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Chapter 2: War

Ed sat on the train heading west. He looked at the officers that had been assigned to him. Most of them were young and still wet behind the ears. He snorted. Of course I'm only twenty-one, but I've been through far more. He thought back to the war council held by the Fuhrer and his private meeting afterwards.


"They have dishonored our Country, they have murdered our citizens, and they even break the sacred law of equivalent exchange. They must pay for these transgressions." Shouted the Fuhrer trying to stir up emotion. Ed looked around the table, most of the members there showed hatred in their eyes. The older officers only looked thoughtful. "I don't really believe half this shit he's spewing, but if it lets me kill these wizards I would do anything." Thought Ed.

Later Ed had been called to the Fuhrer's personal office. "Greetings General, please sit down," said the Fuhrer.

"Yes Sir, also thank you for the letter, it is good to know that you care." I said, of course that was total bullshit, seeing as the Fuhrer only wanted me to command, and I had the feeling he was one of those who would do anything for an end.

"As one of our top Alchemists, and strategists, I need you to lead a squad of five hundred men into the Alps," the Fuhrer said in a serious mood. "Listen to me first," he said, as I was about to speak up. These wizards only have one serious branch of "military". In all truth they are more policemen, these "Aurors." We have many more troops, but the thing is they have chimeras fighting for them. Wait let me finish. In the Alps the majority and most powerful clan of "Giants" live." he said solemnly.

"Giants don't exist," Fullmetal burst out

"Oh yes they do, don't interrupt again." he said quietly.

"Sir," I said.

"I need you to make the giants realize the folly of joining the wizards. I don't care how you do it, just have it happen," the Fuhrer said in a quiet voice. "This has to be messy Fullmetal, you are to become a name of fear to them," the Fuhrer said. "I know you dislike this type of work, but it is necessary. You are being assigned five hundred soldiers. You will be assigned fifty state alchemists, just in case," he said in a brisk tone.

I knew a dismissal when I heard one. I left and an aide directed me to where the officers under my command were located. He had walked in and took his spot at the head of a table. Behind him was a large map of Britain, and France. Ed studied the officers for several minutes; there was a lot of fidgeting and discreet coughs as several officers wilted under the gaze of the General. This won't do thought Ed, he now had a first impression of what his officers would do under fire. Although not always accurate, how could someone who was scared of a gaze, fight in a battle.

"Men, and women," started Ed nodding to the few women officers in the room. "Before I start, I will warn you, on the mission we will most likely end up massacring and murdering the objectives. To those who do not have the stomach for this work, leave now, you will be put into the main force." Said Ed in a commanding voice.

Three men got up looking sick, and walked to the door. To his surprise none of the women left. But then again, knowing some of the women in the military, they were tougher than the guys. Besides Riza Hawkeye had disabused that misconception immediately. She had taught him how to shoot. Since taking lessons from her, shooting had become a hobby for him. He was now very good with all types of firearms. Nowhere near as good as Hawkeye but he was still very good.

"Now I need to know your men's strengths, weaknesses, what you're trained in. This is going to be a different type of war then were used to fighting, this war will mostly be comprised of ambushes," said Fullmetal.

To Fullmetal's surprise, most of the men were trained in advanced combat in rough terrain. Well, this certainly made things easier. No extra time waited on training.

End Flashback

"Sir, we have arrived in north France," said Lieutenant Browning.

"Good, tell the men to be ready to leave immediately. No use waiting for a surprise attack." I replied.

"Yes sir." Was her answer as she walked out into the next train car. Damn I hope this Intel is good. I'd probably have to kill someone if it is faulty, thought Fullmetal.

It took them a couple of days to get into the mountains quietly. Transporting five hundred men, artillery, and trucks, without notice is not easy. Once the men were up in the mountains it was relatively easy to locate this Giant village. It was more like a bunch of caves.

In the center of the small camp was the command tent, with the supposed layout of the caves. From what they could see from it was fairly accurate. They had been very careful to set up camp downwind of the village so none of the extra sensitive noses of the Giants were evil. It was when one giant got over curious and decided to climb up the barrier between the village and the camp, when near panic set in. Fortunately I was there, so when the beast walked over the hill unconcerned, I clapped my hands on the ground, spikes sprung up from the ground in a blinding blue light. The giant fell limp immediately as two spikes pierced his torso and another one pierced the beast's neck, severing the vocal chords. The giant dropped without a sound. The soldiers looked at him and awe. Fullmetal only smirked. By the time this war was over, he would be infamous for the battles yet to happen.

