Have you ever loved someone so much you would give an arm for? Not the expression but literally an arm for? When they know they're your heart

And you know you were their amour

And you will destroy anyone who would try to harm 'her

But what happens when karma, turns right around and bites you?

-Eminem, When I'm Gone.

Just thought that lyric was a funny coincidence. Does anyone agree with me? Look I know this is the most overused cliché (don't know how to spell it.) But bear with me, this is gonna be kind of dark. This is my first fullmetal fic so bear with me if I screw up on the theory. I've only seen the anime, so this is gonna be postseries and post movie. I haven't seen the movie. so I'm gonna make up some stuff. Lets just say Al became younger and lost his memory when he got his body back. Ed is now twenty-one. He's a general. Mustang is also a general, not the fuhrer. This is alternate universe and does not follow the Harry Potter books. It takes place in harry's seventh year. Ed might seem a bit out of character but he is older more mature, way darker and the death of Al, kind of cooled his temperature making one really deadly fullmetal alchemist. Ed also has a goatee. maybe, someone tell me if that Is cool or not. if not you can yell at me. but be nice.

Disclaimer: I don't own nothing, not fullmetal Alchemist, nor Harry Potter.

Prologue: What Starts Wars

There has always been distrust between alchemists and wizards. No one knows for sure why, but most historians theorize on the difference of ideology. Equivalent Exchange was too hard for most wizards to swallow. Alchemists did not trust those who would flaunt their sacred rules so easily and readily.

It wasn't an outright war, but it was a cold war. Each side spied on each other, the wizards had the ministry of magic. Alchemists controlled Amestrius while not soley for Alchemists. Therefore the people of Amestrius naturally picked up the Alchemist's natural distrust of magic and wizards.

After the business with Lord Voldemort, the wizarding community was tired of living in constant fear of the Amestrius. After the civil war, Amestrius was tired of living in fear. Peace offers were made. While the vocal radical alchemists yelled "No peace with the heretics," the larger majority of moderate alchemists led by Roy Mustang won out. Peace was made at the Hogwarts Accords. As part a goodwill mission, Amestrius sent several of its promising young alchemists to Hogwarts, including a fifteen-year-old Alphonse Elric.

Everyone was relieved that peace had been achieved; everything was going fine until that bloody day at Hogwarts.

Every one of the Alchemists was found tortured and murdered in their beds. Hogwarts and the ministry of magic claimed it was dark wizards who killed the young Alchemists.

Outraged, Amestrius declared war on the Wizards.

It was on that fateful day when Ed got the news. He was sitting by his mother's grave. It had been five years since Al had gotten his body back. He was at that Hogwarts place. "I don't trust those damn wizards, anyone who can just flaunt and bypass equivalent exchange, why that kind of power is irresponsible." Ed muttered to himself. "I'm a goddamned General now," thought Ed looking at his new stars on the lapels of his uniform. "It's funny, I used to hate this damn uniform now I practically live in it. I always swore that I would stop being a dog of the military as soon as I restored Al's body, but now that I had been in the military for so long I couldn't cope with not being in it. I had rejoined as soon as could." Ed thought. He thought of how his relationship with Winry had developed into an intimate relationship. It seemed funny when he had denied the love he had felt for her since he was young. Ever since Granny Pinako had died, the house had seemed almost empty without the smoke from her constantly going pipe. God she was as bad as Havoc was.

A car drove up to the small cemetery in Rizenbul. First Lieutenant Jean Havoc stepped out. "General Elric, I have an urgent letter straight from the Fuhrer.," he said to the sitting Elric.

Ed saw the seriousness and the somberness in Havoc's eyes and tone. He tore the letter open.

Dear General Elric, a.k.a. the Fullmetal Alchemist.

It is on this somber matter on which I feel I should write to you myself. Earlier this month the young Alchemists who went to Hogwarts were murdered in broad daylight in a place called Diagon Alley. Which included your brother.

As Ed read this, his head swam, his brother dead, after so much they went through to recover Al's body, some wizards murdered him. Tears streaked his eyes as he continued reading the letter.

I truly sympathize with you and hopes you well in this time of grief. We have reasonable proof that the Ministry of Magic attempted to cover this up. We received this news from a spy we have in their ministry. We made reasonable demands that the murderers be given into our custody. The Ministry of Magic has refused and practically spit in our faces. We have declared War on them today, because this is a travesty too much to forgive, as I assume you agree with me. Your leave is being cut short and your presence is needed A.S.A.P. back in Central.


