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Ok to keep it short a royXriza fic where Roy and his group are shipped off to a place were its very cold. (Lack of imagination there hahaha) so anyways its snowing and it turns out that they have to investigate this mansion… problem is its huge, spooky, and the care taker sends them to different parts of the building.

Warning some chapters contain m rated parts. Also some contain OOC, (sorry about that but some parts I couldn't resist!)

Inspired by Amadorus's bond of trust (Chapters 1 and 2). -- no longer on this site sadly.

Chapter 1: the beginning

- To catch you up to speed, a few months after Riza and Roy were kidnapped (bond of trust story) but a few months before Roy said "good-bye" to Edward (Ep. 48) there was a mission that the Fuhrer asked Roy to check out personally. He was allowed to bring his full team including Armstrong.

The mission was supposed to be a simple thing that Edward would do but the problem is Edward was on another mission in Lior for the state. Other soldiers could take it but Roy got board in the office from doing nothing but papers and sitting around doing nothing that he grabbed the mission right away. His team of 7 (including him) went as "protection" but Roy thought it more as persuasion.

"Urg, if I knew it would be this long to get to that stupid mansion I would have stayed at the office!" Roy said in an angered wine.

"Everyone always believes that the grass is greener on the other side Sir, and you just happened to be one of those who believe it." Riza quotes sitting across from Roy while trying to read on the noisy train.

"She has a point there chief," Havoc added who was beside Roy.

With a hard stare at Havoc, Roy sighed heavy "If it only weren't so boring. Paper work looks good right now…" with one hand under his chin and gazing out the window, Fuery's shadow came into the reflection.

"Heh, at least your board and not sick…" Fuery said, while holding his stomach and looking a little paler then usual. Fury then made his way to the set beside Falman on the other side of the train, who was beside Riza.

"I got just the thing to make that boredom feeling go away, and to cure that train sickness in your stomach!" Armstrong yelled from the opposite seat of Fuery.

Armstrong got up from his seat and walked into the ales just to whip off his jacket.

"Take a look at these! Many years of loyalty to the state and this are how I'm replayed. Not with money but with a beautiful body to flex! Look in wonder as this is real proof that the Armstrong generation still lives on in my blood!" Armstrong yelled happily.

With impulsive flexing and yelling, Riza tried to close her eye held her book securely in place on her lap. To everyone ells She seemed to be in a kind of deep sleep.

Falman looked over and noticed that his commanding officer seemed to be asleep "umm, Ma'am?" he shook his commanding officer.

"I'm still awake Falman, just not feeling the greatest." Riza said opening her eyes to notice Roy was looking as her with his "I'm not worried about you look" but clearly he failed at that attempt.

"Ahh, the train sickness is getting to you to is it?" Havoc said in a sly voice as if he was being smart.

"No, I wasn't feeling good when I got up. It'll pass nothing major. Don't worry about it." Riza replied back and got up to go to the washroom.

As soon as Riza stood up and crossed over Havoc and Falman to get into the aisle, a lady with a trolley walked by. "Oh I'm sorry miss," the lady said sweetly. Riza nodded her head and walked into the empty row beside where she was sitting and let the lady pass. After the lady passed Riza went on her way.

"Anything off the trolley?" the lady asked everyone. With this question Breda stood up and examined the cart and started to fill his arms.

"Hungry Breda?" Havoc asked.

"Well I haven't eaten in a while." Breda replied with a smile.

"I noticed a few of you were getting a little sick, I have medicine of all sorts here." The lady said directing her advice more towards Fuery then anyone ells.

With a little laugh Fuery scratched the back of his head and got up to look over the medicine. When Riza came back and sat back in her seat, everyone gathered and started to talk about the mission. Falman took out the mission folder, opened the file and started to read.

"Ok so were going to check out a mansion out in the west. Apparently something has been happening that's spooking the people. Pervious soldiers had said that it looked like alchemy. But all of the soldiers, who went there, came back with nothing but a story and time wasted. Some believe there is a ghost," Falman explained.

"So why are we going again? To catch a ghost, were not exorcists." Fuery said feeling relieved thanks to the medicine giving to him.

"Were going there because soldiers as high warrant officers came back with their tails between their legs, some clamed that their comrades dies in the house. But we don't have record of the missing people they told us about. The Fuhrer would send lieutenants out there but they all said it was a waist of their time and tried to avoid this mission." Falman explained.

"I can understand why the Colonel might want to check this out but it still doesn't make sense why we all had to go" Breda said with a wine.

"Simple, the colonel might need protection and who better then his team to do it!" Havoc said in a positive and relived voice.

"As long as I'm away form that beast that the lieutenant Hawkeye has, I'll be fine. And any other dog for the matter!" Breda said while munching on his goodies.

Riza gave a little smile. While the other boys were talking about random stuff her head started to throb and hurt.

She thought to her self "I should have gotten some medicine while that lady was here."

Riza didn't dare put her hand on her head to ease the pain because she knew it would look like a sign of weakness. She looked up and she noticed Roy was looking as her like before. She felt that if she showed that sigh of weakness it would let her team down, let Roy down, so she tried hard to keep her hands on her lap.

"Here." Roy said with an emotionless voice holding a bottle out in his hand.

Riza looked down and noticed the bottle but was puzzled when she looked back at him.

"I'm sure your head probably kills and I don't want to have to send you back home, it would cost too much. So take this." Roy said with a little grin.

"Thank you Sir." Riza grabbed the bottle out of his hands and nodded her head.

Roy just blinked and carried on staring out the window as he did before. A page came on declaring that they were at the final stop and the place where their mission would start and the place where their nightmares would come true.