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"What the hell are these?" Kid shrieked, hurling the photos of herself - in various unsavory positions - in Serge's face. In her free hand, she seized his collar, preventing his escape, full intentions of violent murder in her eyes.

"Magil! Magil! HELP!"

"Where's yer God now, Serge!" Kid hollered, drawing back a fist.

Calmly blocking out the sounds of violence and cries of "oh dear god why" resounding in the background, Magil quietly refilled his teacup and sipped in peace. It was true, he thought in satisfaction. Nothing could be more relaxing than a good cup of Himalayan Chimpanzee.


They were silent as they left Serge behind. Kid's eyes unfocused slightly as her mind willed itself blank of emotion. She felt a hand on a her shoulder, and looked up to Magil, flashing him an attempt at an appreciative smile.

It hit her with the force of a tidal wave; fragments of memory as vivid as photographs - her hands clasped with a boy's, huddled together and comforting each other in whispers amongst the conspiracies of the palace halls.

Her visions fell apart, and Magil's stony profile was left in their wake. He said nothing.

Kid began to sob.


The mask fell to the grass below them, shimmering a pale gold in the moonlight.

Serge stared; he was fairly certain his jaw had dropped. It was the first time he had ever seen his companion's face in all of its stunning beauty. Magil remained impassive, several moments passing before he seemed to notice Serge's dumbfounded silence.


"It's just that…" Serge swallowed. "You'd be prettier than Kid…" He considered. "Well, if you had boobs, anyway."

Magil's expression didn't change, so Serge was rather caught off guard when his fist came flying to punch him in the face in answer.


"Yer a hell of a shady guy, Magil," Kid observed, squinting at the sorcerer. "One minute it's all 'bout ancient magic kingdoms with you, an' the next you're talking about knowin' the wielder of the Masamune… legendary hero, ain't he s'posed to be? So what was he like?"

Magil stopped mid-step, turning to face her.

"He was…" He frowned, sifting through his mind for the appropriate word. "… green."



"Ah… ha."

Kid looked to Serge, and shrugged.

Hey, they figured, Magil had bailed them out of trouble too many times to bother him about his questionable descriptive abilities.


Magil was keeping watch when Kid emerged from the tent, disheveled. She looked troubled, shoulders hunched, before visibly attempting to shake off whatever was weighing on her mind.

He glanced towards her. "Something wrong?"

"Aw, s'nothin'. Nasty dream." Kid eyed him. "You ever even have dreams, Magil? Bet not, huh?" She jabbed him playfully in the ribs.

He remained quiet, contemplating. Kid rolled her eyes, returning to the tent and muttering something about choice nicknames involving certain brooding companions. She didn't hear Magil's reply, murmured under his breath as his fingers curled around the ancient amulet concealed within his cloak.


It was a restless night. Serge sat up from his sleeping bag, stealing a glance at Kid, snoring next to him. The moonlight cast a silver frame over her face. He smiled.

"What would you do to me," he mused, hand brushing over the length of her braid, "if I kissed you like this?"

Kid mumbled in her sleep. "Lemme answer yer question with a question, Serge. How much d'ya value yer ability to have children in the foreseeable future?"

"Eep," Serge answered.

He rather enjoyed the lonely confines of his own sleeping bag for the remainder of that night.


The door crashed open.

"Yo, Magil," Kid greeted. She had a blonde-haired boy with her, and promptly thrust him ahead for her partner's inspection. "This's Serge. Serge, Magil. Serge's a bard or summat."

"Summat, really," Serge clarified.

"He busted us out from that courtyard, so he'll be with us for now, a'right?"

Magil shrugged, barely looking up from his novel.

Kid, seeing Serge's expression, laughed. "Don't pay Magil no mind. He's brittle, but gets squishier once ya know him."



Serge thought he saw the corner of Magil's mouth twitch.

This's some company I've landed myself with, isn't it?


Watching her through the far window, childish hands fumbling with the building blocks, he'd asked Lucca not to tell Kid about him. He had no illusions about his ability to cut himself away entirely, but so long as he stayed out of her sight and out of her life…

"Why?" Lucca asked, interrupting his thoughts.

He shook his head in silence.

"I think she deserves to know, Janus," she continued, adjusting her glasses with a frown.

He left before she could attempt to persuade him further. Knowing of him, he had thought, was the opposite of anything his sister deserved.


Kid was having quite a time raiding Riddel's closet. After a while, she seemed to settle on a shimmering violet robe as her favorite.

"Lookit!" Kid declared. "I'm a fairy princess!" She spun around, inspecting herself, before turning on Serge. "What d'you think, mate?"

"Me? Uh…" He frowned, studying her. Magil stood in the corner, expression unreadable. Finally, Serge spoke, decisively. "It'd look prettier on Magil."

Serge was truly grateful to have a spine; there had certainly been little else to break his fall as he plummeted out of the two-story window less than a second after opening his mouth.