffa still loyal to them. All in all it should have been a celebration for Ranma and his girls, but they were finding out the hard way that the fight for freedom was just the beginning.

Ever since they had destroyed Anubis and killed Ba'al the free Jaffa had been looking to them for leadership and a new pathway. Disputes came to them to be reconciled and desperate demands for aid and help also came their way. Thousands of people wanted them to basically answer their prayers and it was hard to say no, but they had finally started to do it. They had helped the Jaffa to form a parliament based on Ranma's scanty knowledge of Japan and information they had gleaned while in America.

The reason for Ranma's headache was that the very first thing the Jaffa Parliament had done was make the Tria the supreme commanders of all military forces and had tasked them with the job of creating a new and more fair code of military justice.

Ranma spoke softly saying, "Okay this thing is as good as it is going to get right girls?"

Beryl and Hotaru responded in the affirmative and Ranma said, "Good we'll send it to the Parliament and they can make any changes necessary." The red haired girl sighed softly and said, "So, all we need to do now is decide if this is what we really want."

Beryl responded saying, "It is not perfect, but at least we are together and we do have skill in commanding an army."

Hotaru added, "Besides we aren't even sure if we can use the Time Gate to travel to another universe and even if we could I am sure finding the one we came from would be a rather difficult endeavor."

Ranma nodded and said, "Yeah, but that witch is still out there. I don't like the idea of sitting around and waiting for her ta send some new threat at us like she did with Ba'al. A second slower and who knows what that machine could have done."

Berly nods and stands with her pink hair flowing in her wake as she moves, "Yes, you are right Ranma now that we have helped the Jaffa and brought peace to this galaxy we must take our fight to its real source. We will have to tell the Parliament thank you for this honor, but no thank you and then go."

Hotaru stood as well and touched Beryl's shoulder saying, "Perhaps we should speak with the Time Gate first to find out if it is even possible to travel like that." After Hotaru finished speaking the three sent the newly formed code of military justice to the Jaffa parliament.

After that it did not take long before they were in the area of the Deimos where they had placed the Time Gate and listening as it spoke saying, "The connection with the system of Star Gates is deep and we can not travel across universal barriers without first severing that connection."

Ranma nodded and sais, "So how do we sever the connection then?"

The Time Gates responded saying, "We could stop time, but doing so always results in the discorporation of our guardian."

"I think we'll avoid that." Beryl answered testily. "What other options are there?"

"Calculations suggest that if you were to again come into contact with another device that was capable of time travel such as the one inside Amnar the connection would be forcefully severed and we would all be thrown into a random universe."

Hotaru replied simply, "The Asgard we recently assisted had a time dilation device, so it may be possible that they could create something like a time travel machine."

Ranma nodded and said, "Alright let's go speak to them…" she paused and added, "After we tell the Parliament that we will be leaving and I suppose exactly what we're doing."

It took a few days before they were able to stand up in front of the leaders of the Free Jaffa nation, but now they were there. The three girls looked on and as the most diplomatic of the group Beryl spoke saying, "We have happily served the cause of freedom for all Jaffa and gladly agreed to help write the new code of military justice that you have just instituted, but we must decline a position as supreme commanders of your military forces."

A female Jaffa stands up and says, "Why? You are not planning to leave us now Tria? We still need so much."

A black skinned Jaffa with no hair and a thin black mustache stands up as well and says, "Indeed Ka'lel, the Tria has been very significant in helping us set up democracy and freedom for all Jaffa…"

The room goes wild with objections and conjecture until the man speaks again saying, "Quiet! If we are to be true to the ideals of freedom we must allow them to choose their path."

The woman looks sad and responds, "You are correct Gerak. We should not force the Tria to conform to our desires." She looks at her heroines and says, "What will you do then?"

Beryl responds saying, "We will be in communication if you need us, but we have our own pressing mission. This is an enemy of great power that will hound us forever if we do not take our battle to her. We are going to find a way to do that."

Questions exploded from the group and it took a few moments for Gerak to restore order and ensure that one question at a time was asked. Beryl took her time and answered each question diplomatically and with as much secrecy as she could, but it soon became obvious that the three members of the Tria would be taking the Deimos and speaking with the Asgard first. If that did not succeed they would seek out other worlds from their database and hope that they could find the item they were seeking. Once that was established there came the inevitable volunteering of ships, supplies and more to assist them in their quest. To avoid adding insult to injury the group ended up accepting a full crew for the Deimos, two fully crewed Ha'tak's and a group of 20 death gliders.

Just two ships from the Asgard fleet met the Deimos and its sister ships, but Ranma and her allies knew full well that without their Senshi powers the Deimos and her allies would be hard pressed to win against the other two ships. Of course there was not going to be a battle today. Instead the alien named Thor was speaking to them saying, "The time dilation device was the most powerful thing we created. It was not able to travel through time. I am sorry, but we are not capable of creating the technology ." The little gray man sighed slightly and then added, "In fact we were going to contact you in the hopes that your knowledge of the ancients might help us with our own problems due to genetic drift."

Beryl looked to the screen and suddenly an idea came to her. She stood and said, "It might be possible for us to assist you."

