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Dead of the Night

By: chocolate rules


"Dude! You know that Dad can pack up and leave at the blink of an eye! He won't care to go back there! He knows we're not there. So, we can be sure that he'll be anywhere but there. Besides,"

"What? Dean, besides what?"

Dean sighed heavily. This was the hard part. He really didn't want to scare his brother but they'd already promised that they were in this all together.

"Haneman died in Bartlett."

Sam looked over to him. He was still very lost.

He waited for his brother to continue, but Dean seemed to be looking anywhere but at him.



"Dean, what the hell does that mean?"

"Bartlett's near Memphis. He was already in Tennessee."

Sam stilled. He could feel his whole body stiffen and shivers begin to pass through him.

He had just heard that his father was in the same state that they were in.

All the safety that they had built up since Dean had shot their old man and they had jetted out of Virginia was gone.

Dean could see the fear stream back to his brother, and hated himself more for having to of done it.

He really hated John Winchester.

"Damnnit," he muttered as he crumpled up the newspaper and tossed it towards the trash, completely missing.

They had been doing so good, getting their lives together, and becoming the Wilde brothers. And all of that had been for nothing.

Now what?

"Don't worry, I'm gonna think of something," Dean said after a moment of silence.

Dean knew that they were both petrified of the idea of their father finding them, but they couldn't let their minds get lost in that thought alone.

They had to get moving again, that much Dean knew.

"I'll find us somewhere real soon, Sammy. Somewhere safer. It's gonna be okay."

Sam looked over to his older brother. However, instead of relief that Dean expected to see, or at least a hint that the boy had heard what he had said and that he was glad that they wouldn't be caught any time soon.

But he just looked sad.


"I don't think so, Dean," muttered the young boy.

"Don't think what?"

"Somewhere else. I don't think so. That's not right."

Dean scoffed. Sammy was apparently losing his marbles.

"And what about that is 'not right', Sammy?" Dean asked his brother, giving him a slight shake of the head with a look of disbelief.

"Dean, you know the man as well as I do, better even. If there's one thing that we could always count on, was that he'd get the job done."

Dean stiffened. He knew what Sammy meant. John Winchester always kept his promises, no matter how much his sons had prayed that he would forget some of them. He always kept his promises.

And he never lost a hunt.

"He said he'd find us, and he's practically here! We've got to go."

"I think he's trying to scare us."

"Scare us? Sammy are you serious? Dad doesn't fool around like that, kiddo!" Dean said, standing from his stool and beginning to pace the length of the kitchen. "He doesn't play games like that."

"Like what?" asked Sammy, watching his brother try and regain control of himself.

Dean gave his brother a hard look.

"Not the time to play stupid, kiddo. You know what I mean."

"Mind games? Psychological confusion? Cuz, yea, he would."

"That's not what I meant!"

"Then what'd you mean!"

Dean sighed. He didn't know what he meant. He was scared, and that was the jiff of it all.

Sam looked heart broken. He stared at his brother, willing him to answer. But he knew none would come. He knew that his brother was as scared as he was, but sometimes he forgot the his big brother was still a kid too.

Dean sat down besides his brother. He rested his arms on the table, dropping his head onto them. Sammy leaned forward, wrapping his brother a hug. Dean straightened up enough to tug the kid to him.

They sat together for a while, hunger forgotten as they tried to recollect themselves and dampen their worries.

"I don't want him to catch us."

"We can't run forever."

"I know," sighed Dean. "But, we can't just give up either.

Sam turned to look at his brother better.

"We can't just give in."

"We won't."

Sam nodded, settling back onto against him.

"He won't find Zach and Mattie Wilde. He won't."


So the Wilde brothers decided to stay in McKenzie.

Sam sat around the apartment, moping around. Hating to be stuck indoors. The one thing that he had enjoyed, and was really the one pleasant constant in his life (other than Dean) was his being outdoors.

John Winchester had always been rough with his boys. As long as Sam could remember, John had never taken care of his sons. But, he had placed a lot of time into training them.

It hadn't been fun, as most things around the man proved to be, but it had been helpful. The brothers were trained in fighting skills and weaponry. They had been taught about things that they could hunt, things no one would ever believe them about.

And they had always been warned to not even think about trying to turn against him.

They had trained in the outdoors since he could walk. At first, he'd be left, tied to a tree or such so that he couldn't wander off while John trained Dean, but a few years later, he was released and allowed to train as well.

He hadn't enjoyed or taken to the training for the first years and had paid the price. However, in time, he came to realize that the better was at the training, the more willing that the man was to let them alone to it.

And that was something that both boys enjoyed.

But now, seeing as how their identities were still on the way, he was stuck inside.

