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Naruto walked through the forest bored. There was nothing to do. No mission, Sakura and Sasuke were on a date, and everyone else was busy.

Naruto heard something from a near bush.

"Who's there?" Naruto said ready to fight. Two people came out of the bush.

"It's ok, Naruto. It's us, Zabuza and Haku." Zabuza said

"Zabuza? Haku? I thought…I saw…YOUR DEAD!" Naruto yelled. He saw them dead with his own eyes.

"Well you see Naruto we… um… well" Haku said. He looked at Zabuza. Zabuza looked at Haku then to Naruto.

"Haku he's on to us! Run! Run!" Zabuza yelled. Zabuza and Haku turned around to run away.

"I'm standing right here stupid. I can hear you." Naruto said. They turned back to Naruto.

"Oh…um…Want a Cracker!" Zabuza said holding a cracker that came out of no where.

"Yeah! Wait a minute. Where you guys come from!" Naruto said

"Well, Naruto, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much

they-" Haku started to say.

"Not that!" Naruto cut him off "Why are you here? You were dead! I saw you!"

Zabuza looked at Haku, who looked back. Then Haku took out a cookie, which came out of no where.

"Want a cookie?" Haku asked Naruto. Naruto stared at him. "Well eat it!" Haku ran at Naruto and stuffed it in his mouth.

Naruto coughed up the cookie. "What are you trying to do! Kill me!" Naruto yelled

"Maybe." Haku and Zabuza said at the same time.

"Oh… well… Why are here, alive? Please tell me! Please!" Naruto begged. He gave them his best puppy dog eyes.

Zabuza sighed. "Ok. We're Zabuza's and Haku's evil twins." Zabuza said. Haku nodded


"Oh. Sorry. Good twins."

"Really?" Naruto asked (he really believed them). Zabuza and Haku nodded. "Wow."

It was quiet for a few minutes.

"Oh. Zabuza, Naruto I have to tell you something." Naruto and Zabuza looked at him. "I went to the doctor and he said… he said," Haku took a deep breath, "that I'm a girl." Naruto and Zabuza looked surprised.

"I knew it!" Naruto yelled. Zabuza was still shocked.

"The doctor was drunk when I was born so that's why he made a mistake." Haku said.

"Wow." Zabuza said

"Oh, Zabuza. I wanted to ask you something." Naruto asked Zabuza. Zabuza turned to Naruto. "What's with the cow hides on your arms and legs? Because there really stupid and funny." Naruto and Haku started to laugh, but Zabuza looked angry.

"That's it! You're dead Naruto!" Zabuza yelled.

He charged at Naruto. But when Naruto kicked him in self-defense Zabuza disappeared into smoke. Well it looked like he disappeared into smoke, but he really turned into a squirrel. Then Haku turned into a bird.

Naruto just stared at them for a few seconds.

"What the heck!" Naruto yelled

"Naruto it's not what it looks like! Well it is what it looks like… How is this helping me!" Zabuza yelled "… Haku Run! Fly! Do something!"

Haku flew over and grabbed Zabuza. And flew away. Naruto tried to grab them but Zabuza threw cookies and crackers at him (which appeared out of no where).

"YOU ARE SO DEAD WHEN I CATCH YOU!" Naruto yelled to them as they disappeared. "These are good!" Naruto said while eating one of the cookies.


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OH! Some of that stuff happened to me! Like the twin thing. My friend Samantha had a good twin because she's evil and it was at a swim meet too! And people distract me with cookies or crackers all the time! It's really weird…

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