Ranma looked at her and she nodded back to the Red haired girl, then continued saying, "We can help, but you will have to help us as well."

Thor nodded and said, "What will you require."

Beryl smiled and said, "Just some information."

Soon afterward Thor and Freya sat with the group around a small table. Beryl spoke to them saying, "So, from what we understand about the time gate everyone agrees that having any Asgard go back in time will not be useful because of possible paradox."

The two aliens nodded and Beryl continued saying, "So that means the three of us will need to go through the Time Gate and speak with the ancients or Alterrans about any time travel devices they may have and then we can use some invisibility devices that you have in order to go to the Ancient Asgard and get samples that will help fix your problems with Genetic Drift."

The two aliens agreed and then Hotaru said, "The only problem is that the gate will not completely travel with us anymore. So we will have to travel to a place with a gate and then we will be unable to return to this time period unless we take a ship and restart the gate on Pluto again."

The gate spoke in their heads saying, "The gate in this universe was inactive at that time and such a paradox could potentially destroy it because of the lack of defensive systems."

"Why not just leave the Time Gate open?" Ranma asked with a confused look.

The others looked at him and the Asgard said, "The Star Gate may only be opened for a limited time, is it not the same with your Time gate?"

The gate replied in a negative and Ranma said, "Looks like that's not a problem for the Time Gate, so we can do that."

Beryl stated quickly, "But, then the planet will not have an access to the rest of the galaxy."

"Hmm," Ranma frowned, "I guess that wasn't such a good idea then."

Thor spoke saying, "Perhaps you could travel in a small ship designed to travel through a Star Gate as well as hyperspace? We could create one and equip it with a cloaking field as well."

"That would be great!" Ranma exclaimed, then added, "Thank you and I hope that what we bring back can save your race."

Thor nodded and said, "As do we all. We will meet again in a week and bring you the ship you will need."

"Wait, "Beryl said and stood up. She looked at the two Asgard and said, "You should take one of our Zero point modules with you so that you can place it in that ship…"

Thor and Freya looked at her and their large black eyes blinked simultaneously and Thor said, "You would allow us to have one of these devices knowing that we will study it for our own use?"

Ranma responded by saying, "You're building us a ship, we saved you from some replicators and from what we have heard and seen of you guys…" She paused and then shrugged as she said, "Well, honestly I'd rather trust you guys over nearly anyone else in this universe."

Beryl added, "Also there is the fact that if we stay here we may need to call on you for assistance another time."

A week later the Deimos and its sister ships were in orbit around a planet with a small indigenous population and a Star Gate. In side the Deimos Ranma, Beryl and Hotaru were admiring the small and sleek Asgard ship that was being piloted into the bay of their ship. The Asgard ship came to a stop and Thor stepped out as they continued to admire it and said, "We were unsure of the nature of your extra attacks, but did their best to analyze the video feed of your battle against the Replicators and duplicate the features on the Deimos on a smaller scale."

Ranma and the two others started to notive the little gray alien as he continued speaking, "The Zero Point module should ensure that the shield can hold against nearly any attack and it could go up to near half of the speed of light if necessary."

Beryl suddenly imagined the Deimos and didn't want to imagine what would happen if the ship went that fast and the three of them did not, so she said, "How are the inertial dampeners?"

The gray alien responded, "They should be more than adequate for your needs. They are rated for a cargo of up to ten thousand pounds."

Beryl blinked and Thor continued saying, "We did not add any weapon systems due to space limitations, however as I mentioned earlier we did attempt to replicate the features of the Deimos that we saw in battle."

Ranma said, "So does the canopy around the control area allow for shooting out from it?"

Thor looked at the girl and said, "In simplest terms you are correct." Ranma nodded and was about to ask about something else, but the alien decided to go on and explain exactly how the canopy shield system worked.

Luckily for Ranma their conversation had to end as Beryl and Hotaru were getting into the Asgard ship. Ranma took her leave and entered as well, and Thor called out, "Remember you are seeking to go back into the past millions of years and even with our vast database we could not get an exact date that you would need."

Ranma nodded and said, "So we may need to make a few trips. Let's see where this first one takes us and go from there. Gate send us back 4 million years."

The time gate responded to the commands of one of its three mistresses and the Asgard ship flew through it and to the other side.

A small spaceship flies over the top of clouds. As it reaches the edge of the clouds, a large star-shaped city on the ground comes into view, surrounded by a forcefield. Inside the city, a man and a woman dressed in futuristic-looking clothes stand at a window watching the ship approach, then turn and gaze at each other. Outside the window, the small ship bursts through the forcefield and comes in to land. The man and woman gaze at each other for a moment longer, then the man turns and walks away. The woman watches him go, a look of longing or loss on her face.

After a few moments she turns to look out of the window again. Behind her is an Ancient Control Chair, the same one that will be used by Jack O'Neill to help fight off Anubis's fleet. Outside, the city begins to rise into the air, leaving behind only the area that the woman is standing in. Once clear of the central area, engines kick in and the city shoots up into the sky.

