Chapter 17: the calm before the storm

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As Andrew finished placing Riza into proper clothes, which was just a simple white t-shirt, and lose jeans he started working on her ankle. Surprisingly between him stabbing her ankle, the bone breaking and her twisting her ankle, it didn't even effect the vital spot on the back of her ankle. After personally snapping the bone back and doing a so called "surgery" that was pass able for a doctor, he finished with the stitches and wrapped it up in a tenser bandage.

"You should consider your self lucky Riza, that I went for a doctor to cure my Wind but was to late in the end, and decided to use my talent on you. If you die I would lose my only sacrifice to bring Wind back. I'm not about to let that happen," Andrew explained softly.

"Sir! Sir wake up!" Fury shook Roy around.

Roy who was clearly still drunk and had the smell of alcohol on his breath slowly woke up with a deep drowse.

"Fury, haven't you herd that you never wake a drunk man, its bad luck" Roy mumbled clearly.

"Yes but I got news. Well Breda does."

"I'll hear it tomorrow. Leave me alone Fury…" Roy flipped onto his stomach and gripped on to its pillow and tried to go back to sleep.

Fury sighed and shook Roy again. "Sir, please"

Roy got angry and slapped away Fury's hand. "That's enough Fuery!"

"Chief we really need to talk to you." Havoc said beside Roy's bed.

Roy sighed and looked around his room to see that everyone from Fuery to Armstrong was there. With drowsy eyes Roy sighed deeply again and sat up properly.

"Make it quick…" Roy stretched with his eyes closed.

"Breda?" Falman asked.

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"Oh yes umm… -pulls out skit card and reading glasses–clears thought- okay, Sir I'm here to tell yeah…. I mean you that… Riza got a call to the… no from the Fuhrer, and he requested that… Havoc what does this say?" Breda walked over and asked Havoc.

Havoc rolled his eyes and uncrossed his arms and looked at the card. Havoc read it in his mind then whispered it to Breda. Roy who was getting irritated and started to cross his arms and tap his fingers impatiently.

"Any time now..." Roy let out angrily.

"Yes sorry sir. Anyways the Fuhrer called Riza and requested that she head back to central." Breda said happily that he could finally make out the last sentence.

"I know. Were all going back – Roy looked over at his clock which read 2:30am – tomorrow."

"Oh. No, no I mean… -looks at card again- "

Roy sighed again and got out of bed then walked over to a window beside Havoc and opened it.

"Why can't you tell me Havoc?" Roy looked over.

"I'm on orders so is Fury and Falman." Havoc laughed.

Roy blinked. "And you?" Roy looked at Armstrong.

"I made a vow not to say anything!" Armstrong said proudly.

"Until the third day!" Breda made out happily.

Roy got frustrated then walked over to Breda and grabbed the card away form him. Roy tried to decipher it but got confused buy three different typed of pen and writing. Roy now understood why Breda tried to read with glasses. All of the times he was with Roy and not once did he wear glasses. Roy grabbed the glasses as well and tried to read through the scribbles. After a moment it kicked in that the glasses looked oddly familiar. He looked over at fury and saw that he was no longer wearing glasses. In frustration Roy sat down at the table where Riza found him a few hours before.

As he started to pour a drink "Ok I'm guessing Riza put all of you on order. Since she is higher up then all of you, but Armstrong? This means its something that she really doesn't want me to know. But, since I'm higher then her I order all three of you to tell me what she ordered you not to tell me." Roy smiled a devilish smile.

"Thank god! I don't have to read that card anymore" Breda said happily and ripped up the card

"Well Havoc? Something you would like to share?" Roy smiled again while taking a sip of his glass.

Havoc grinned and chuckled. "Yeah, First I think you had enough to drink tonight" Havoc pulled the glass away from Roy's hands.

"It's only coke Havoc." Roy said resisting

"Falman will be the judge of that!" Havoc pulled the glass away and gave it to Falman.

Falman took the glass and started to observe it. Before Roy could reach to get another glass all glasses and bottles were removed from the table and on the other side of the room thanks to Fuery and Armstrong.

"Apparently Riza got a call from the Fuhrer requesting her to go to central today at 9." Havoc started while observing the drink himself.

"A day early? Why?" Roy asked getting angry at what havoc just said.

"Because of what happened with you and wind, and something ells but she didn't specify. Now Sir please don't do anything... how should I put it if I was Riza… 'Don't do anything that might jeopardize the mission, you have a job to finish.' You don't need to worried about anything but what's going on here" havoc took his eyes off the glass that Falman was observing to find Roy standing only feet away the door.

"You sound like her Jean, but you can cram your little 'don't do anything speech.' I'm going to call the Fuhrer" Roy tried to leave the room.

"Whoa Sir! No you cant she said you be like this!" Fuery stepped in front of Roy.

"What do you mean Fuery? Choose your words wisely!" Roy said in a daring voice.

"She said you would drop everything if something like this situation came up. That's the reason why we went support to tell you until the third day of the return to central!" Armstrong shouted.

"So your suggesting that I just imagine that this didn't happen? Then why the hell would you tell me in the first place!" Roy barked back.

"We thought you had the right to know Sir," Falman added in.

Roy froze and looked at Falman then looked away.

"I need to go see her." Roy let out trying to open the door.

"See that's where we came into a problem." Havoc said pulling Roy away from the door.