So Sam did what Sam's do best, other than research. He planned. He worked on making Mattie and Zach Wilde as believable as possible. This wouldn't be a one day thing, no. He and Dean would need to know everything about 'themselves' as possible.

Questions always came up when they reached a new school. Their father, the great hunter hat he was always went to where the hunt was. They never established a permanent base, just kept moving to where they 'were needed'.

So, to say that Sam had a general idea of what would come up was an understatement.

But, it wasn't just the school they'd have to fool. No, the kids there too would have to fully believe the parts of Zach and Matt. Sam had already commented one minor boo boo when he'd told that really annoying girl at the music store his real name.

He hoped she was as dense as she looked at that she wouldn't remember.

He started as far back as to when and where they were born. Surely, Lawrence, Kansas would be a major flagger to their old man. So, like he had for their current location, he pulled out a map and tossed a pen at it a few times (because lakes and México just wouldn't add up) until he landed in Arizona.

So, the Wilde brothers from Arizona, thought Sam. Yeah, that'd catch.

Next, he moved onto their favorite things. That wasn't too important, since he was pretty sure that their father wasn't familiar with those things as was, but it was time consuming and pretty fun.

A whole new list of things for a whole new set of people.

Music choices were pretty much set in stone as far as Dean was concerned, but that wasn't too far a lost anyhow.

Sam kept working on their profiles, building up a file as he would any other job, until he heard Dean's keys in the door.

"Hey Sammy-boy! What you got there?"

Sam smiled at his brother, happy to display his current work.

"Us, I did a lot of thinking. But, it's not final. I need Zach's history too, so you want me to make one up or you got something in mind."

Dean looked through the papers that Sam had compressed. He smiled at the little details that Sam had picked out, like at the age of three Mattie Wilde swallowed his first piece of gum. And the scar on Mattie's elbow, came from trying to hop a fence in a friend's farm back in Atlanta.

"So, what we're military kids?"

Sam shrugged.

"Figured, least we can say we've been a lot of places. Might even account for why Dad's not here."

"But, we're supposed to be with our uncle."

"Right. Don't worry, I'll work that in too."

Dean shook his head. Of course the kid would.

"You don't say anything about our mother," Dean noticed.

Sam grimaced.

"I figured we could just leave her out of all this. I, well I kind of don't want to have to forget Mom."

Dean looked over at his brother. He knew what the kid meant. They had to give up a lot in order to be able to pull this thing off, but to give up something as pure as what their mother meant to them was too hard.

"We Wilde's will keep our traps shut about our Ma," Dean said, winking at him and hoping to calm the boy down some.

Sammy smiled.

"We can have an evil stepmother, or an evil grandmother or something. That might be cool."

"Yeah, we can call her - Laverne!"


"Sure, my old, old history teacher's name. And man was she mean!"

Sammy shook his head, jotting down something about an evil grandmother Laverne who made them, her only grandsons, work like slaves in her manor for her.

"Manor Sammy? Rally?"

Sammy laughed.

"What? Most evil old ladies are rich!"

"Most evil old ladies have cats."

"So, I'll add some cats. Black cats. Man, they're freaky."

"But. I hate cats."

Sammy rolled his eyes, as Dean knew he would.

"They're not real cats, Dean. Just make believe cats. And hey, you can say that you hate cats because you had to personally take care of - all her ten cats!" Sammy exclaimed, jotting down this new trivia.

Dean grimaced, just thinking about how miserable he'd be if he had had to work with ten cats.

Man, he hated cats.

"Sounds great, Sam I Am."

"You know," Sammy said, tossing his pen at his brother's head. "I can't wait to be Matt Wilde. Then you can't make them lame ass jokes anymore!"

Dean laughed, standing up from the counter and tapping Sammy on the forehead.

"Oh, I'll think of something Matilda. Don't you worry!"

Dean started on making them some dinner, adding a comment here and there about what he thought one Zach Wilde would be like. Before long, he was really stated to get into it, making his own wacky tales up and adding his perspective to some of the Mattie incidents.

"So," Dean started saying around a mouthful of spaghetti. "Come Monday, you ready to head to school?"

Sammy looked up form his plate, smiling big and bright.

"You serious?"

"As a heart attack!"

"Dean! That's awesome! I cant wait! This is going to be great!"

They continued to try and think about what their day, come Monday, would be like. Sure, Dean was piled like crazy up with the responsibility of it all, But Sammy and he had already made a pack that they would handle everything together.

Neither thought about their father that weekend, as their identities arrived and the days piled on. He was a constant reminder , each and every day, because he was the reason that they were there, but he wasn't going to slow them down.

And Haneman, well he was dead and that was all that mattered at the moment.

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