In the city a technician is looking at his controls as they enter orbit, "My lady I am detecting a small vessel of Asgard design approaching. The shields are gone and it's life support system has been compromised."

"Bring them aboard and place the occupants in suspended animation we will bring them out once we reach the new galaxy and begin to populate it."

Unfortunately for the occupants of that ship they were not going to wake up for a very long time.

Millions of years in the future Daniel Jackson sat in the control Center of Atlantis wondering how it was that he ended up in control of the place. His mind answered the question for him. Civillian control and the UN after the full unveiling of the fact that aliens were alive and that the U.S. had been in contact with them the entire world had been up in arms and Dr. Weir had ended up in charge of the entire Star Gate project while he had been asked to go to Atlantis.

The opportunity of a lifetime had been basically handed to him and as a side bonus one of his best friends, Colonel Samantha Carter, was set as the leader for the military portion of the expedition.

He wondered for a moment if he would have taken the position had he known that arriving here would bring its own problems with a race known as the Wraith. He answered himself in the affirmative realizing that the only thing that might have prevented his coming to Atlantis was a new thread to Earth, but that hadn't happened and so here he was sitting at a large desk with Colonel Carter on his right, Major Sheppard to the left, Dr. McKay next to him, Lieutenant Ford next to the doctor, Dr. Becket next to him, Dr. Zelenka next to him and Teyla, a member of Major Shappard's team and a representative of the Athosians who were on base, as the last person at the table.

Daniel says, "Well we know for sure that at least three Wraith hive ships are coming now and we know when."

Major Sheppard said, "Well that's something."

Ford said, "I realise this might not be cool, but we should consider M7G-677."

Daniel replied, "No, it's a planet mostly filled with children and their only defense is that ZPM."

The Canadian Scientists said, "He does rais a valid point. We've already established that the ZedPM is nearly depleted, but it could be of some limited use to us."

Daniel replied, "Not enough. We need more than that and I won't endanger Children." He looked to Sam and said, "You got some sort of message from Earth earlier today. What is their status can they help?"

Colonel Carter shook her head and said, "We can't count on Earth for help. I just finished decoding a message they sent to us by opening the gate for 1.3 seconds and sending a burst transmission."

Sam hesitated and Daniel looked at her with concern. "What is it Sam. What's happening on Earth?"

Colonel Carter replied, "Well," she paused and everyone could tell that she was just barely holding her emotions in check as she said, "Well we recently received a very short burst transmission from Earth. A large black ship entered the Solar System and has been destroying planets one at a time. So far it has taken out Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter."

All of the people from earth stared at Sam for a moment the very idea that a ship could be destroying their solar system one planet at a time was horrifying, add to that their situation with the Wraith hives and things seemed fully lost. The blond haired Colonel continued her report saying, "They are hoping that the Weapon at Antarctica will stop the ship, but they have also assembled a combined fleet using Earth ships, Tokra, Jaffa and Asgard."

The room filled with Silence for a good number of minutes before Daniel said, "Okay, so that takes Earth off the list of options for helping us. " He looked to Sheppard and said, "Time to start thinking of evacuation plans. You and your team, except Dr. McCay are responsible for helping to set up a secondary outpost."

Sheppard nodded and Daniel looked to Sam and Rodney saying, "I want you two and every scientist on the base thinking of ideas we can use to fight the Wraith. Anything at all, okay? Even if it means blowing up another sun."

Carter nodded and Daniel said, "Alright, then. I'll be looking through the databases and history here to see if there's anything at all that I might have missed."

He dismissed the group and set about looking through the Ancient database hoping that there might be something in there that would save them."

In the Deimos the crew were still waiting while their Asgard companions had long gone and the only companion ship they had left was the "Tria's Light."

A message came in and Neith called to her one of the other women on deck saying, "What is it ensign Pat'ri?"

The girl looked over to Neith and said, "It is an emergency message from the Jaffa leadership stating that the Tau'ri are in great danger from some planet destroying menace."

Neith considered the communication and said, "If we leave to help the Tau'ri we will be closing the connection between the Time Gate and the past meaning that the Tria will not be able to return."

Nesa, who was now an Ensign, was at one of the other stations and said, "We could transfer the device to the Tria's Light?"

Neith thought about it for a moment and said, "That is a good idea. We will carefully bring it to the Tria's Light and assist in the defense of Earth and then return."

Far away from the Deimos and between the orbit of Jupiter and Mars sat Wiseman in the ship possessed by Pharaoh 90. He spoke softly to his master saying, "The Time Gate was not on Pluto master I know. However if you can absorb all the power left over from the Silver Millenium we can find it I am sure."

The alien voice of Pharaoh 90 responded, "I require more sustenance. More….the planet called Earth will be after Mars and I will feed on its inhabitants slowly, much more slowly than those who served the Ori. I shall enjoy their pain and fear…."

Author's Notes: It's a short chapter, I know. I'm working on the next one and I felt the need to get off this because it was just not really feeling quite right. More Ranma and allies next time and some pretty big battle sequences. I'm already past the first few paragraphs, but that one may be pretty big so no idea when it will be updated here. Plus of course my other idea is screaming at me to write it down.

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