"Get all the officers to my tent also I want the senior alchemists." Fullmetal barked out in a brisk yet commanding tone. "Secure the perimeters don't let anyone get past. If someone lets one of those chimeras past they will have to answer to me." Said Fullmetal, he smirked as he saw the frightened expressions on the men's faces as they turned and took up positions on the outside of the camp.

As Fullmetal looked around he saw the officers sitting with hard determined faces. Standing around appeared to be ten alchemists with cold eyes and hard faces. These were the expressions of ones who knew what was to come. "We strike at dawn," said Fullmetal. He looked around at the nodding faces. At least he was not saddled with incompetent fools, which would have made his job much harder.

"There are two cave entrances." Said Fullmetal pointing at the map and layout of the caves. "We will fire artillery directly into the caves, clearing out any type of organized resistance and destroying any barriers. We will bombard them for five minutes. Under the cover of the artillery, I want three companies under my command to advance as close to the entrance. Earthmoving Alchemist, I want you to take half the men into the left cave entrance and clear out everyone." When he noticed a little dissent, he slammed his hand down on the table shaking it. "Dammit, this is not the time to be dissenting, they are not human, and they are chimeras created, not a natural thing. We're doing the world a favor," shouted Fullmetal. (A/N: This is way out of character, I know but imagine if Al was killed, he would pretty much destroy anyone in they way, and right now the giants are in the way.)

The few officers, who had been reluctant, nodded with hardened looks ready to do their jobs. "You are all dismissed. Earthmoving Alchemist I need to talk to you." The man of about thirty-five turned around to face me. "Colonel, in your honest opinion, how many man do you think we will lose." Fullmetal asked.

"Sir, if we can get into those tunnels fast, then there will be a small amount of casualties, but if we get stuck, they could hold those caves for months." the Alchemist replied.

"Well I don't think they have ever fought against artillery and alchemists before, so this shouldn't be that difficult." Fullmetal replied trying to raise some morale.

Apparently it worked as the man said "Yes, your right sir." He walked out of the tent with a light step.

Giants POV:

The next morning dawn was greeted by artillery fire. Garuk Ironhammer seventh chief of the village of Rhoden was pondering the curious offer the Wizards had offered him and his village. They had wanted an alliance in return for freedom. This was an offer to good to pass up and was assuredly going to be passed by the council. All of an explosion sounded Garuk jumped up immediately. "What is this?" shouted Garuk to another Giant who ran in.

"Garuk, humans in blue uniforms have attacked, they've blown past the outer defenses like they were nothing." shouted a panicked guard.

Thinking fast, or fast for a giant, Garuk shouted for the younglings to be escorted out the secret passage way. He grabbed his giant hammer for which he was named after. Running for the central passage, he saw the walls completely gone, two score of giants were laying dead on the ground crushed after huddling under the walls which had withstood wizard attacks, and other giant attacks, but never had it been meant to have been attacked by a cannon. Through the smoke and debris, blue shapes could be seen approaching. "Hold your positions. You are the greatest warriors of Rhoden, the finest warriors in the Alps, you will hold these human scum from our village," shouted Garuk in an inspirational voice. The giants roared around him in response. "Charge," roared Garuk.

The sight of one hundred twenty-foot giants charging can be very intimidating, but it was a tactical mistake. Once past the debris, loud popping sounds could be heard. Garuk felt something graze him. Next to him Giants were screaming in anger as bullets were entering them. At once Garuk realized his error, instead of waiting for them to come into the caves on the giant's terms, they had come out into the open right in the line of fire. All of a sudden a small shape could be seen darting among the giants. Four giants in front of Garuk fell as the combination of bullets and a transmuted sword took them out. Garuk looked down and saw a small blond-maned man running at him. Garuk took a swing at the man, but he only dodged away. Garuk stared in surprise as the man ran his hand down his arm, a blade appearing. "What kind of man is this," thought a very surprised giant. In his pause, the man jumped and stabbed Garuk through the thigh. Screaming and pain and anger, Garuk swung his hammer at the man faster than ever before. The blade disappeared as the man clapped his hands together, a wall of stone appeared right as the hammer was going to hit him. The wall took the blow. The man clapped his hands together again. Stone spikes rose from the ground, as four of them ran the giant through. Garuk felt his body go limp, he saw the man smirk, he clapped again and the spikes disappeared. Garuk felt his body collapse to the ground. He vaguely saw the rest of the giants toss their weapons to the ground. Before the darkness took him completely he heard the human shout, "Kill them all."

