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But even though it seemed he wanted me dead, how could I stop it? I could think up only one thing. Clockwork. He'd probably know. That is if he was even willing to tell me what I could do.

First though I'd fly back to tell Sam and Tucker my plan and what I found. Hearing a noise upstairs I decided I'd better leave soon.


"But are you really sure you want to do something to get him back for that?" Sam asked Danny shortly after he'd finished explaining his plan of action.

"Well, I can't very well just let him kill me, can I?"

"I never said that, I just said."

"But you implied it Sam." Tucker added in.

"How did I imply it?"

"When you said..."

"Enough fighting." Danny stopped them. "Why don't I just go and ask Clockwork what I should do?"

"I guess so Danny. Just be careful." Sam warned.

"I will be Sam, don't worry." Danny went ghost and flew off to ward the Ghost Zone. Once though the portal, he slowed his pace some.

"I think we should follow him." Sam told Tucker once Danny was gone.


"To make sure he's okay."

"Sam you worry a lot, he'll be fine." Tucker tried to reassure her. Inside the Ghost Zone, Danny was speeding up, so he'd get to Clockwork's faster. One mix up with the Box Ghost was enough for him. Shortly he neared the area he now knew to be Clockwork's. Sure enough, just in front of him was the looming building that belonged to Clockwork.

Once inside, Danny saw Clockwork glancing at the time windows. "Clockwork, I need to talk to you."

"I know." Clockwork replied as he changed into his child self.

"So then you know what I came to talk to you about."

"Yes, but I enjoy it better when you still ask yourself."

Danny half laughed before speaking. "I need a way to stop Vlad."

"I can't help you there."

"Why not?"

"Vlad is too strong for you, your best option is just to stay low and avoid him."

"How is he stronger? I've got the ghostly wail and ice powers now. That's two he doesn't have."

"True, but his overall strength and experience makes him stronger than you." Clockwork replied. He turned to one time window, and showed it to Danny.

"What is that?"

"Just watch." To Danny's horror, he saw himself in the time window, but not as his old evil future self, but as himself now. Danny watched as in the time window, his current self get beat by Vlad before dying. Danny cringed up as he saw this.

"But how can that happen if I do nothing."

"That is what would happen if you did something."

"But I didn't, how can you show that."

"I can show alternate time lines, where you can see the affect of different decisions." Danny mouthed an 'oh' before preparing to say something.

"So, you're saying that if I do something, he'll actually kill me? But I thought he wanted me to join him, why would he kill me?"

"Even he gets tired of waiting for things." Danny nodded. He knew what to do now. Although he wasn't pleased with it, he knew that he should do nothing. He flew back to Sam and Tucker. When he didn't find them still in the lab, he wondered if they went up stairs to watch TV or leave. He changed back then headed up to the living room.

He didn't find them there either. Wondering where they went, he took out his cell phone and called Tucker's cell phone. It rang for a while, before Tucker answered. "Hey, where are you guys."

"We headed to Sam's house."

"Well, I'm home now."

"So, decide anything? Was Clockwork any help?"

"How about I just come there then tell you."

"Okay, suit yourself."

At Sam's house, Danny explained what happened at Clockwork's lair. "Well, I think he's right Danny." Sam said.

"I guess he is." Danny said softly.

"Look, yeah, he knows you, but he can't always stay around you."

"Yeah." Danny replied, then said, "Hey, I got an idea."

"What's that Danny?"

"You'll find out. But first, back to the movie."


Okay, that was the last chapter for this story. A sequel is in the works, but not ready to be put up. Please review!