Summary: What if Kotori and other characters didn't die from destiny? What if Hokuto, Subaru's sister, was still alive? What if Kakyo was still a dreamseer but was able to move on his own and had mysterious powers? What if X/1999 had a different ending? This is a non-yaoi story. My version of CLAMP's X series. Pairings: Kamui/Kotori, Seiichirou/Kasumi, Sorata/Arashi, Nataku or Kazuki/Yuzuriha, Kakyo/Hokuto or Seishirou/Hokuto, Yuuto/Satsuki. This is my first fanfic ever.

Disclaimer: I do not own X/1999. as if that would happen. The ever famous manga team artists, CLAMP does.

"Kotori!" Kamui gasped as the sight of her body in front of him. Kotori was strapped to a a metal pole that crossed each other forming a large "T." Her long, blond her covered her face while blood covered her clothes. Kotori's brown eyes were closed and her face was drained of its natural pink color from the loss of blood. She looked like a beat up little bird. Above Kotori, her brother, Fuuma, stood above her with a malicious smile on his face.

"Look at your little bird, Kamui," said Fuuma. His voice had changed. It was ice cold instead of warm like it use to be. The second Shinken was being grasped by Fuuma in his large right hand.

"F-fuuma?" Kamui said, looking at his friend in horror and disbelief. The once kind and gentle Fuuma that Kamui once knew was gone to be replaced by someone from hell itself. "What happened to you?"

"Nothing," said Fuuma. "I am Kamui, a Dragon of Earth. I am merely following the destiny that I was to follow and that is to kill the other kamui of the Dragon of Heaven!" With the last word, Fuuma charged at Kamui with the Shinken.


"You must choose to either become a Dragon of Earth or Dragon of Heaven," Tokiko Magami said over the large screen to her nephew, Kamui Shiro. "I am no longer living in this world since I have given birth to the Shinken, but right now Kamui, you must choose your own destiny. To protect Earth and become one of the Dragons of the Heaven. Or you may choose a revolution and become one of the Dragons of the Earth. Your choice, Heaven or Earth.There's no time left. The future is to be decided, now."

Kamui looked at his aunt in confusion. He kept staring at the blank screen as her words consumed him. 'What do I choose?' Kamui asked himself. It's doesn't matter to me if I'm a Dragon or Heaven or a Dragon of Earth. The future to Earth remains the same' he thought, but… Kotori…she would die if I became a Dragon of Earth…and her brother Fuuma…would also perish.' Kamui reached the door to where Kotori was being held in as her brother watched over her. 'I've made up my mind, Kamui thought, 'I choose Heaven…I want to be able to protect the future…to be able to protect Kotori.'

As Kamui opened the door, he felt that something was different. The air was thick and heavy. Kamui looked over to where Fuuma was sitting. He had his arms and legs crossed with an evil glint in his eyes.

"Fuuma?" Kamui spoke nervously. Fuuma looked at Kamui through cold eyes. "Fuuma? What happened?"

"You've chosen," said Fuuma. He walked over to Kamui slowly. Kamui flinched at his sudden change of voice and movement. "Kamui the Dragon of Heaven."

"What are you talking about?" said Kamui. He looked confused at Fuuma's words. "Fuuma?" Kamui gaped again as Fuuma spoke in his ear.

"I'm not Fuuma," said the older boy. "I am Kamui, the Dragon of Earth. Your twin star." With one swift movement, Fuuma seized the Shinken from Kamui's hand forcefully and while doing that, he slammed Kamui to the wall with one hand at Kamui's throat.

"F-Fuuma," Kamui choked as Fuuma's nail dug into Kamui's delicate skin causing blood to trickle, "l-let…me…go p-please, Fuuma." Kamui was running out of air quickly. Desperately Kamui seized Fuuma's hand and forcefully knocked Fuuma away. He breathed in and out rapidly.

"Very good, Kamui," Fuuma said while chuckling.

"Why?" Kamui asked. It was a simple question. Kamui had no breath to speak a full sentence. His voice became raspy.

"I am the Kamui of Dragon of Earth," said Fuuma. "I shall kill the Kamui the Dragon of the Heaven, Kamui."

"What's… wrong with…you?" Kamui gasped. Fuuma walked over to Kamui. "Fuuma?"

Fuuma paid no heed to him, but merely kicked Kamui hard on his side. Fuuma let out a laugh while Kamui's mouth filled with a scream and blood. He quickly lost consciousness.

"I'll be taking the girl," said Fuuma as he approached his sister who lay on the bed, unnoticed till now. "See you, Kamui." Fuuma picked up Kotori letting her head roll on his hand.

"B-Brother Fuuma," Kotori murmured in her sleep. Fuuma froze and looked at Kotori. She was indeed asleep but Kotori was talking in her sleep.

"Foolish girl," Fuuma said. He left Kamui in the room, unconscious. It wasn't until Kamui regained consciousness when Fuuma had left the room.

"Kotori!" Kamui gasped as he saw the empty bed.

End Flashback

"Die Kamui!" laughed Fuuma. He charged at Kamui with the second Shinken in his hands, ready to pierce Kamui's heart.

"Urghhh!" Kamui cried as he barely dodge the huge sword lunging at him. "Fuuma stop!" Kamui looked back towards Fuuma to see him coming with the Shinken again. Kamui found himself jumping but Fuuma was fast, so Kamui screamed as the Shinken pierced his left leg below the knee. Blood spluttered to the floor.

'Kamui, he's in trouble! Kakyo!'

"Kamui!" said a voice behind Kamui. Kamui's eyes widened at the voice along with Fuuma's. "Kamui!" Kamui turned around to see Kotori awake. Her brown eyes were open and filled with tears, fear, and worry. 'Kotori, Kamui thought.'

"Kotori!" Kamui said as he ran towards her.

"Kamui, help me!" Kotori gasped as she suddenly feels the pain because of the wires that strapped her tightly. She felt as if her body was going to split apart any moment. "Help me, Kamui!"

"Kotori!" Kamui shouted. He reached her in time and almost gave a sigh of relief. Kamui was about to unhook her from the pole until he felt Fuuma's now cold presence behind him.

"KAMUI!" Kotori cried out she saw her brother, about to plunge the Shinken into her lover's heart.