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Chapter 1


Dean Winchester sauntered into his family's current cheap crappy living quarters, letting the door slam shut behind him. He adjusted his heavy back pack on his shoulders and headed toward the small cramped room he and his brother shared. Sam wouldn't be home for another couple of hours due to those stupid study sessions he insisted on taking which gave Dean the time he needed to get his work done. The seventeen year old sighed heavily at just the thought of homework. He'd just started a new high school, the fourth one this year, and already couldn't believe the assignments he'd been given. Usually, the teachers would try to ease him into their system, but Clearwater High School didn't even take the stress of being a new student into consideration. He was being pushed to adjust to their system and forced to function in it or fail.

Entering the room, he flung his pack onto the bed and started organizing his books by class, sticking the appropriate homework assignments on top of them. Dean cursed under his breath as he stared at what he determined was a mountain of paper. Reaching the decision that their was no possible way he was going to get all of this work accomplished and complete his daily workout and training with his father, he chose to skip the Algebra and English assignments, figuring he already knew the language and well, who really needs quadratic functions when exorcising a demon. He was going to be speaking Latin, not yelling out the solution to x.

His eyes fell to his upper level electives, and he clenched his jaw upon reading the title of the book before him. A Life of Meaning: An Introduction to the Basic Concepts and Ideas of Philosophy and Beliefs for High School Students. Dean still couldn't believe this was the elective the school counselor had picked for him. And more so that he had actually taken an initial liking to the women at first. Not anymore.

Dean picked up the book and flipped it open to the assigned reading pages, laughing out loud as he read the chapter title. "Death or Something Like It". He whipped outthe one page assignment that he had stuffed into the book earlier that day and began reading it intently.

Assignment #3

Class: Elective 313

Teacher: Mr. Jack Kingston

You are to write a standard newspaper obituary. (See pages 114-115 in your text for appropriate length and format) You are to declare the exact date of your death as well as the cause. You will also need to state who you are leaving behind (family, children, etc.) and when the memorial/funeral service will be held in your honor, if such will exist. You may include some positive things that you want said about you when you are gone, for example—loving father or mother, caring, etc.

This assignment is not to be taken lightly. Not only is it worth a serious portion of your grade but it also is something that requires intense thought on your part. How do you want to be remembered? What do you want people to think of when they hear you are gone?

It is a sad fact that all we get after we die is 20-25 lines that serve to sum up our entire existence for those you knew us and those who never will. I am giving you a chance to decide what they will see and you a chance to consider and ponder the reality of death and its hold on all of us. Something that high school students rarely consider, you, contrary to belief, are neither immortal nor indestructible. The purpose of this assignment is for you to grasp that concept and see the time you have here, on this planet, as something to be lived to the fullest.

I am giving you three weeks to complete this assignment. Therefore I expect your finished product to reflect that amount of time and thought.

Dean tore his eyes away from the page, his brow furrowed deep in thought. He was never one to do his homework, but there was something about this one assignment that captivated him. He was definitely going to do this one--right after he sharpened his knives.


Present Day—2006

"This is it, Dean. I've found our new gig." Sam stated proudly, sliding the newspaper across the table, tapping his finger on the headline.

"What is it?" Dean asked, bringing his head up, thankful for anything to stare at than the greasy slab of meat and clumpy mashed potatoes that the gray-haired waitress had placed before him. He took the paper from Sam and his head cocking slightly to the right as he read the headline. Clearwater Death Total Equal 10—Is the legend true?

"So, what you think?" Sam fiddled with his glasses nervously, awaiting his older brother's approval of his decision.

"Clearwater, eh. Didn't we live there for a while?" Dean mumbled as he continued reading the article. "I don't know, Sammy."

"It's Sam. Uh, maybe, we lived everywhere, Dean. And what do you mean you don't know? Ten people have died and the town has a legend about some whack job and all the victims supposedly knew him in someway. I mean, c'mon, man, you can't tell me you aren't just a little suspicious." Sam argued.

Sam was ready for another job and couldn't for the life of him understand why Dean wasn't. He'd already turned down three other suggestions from him in the past week. They had taken a much needed vacation after the Terrabone incident and Dean had made a complete recovery. At first Sam thought it was because of him, the only surviving memory of the whole ordeal was his glasses serving as a constant reminder of Dean's mistake. But his eyes were steadily improving, his prescriptions weren't as strong now, and he was given the okay to drive. Plus, Dean seemed to be over the whole—"I left you alone" thing. What's the deal?

"The article doesn't go into a lot of detail concerning the legend." Dean stated matter-of-factly, meeting his brother's hard gaze. He knew Sam was ready to get back in the game, and he was too, but he was enjoying the down time. It made it a whole lot easier for him to watch out for Sam and protect him. Dean didn't know if he could take another scare like he'd had a few months back. He'd almost lost Sam, for God's sake. And that was something Dean could never just bounce back from. What if I lose him again?

"We've worked off less." Sam shot back quickly. Please, Dean. I know you want to do this.

"Yeah…okay." Dean conceded quietly, shoving the paper back over to Sam and turning back to his now lukewarm food. The job seemed easy enough, probably just a pissed off spirit, nothing the Winchester salt and burn special couldn't remedy. Then why does it feel so…wrong?

"Okay. Good. So, it's only 500 miles or so from here. We could be there by tomorrow if we left now." Sam's voice was full of excitement as he started gathering his stuff and began to exit the booth.

"Easy there, turbo. Can I at least finish this crap?" Dean retorted, giving Sam his signature "I'm the big brother and we leave when I say we leave" look. It worked.

Sam dropped back into the seat sighing heavily, and Dean could feel his eyes bearing into him willing him to eat faster. But Dean took his time, finding it incredibly fun to watch his little brother keep staring at his watch every two seconds and feel the slight shaking of the table as Sam bounced his leg in impatience.

A good 45 minutes later, they hit the road again. Dean shot a glance over to his little brother in the passenger seat and smirked at how intent Sam looked as he poured over his internet searches, his face mere inches from the screen.

"So, what's the story, Heraldo?" Dean quipped breaking Sam's concentrated silence.

"Uh…well, it seems that there was this teacher. He'd been in Clearwater for some time, taught at the high school for a while and then moved on to the local community college. Anyway, the victims apparently are all former students of his." Sam began, rattling off the highlights of the story nonchalantly as he continued clicking the links from his search.

"So, this teacher—he still alive?" Dean asked, already knowing Sam's answer, as he searched for his AC/DC tape, balancing the wheel with his knee.

"No." Sam replied, reaching out a hand to steady the wheel only to have his brother knock it away. "That's what I don't get. Because all the deaths they have no other patterns other than the teacher being the link. The deaths seem almost random and all their causes are completely..."

"Completely what, Sam?" Dean inquired giving Sam his full attention.

"Normal. There's just no sign of anything supernatural there in the reports" Sam responded slowly, removing his glasses and rubbing his fingers over his tired eyes.

"Huh…well, this teacher--what's his name? I mean, what do the people of the town refer to him as?" Dean asked, transitioning into the regular "know your enemy" dialogue he and Sam had perfected during their many hunts.

"Uh…" Sam started, hurriedly placing his glasses back on to read off the reports. "Kingston. His name was Jack Kingston."


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