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Dead of the Night

By: chocolate rules


Sam sat on the couch with his legs crossed Indian style and a notebook on his lap. He was trying to do his homework, an essay on the Eisenhower term. Trying was the key word there. Sam was home sick with the flu or something. He had caught it in school and the whole week had been hell. Today was Friday, so Dean said for him to stay home. 'Rest', he's said. He was going to stay home too, but Sam reminded him that he'd already used up his 10 absent days in the two months they'd lived there.

Sam was fine but he tired easily those days. He was about to doze off when the oh too familiar sound of an approaching car startled him. Though, the thought of Dean coming home and entertaining him would be nice, Sam instantly knew that it wasn't him. He looked worriedly towards the door.

John Winchester was on a solo hunt. He'd left three days ago and wasn't to be home until Sunday night or Monday morning. Friday hadn't been expected by either brother.

If John saw Sam, he'd be mad. The boys weren't allowed to just go and take days off. When John had caught Dean- the school had called concerned- John was not too happy about it. The battered Dean spent the weekend nursing his wounds and stretching his muscles.

Sam's sicken stated made it hard for the eleven year old to move with haste and hide. John entered his home and was NOT content with seeing his son there.

"What the Hell are you doing here!" he bellowed out. His slight slurring at the words made Sam tremble more. He'd been drinking.

"I asked you a question!"

"No-nothing," Sam stammered out.

"Nothing! You're home doing nothing! Shouldn't you be in school doing nothing!" John yelled out taking a few steps forward. "And where's that brother of your?"

"Dean's at school. I... I didn't go cause I'm sick."

"Aww, a little sick and Sammy's to weak to go." John mocked. "We'll just have to fix that won't we now."

John got threateningly close to Sam. He reached out and grabbed Sam by the neck. The stunned boy, who was already having problems breathing, started to shake violently. Tears escaped him as an evil smile came across John's lips.

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