From a mountain nearby, Gandar son of Garuk watched his father fall. He saw the man who killed him clearly. Marking his features into his brain, he turned around and swore vengeance.

Ed's POV:

These giants were stupider then Fullmetal had thought. They had given up all advantage they had when they had charged out like the beasts and monsters they were. Fullmetal had ordered the men to surround them and fire at will. He then saw the beast that was commanding them. A gigantic creature, he was bigger then the rest and had a hammer the size of two men. Something snapped in him, adrenaline took over and a red haze filmed over his eyes. Transmuting his arm into the sword he charged into the fray. Avoiding a hammer blow from an underling he jumped up and stabbed the giant through the stomach. Jumping up and stepping on the falling giant he jumped onto the back of another giant and stabbed him through the back. Falling to the ground he saw a glint in the corner of his eye, he rolled as a gigantic sword hit the ground where he just was moments after he rolled away. Fullmetal jumped up and ran towards the offending giant. Rolling under a vicious slash he cut at the giant's leg. As the leg collapsed he stabbed the falling giant through the heart. It was then that he saw the leader again roaring out orders. He ran towards the beast only to be intercepted by another one creature. The giant had an axe, swinging it downward Fullmetal took the blow on his sword, dodging another vicious swipe he rolled through the surprised giants legs and hamstringed him. Only pausing to stab it through the chest. In the center of the melee stood the leader of the giants. Running at it, he got in close and stabbed it through the leg. Doing this only seemed to make it more enraged, the hammer swung at him faster then he would have thought possible. Transmuting the sword back into his hand, he clapped his hands together. A wall of stone sprung up in time to stop the blow. Deciding the fun was over, Fullmetal clapped his hands together, and stone spikes appeared and pierced the giant. A look of what can only be called shock appeared on its ugly face, as he clapped again the spikes disappeared. The beast fell to the ground. Looking around, he noticed that the rest of the giants were throwing their weapons down. Remembering the Fuhrer's words he said, "Kill them all."

Harry's POV:

Harry was the first one up at the burrow. It had been a month since the war with Amestrius had started. The odd thing was there had been no attacks on the wizards. He heard the hooting of an owl as it flew in. The daily prophet dropped on the table, he gasped at the headline.


In a surprising move the daily prophet has just discovered the destruction of several potential allies. Amestrius has launched debilitating attacks on potential wizard allies. The most devastating was the complete withdrawal of the remaining giants. In the last month a force under command of someone only known as the Fullmetal Alchemist has killed a large amount of giants. While most people dislike giants, they are accepted as crucial allies in the war effort.

The report went on to detail where the attacks were and what other magical creatures were attacked. This war was getting bad, without allies the wizarding world was in trouble standing alone against a far larger army. If only the ministry would tell us what this war was about. The ministry was refusing to let out what the war was about. The incompetent Fudge was only making things worse. Harry thought about Hagrid and how he was doing, seeing as a lot of his mother's people had been slaughtered.

As he thought about Hagrid, his thoughts led him to Hogwarts. School started in another month and he was starting to get anxious, with NEWTS this year and everything. He wondered what kind of security would be implemented. He heard the rest of the Weasly clan stirring upstairs. Ron came downstairs and sat down, grabbing some juice. Harry slided the paper over to him.

"Bloody hell, nobody even knows what this war is about, except the higher ups in the ministry. Not even dad knows. What the hell is this war over," grumbled Ron?

"I know this war seems so damn pointless, especially with Voldemort on the loose," replied Harry.

"You don't think You-know-who could be controlling Amestrius before, sure there has always been mistrust, but never a war," asked Ron?

"No I doubt it, say Voldemort not You-Know-Who, it only increases the fear of him in person. I mean how could Voldemort control a whole government, we just don't know enough about this Amestrius to make any guesses about them. All I know is that they always have looked at wizards as if they were abominations." replied Harry.

"Yeah, why the hell do you think they look at us like that," asked Ron.

"Don't know, I think I read about it being something about something called Equivalent Exchange, whatever the hell that is." replied Harry.

"Well maybe it's because they're war loving gits." said Ron trying to lighten the mood.

"Maybe Ron, maybe," said Harry.


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