Okay, just another fic idea that came to me. This story will be told from Danny's P.O.V.

Summary: Danny's life hasn't been exactly easy, avoiding life-and-death situations is a constant. He knows that eventually his time will come. But how much longer he has , well, that's up to fate he always thought. But, maybe, someone else has another plan for him.

Disclaimer: Really must we put these up? Okay, yada yada, I don't own Danny Phantom

Dodging another blast from Skulker I looked up, "Is that all you've got?" Then I flew off in attempt to tire Skulker so I could catch him in the thermos. It better be, because that's all I've got. Skulker flew up behind me. He smirked, he knew that all he had to do was run off his battle suit and he'd be good for sometime, but as for me, I was growing tired.

I landed then ran past Sam and Tucker. "Danny, what's the hurry?" Sam asked as I slowed down just past them.


Turning around, I walked back. Looking around, I didn't see Skulker. Strange, he usually doesn't just give up. But just as I was about to head home with Sam and Tucker, who should show up, but Skulker. I flew up to meet him. "What do you say we skip the witty banter and get right to where I trap you in here." I pulled the thermos out.

"Sure, after this." He threw a net out. I narrowly avoied it.

"HA missed!" He tossed me a side-ways glane. To my dismay, the net came swilling back. Oh, crap. I took off flying, trying to stay ahead of it. I flew threw a building. Behind me, I heard a smack as the net hit the side of the building. Looking around, I realized that I was in the school gym. Hiding behing the benches, I went back into my human self.

Walking around to where Sam and Tucker were, I saw Sam holding the thermos triumphiantly. "What's with the winner look?"

"I caught Skulker."

"Yeah, he was caught up in trying to find you, he didn't even see Sam get him with the thermos." Tucker delcared, conferming Sam's claim.

"Good, I'm sick of being bothered by him, I think I'll wait a while before I send him back to the Ghost Zone."

"If ever huh." Tucker teased giving me a nudge.

We started to walk toward my home. Tonight was my night to host our movie night. I stopped short. Aw, man, its my night! I have nothing ready! Sam noticed my nervousness. "What's wrong?" Do I want to tell her that I have nothing ready? Nah, I'll just delay them while I get ready.

"Oh, nothing, I just...hey, how 'bout we stop by Nasty Burger first?"

"Great, I'm in!" Tucker exclaimed.

"Well, okay." Sam consented.

"Okay, you go and then I'll meet up with you at my house." I then ran off to avoid any questions. Risking a glance back, I saw them shrug their shoulders, then walk off to Nasty Burger. I went first to the video store. Looking up and down the rows, I saw a few things interesting, but most didn't seem worth it. One did catch my eye. Dead Teacher 3. It had been a while since we'd seen it. I picked it up and walked to the register.

But as soon as I got there, I realized that it wasn't a human cashier, but another ghost. Why didn't my ghost sense go off? Oh, well, time to kick some ghost butt. I dissapeard behing a row of video and after hiding mine so I could still get it, I transformed. Flying back to the register, I saw, not the ghost, but a human. Huh, what's going on, am I going crazy? I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things, but, there really was a human there. Still, I went invisible and flew close, to closely examine him. Yep, that's a human. But why did just a minute ago he appear as a ghost?

I flew back, went human, and walked back to the register. But, there again, it was a ghost. WHAT! But, just a second ago, he was human. Behind me I heard a laugh. Turning around, I saw Technus appear. "Like my little trick?" Looking around, I saw no one else, so I went ghost.

"No, I didn't!"

Technus pulled out a remote and pushed a button on it, making the illusion dissapear. Almost immediately he launched himself into another long-winded speach. I shut him out, pulling out my thermos. "Okay, are you done now?" I pushed the button on the thermos, sucking him in. "Because I've got things to do." I replaced the cap on the thermos.

Sighing, I walked out without the movie. Guess I'll have to use my own. I walked home. But couldn't help but think about how often I came close to dying, like today, and every other day. Why am I thinking about this? Well, I do face this a lot, guess it's time I came to grips with it. I always did have a problem with dying.