Fuhrer Jonset

As Ed thought of all he and his brother had gone through in the last ten years, he let out a bitter laugh.

"Sir, why are you laughing?" Asked Havoc.

"Everything I've worked for, everything I've done, I've done for Al. We've sacrificed everything for each other. Now it's been taken away by these Wizards," laughed Ed bitterly. Soon his laugh turned to sobbing as Ed curled up in a little ball.

Embarrassed by this outburst of emotion by his superior, Havoc turned away. In the long years in which he had been Fullmetal's subordinate he had never seen him this vulnerable.

About an hour later Ed walked up to the car. When Havoc looked into the General's eyes, there was a determined frightening look in Ed's eyes. They drove in total silence to the train station.

"Wait, drive back to Winry's house." Ed asked.

"Yes Sir," Havoc replied as he put the car in reverse and turned around. It took them only a few minutes to get to that familiar yellow house.

Only a little trepidation was visible as Ed walked into the house that had become a home to him and Al, or at least was a home to him and Al. A small tear had run down his cheek at this thought.

"Winry," Ed yelled.

"What love?" Came the muffled reply from the basement.

Ed smiled as he recognized where the voice was coming from. Winry seemed to have lived down here as of late in her little workshop, doing whatever auto-mail mechanics did. As he walked down the steps a grim look appeared on his face.

Winry looked up as she heard the familiar steps of Ed coming down the creaky stairs. She looked into Ed's eyes; a cold almost alien look peered back at her from those eyes that were always full of passion. She shivered.

"What has happened?" she asked, fearing the answer.

"Al's dead." Ed replied simply, as he choked back the emotion in his own voice.

Winry's world went dark for a moment as her knees went weak. "H-how?" she asked, almost unbelieving.

"Those fucking wizards he went to live with, along with the other alchemists who went, were murdered in broad daylight. The Wizard government, tried to cover it up, we demanded the murderers be handed over to us. They refused to even name the killers. Their Minister of Magic, pretty much spat in our face. The Fuhrer has declared war on them, and I'm being recalled to Central for a command." Ed replied, with a calm cold dispassionate voice.

Winry heard the voice, but she saw the burning fires in his eyes. She collapsed. She vaguely saw Ed catch her. All she could see was those memories. All three of them playing on the banks of the river, Al holding Ed back when someone called him short, that bashful look he always had when Ed yelled at him after he caught him hiding a kitten in his armor. All these went through her head in a split second, as she fell. She felt one warm hand and one cold hand catch her.

He carried Winry up to her bed. As he tucked her in she opened her eyes.

"Goodbye, Winry, I don't think I will see you for a while," Ed said solemnly.

"Where will you go?" She asked scared.

"To war." he replied simply as he kissed her deeply on the lips.


It had been a bad year since Dumbledore had died. Harry had spent a miserable year cooped up in the Dursley's house. Only Ron and Hermione's letters were a comfort to him. He heard a crash downstairs as he heard Aunt Petunia scream. Harry rushed downstairs. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Moody and Tonks walk in.

"Harry get your stuff, your going to the Weasely's house, we'll explain later," growled Mad-eye.

Harry ran up to his room and shoved his clothes into a suitcase. He had been expecting this but not so early.

"Sir, you may not just barge into our house anytime you want," shouted Aunt Petunia. "Besides what will the neighbors think." she said under her breath.

Moody only muttered under his breath and ignored her. He sighed when he saw Harry hurry down the stairs.

"No time for brooms, we're using floo powder." said Mad-eye.

"Alright," was Harry's only reply. Tonks, Moody and Harry walked to the fireplace. "Weasly's," Harry said, as he felt a familiar tugging sensation. Fire flared up all around him.

He jumped out of the fireplace into the Weasly's house. "Ah, there you are Harry dear," said Ron's mom.

"What's going on, Moody wouldn't tell me," Harry demanded.

She just pointed at the table. On it was a copy of the Daily Prophet. Harry gasped as he saw the headline in big bold letters, the headline read.



The story has changed a little bit. This fics gonna be Edcentric and less so of Harry. I like Ed more than I like Harry so Ed is gonna be cool in this while harry is less so. As you can imagine, Ed is going to be totally insane, and way dark. This is gonna be fun.