"Problem?" Roy turned.

"Yeah, see we thought she would be here with you. We already checked her room and any where she could possible be…"

"Your joking right Havoc?" Roy said in a serious tone.

Havoc did nothing but look away and shook his head. Roy looked at everyone ells and they did the same. Calming down a little bit he walked over to Falman and grabbed the glass. He quickly drank it all down in one breath then put it down on the table. He then walked over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of regular pair of black pants and a long sleeved navy blue shirt with white trim on the neck, sleeves and bottom of the shirt and with his personal alchemy symbol in red on the back base of the neck. He then walked over to his nightstand and took his gloves and put one on. Everyone was confused on what Roy was doing for he was still drunk in a way and not walking straight.

"I hope your not planning on battling anything tonight." Armstrong said coldly.

"Why? Later today will be to late…"

"Your still half drunk Sir" Falman said quietly.

"That's where all of you come in. get changed and meet me on the stairs" Roy said walking back over to where his military uniform was and pulled out his black boots.

"One of us has to stay here. To make sure the colonel wont run off." Breda said sheepishly.

"I'll do it I'm only 10 rooms away." Havoc volunteered.

"Yes but I'm on the same floor Havoc. I'll do it" Armstrong said confidently.

"I don't need a baby sitter!" Roy said in a fowl voice.

"Knowing you sir, you would run off with any chance you could get. It's recommended. We're your bodyguards anyway, Its out job" Havoc said in a confident voice.

Roy rolled his eyes and went to the washroom to get changed. As everyone left the rooms and headed for theirs Armstrong ran as fast as he could to pick up some clothes for himself and get changed and to come back to find Roy just about to leave.

"Where you going Sir?" Armstrong said in a white dress shirt and black pants.

Roy turned and showed his long sleeve shirt pushed up to his elbows and both gloves on. He certainly didn't look to drunk but with how he walked you could tell he wasn't fully sober either.

"I was just about to go get you" Roy smiled.

Armstrong laughs a big laugh and started to walk with Roy down the hall to meat everyone at the stairs.

" I don't have to worry about giving you a gun do I?" Roy asked slyly.

"I'm insulted, me a gun when I have my amazing muscles and alchemy tradition?" Armstrong said in a sarcastic voice.

"I guess that's a no. One less persons I should worry about" Roy continued.

As they got to the stairs and waited at the bottom of them one by one the rest of the crew came. First was Breda and Falman. Breda was wearing a white turtleneck shirt with blue jeans and a brown over jacket on as well. Falman was wearing something similar but was a v-collar gray shirt with a blue button up long sleeve shirt and dark blue pants. After a few minutes Havoc and Fury finally caught up to everyone ells. Havoc went with the original blue worn Jean Jacket, Jeans and white shirt with a smoke in his mouth and black boots while Fury was a little classier. Fury was in casual blue jeans and was in a brown long sleeve shirt. All four men had there own handguns, which came to a surprise to Roy and Armstrong.

"I'm guessing you know exactly where to look?" Havoc asked towards Roy.

"Has anyone checked this floor or the basement?" Roy asked.

"This floor yes basement no." Breda answered.

"Alex and I can do alchemy, so we will be team leaders. We will spill into 3/3 teams. Jean, Kain (Fuery) follow me. We will check this out with Andrew. Alex, you take Heymans (Breda) and Vato and check out the basement," Roy commanded.

"First name basis now? Wow how hammered are you sir?" Havoc joked.

"I'm serious call each other what ever the hell you want but in the situation this isn't a rescue mission. It's just a thing called rescuing a friend. In that knowledge why speak in a polite manner?" Roy questioned while rocking back and forth a little bit.

"I suppose your right, but its weird." Fury said quietly.

Roy just ginned and started to head to Andrews office. As everyone went silent and started to follow their leaders to there destinations Roy made it to Andrews office and realize it was locked.

"Odd?" Havoc said in question confused on Roy's surprised action.

"Wind did the same thing…" Roy said to Havoc.

"Excuse me, I can get us in if you want?" Fury said Sheepishly again.

"I can just use my Alchemy Kain" Roy said trying to concentrate on the lock with his hand but was wobbling a little too much.

"or Kain can pick the clock so you don't blow everyone up sir." Havoc said then looked back at Frery "I didn't know u picked locks" in shock.

"Haha… Well it was training when I was younger in order to get into a club." Fury bent down and looked at the lock.

"What club was that I wonder" Roy said leaning against the wall while watching Fury.

"Just a child hood club nothing more, this lock is really old. And I mean old, old. All it is basically is a key lock." Fury started to look around.

"What you looking for Kain?" Havoc asked

"A pick of some sort. Preferably made of wire, like a bobby pin" Fury looked around.

Havoc bent down and handed Fury a bobby pin just like he wanted. Fury and Roy were both in shock and looked at Havoc weird.

"Why Jean, I didn't know you had long enough hair for that?" Roy said. In a laugh

"Shut up! Besides I found it laying on the table in the ball room!" Havoc said angrily.

"Speaking of which the party sure did clear out fast…" Fury looked around then went back to picking the lock.

"Yeah your right? I wonder what happened to everyone…" Havoc looked around as well.

"There we go! All set to go!" Fury said in confidence while opening the door.

After looking inside the door Roy Havoc and Fury stepped inside and Roy instantly say the opened door with red glowing from the hall connected to it.