Harry Potter: The Revision of Fate
Fanfic by: Trey Miller

Disclaimer: If you recognize something in here, it's more than likely owned by JKR. Some of the ideas within this story come from some I've read; some are also semi-original (IOW, not seen often).

AN: This is currently a trial story, but it's a storyline that I'm quite interested in expanding on. A bit of background as to why I'm posting just this little bit first... this is something that my muses have been bugging me with for the past two weeks during work hours. And it got kinda annoying walking around telling myself this, so I finally started writing it down. I don't know how long or where this story is gonna go. I've talked my way through prolly the first four or five chapters, depending on how I cut them and how I flesh them out, so who knows, perhaps this will go somewhere. As for pairings, well, there are none currently. This is Pre-Hogwarts and First Year, so that should explain the lack of pairings.

Chapter One: First Adoption
June 16, 1991

Chapter One: First Adoption

At an even 6 feet in height, Mr. Hershey Kellogg was a man of few words- polite, but few indeed. He always wore the best Italian suits. He was always clean shaven. His black hair, while shoulder length, was kept pulled back in a ponytail and tied by a strip of silk that matched the color of whatever suit he wore that day. His physique was cultured, as he was routinely mistaken for a fencer or a swimmer, even though he had never picked up a sword before; nor had he ever been swimming. His dark green eyes sparkled as did his perfect white teeth, and his white skin, while not bronzed with a tan, was a healthy hue that showed very few visible flaws. Said flaws were wrinkles that actually accented his face and gave him an older look.

There were a few problems with Mr. Hershey Kellogg.

The largest problem was, that no matter what government you checked with, there were no records of a Mr. Hershey Kellogg, multimillionaire. The Americans did not know him. The Brits did not know him. Nor did the Germans, the Italians, the French, the Russians, none of the middle eastern nations, nor the far east nations, nor the African nations, nor the Aussies, or any of the thousand island nations. Mr. Hershey Kellogg simply did not exist.

On top of that, Mr. Hershey Kellogg knew things he couldn't. He did things he should not have been able to do. Mr Hershey Kellogg was an enigma.

And yet Mr. Hershey Kellogg, knowing that he did not exist in the eyes of any government, was found knocking on the door of Number 4 Privet Drive, Surrey, on June 16, 1991 at 9:00 AM.

He winced as he heard a roar from within of: "GET THE DOOR, BOY!", followed by a lowered voice saying something about "Worthless boy", and "More punishment later". A second later, the door was opened by a small boy with unruly black hair, emerald green eyes hidden behind large plastic framed glasses.

The boy's facial expression went from politeness to open happiness as he opened the door a bit wider. "Mr. Kellogg! What are you doing here?"

Mr. Kellogg smiled down at the boy, "Mr. Harry Potter, I've told you before that my friends all call me 'Kel'. And I do consider you to be a friend. As to why I'm here, I've actually got a proposition for your uncle."

Harry Potter, known to the wizarding world as The-Boy-Who-Lived (though he supposedly would not find this out for another fifteen days or so) smiled up at him and opened the door wider so that the older man who had became his friend could enter.

Vernon Dursley wobbled into the foyer and growled at Harry, "Well Boy, who was it?"

Kel, as was his nickname cleared his throat and stepped forward. "Mr Dursley, I'm Hershey Kellogg, an acquaintance of your nephew."

Vernon's attention turned to the man standing there and he blinked twice before gathering his wits. He gave Kel a once over and his eyes widened as he recognized that the suit he was wearing was obviously very expensive.

"Mr. Kellogg! I'm Vernon Dursley! What has the boy done this time?" He scowled at Harry who cowered away in fear.

"Oh, nothing whatsoever," stated Kel with a smile, "Mr. Potter here was more than happy to show me around the neighborhood a few days ago. He wouldn't even take the money I offered to him for giving me a tour."

Vernon's mind whirled as he tried to play the part of the loving uncle. "Well, yes, we've taught young Harry to do such acts out of the goodness of his heart!"

Kel nodded as if he believed him, "Yes, that's what I surmised from his politeness. But anyway, this is not the reason I came by here. Is there anywhere we can sit and talk, Mr. Dursley?"

Vernon directed Kel to the living room and sat down heavily in his chair. Kel sat down in one of the other chairs and looked at Vernon. "Now, as to the reason I came here today, Mr. Dursley... Young Harry is an extremely smart boy, and, well, allow me to get to the point. Mr. Dursley, I'm offering you $15,000 American to adopt Harry.

Harry gasped as did Vernon Dursley. With a glance at Harry, Vernon turned back to Kel with a greedy grin, "Do you have the adoption papers and whatever else?"

Kel nodded and pulled from within his suit jacket a stack of papers and handed them to Vernon silently. The first was an adoption form for Harry James Potter to be adopted by Hershey Kellogg, as well as four copies of the same form. The rest was a contract that stated Hershey Kellogg would pay them $15,000 American for the adoption, as well as a few rules that were in place governing both parties.

Vernon looked up at Kel, confused, "What does it mean by these clauses?"

Kel smiled wanly, "The first merely states that at no time may I find fault in Mr. Potter, bring him back and get my money back. In other words, I can't return him if I don't like him later. The second one is pretty much for you to swear that you, your wife, or your son, or anyone hired by you can not come find me and take back Harry." He leaned back, "This makes it so that on the oft chance that you later decide you want him back, you can't. I'm planning on taking him to another country with me, and this clause makes it so that you won't waste money on legalities."

Vernon cleared his throat and said rather gleefully, "Oh, I understand now! Yes, that will work out nicely. Very smart of you, Mr. Kellogg." He signed both the adoption form and the other legal forms and handed them to Mr. Kellogg who quickly put them in a pocket inside his suit jacket. Kel noticed that Vernon, in his glee, did not notice either the dull flash of light from the forms, nor did he notice the dull glow and tingle between him and Harry Potter.

Young Harry was watching everything, his face a mixture of joy and his own glee. He looked at Kel in the eye and grin brightly, and Kel had to grin back at the young boy.

Vernon grinned also, but for a different reason. "So when should I be getting my money, Mr. Kellogg?"

Key smiled and looked around, "May I use your phone, Mr. Dursley?"

"Of course! Boy, show him where it is!"

Kel stood and followed Harry out of the room, leaving Vernon Dursley sitting in the living room, a grin on his obese face.

Once they were in the kitchen, Harry turned to Kel and frowned worriedly, "This wasn't in the plan... So what are we going to do, Brukel?"

Kel smirked and his form rippled, being replaced with a short and squat being that only came up to Harry's chest.

And there, in vivid color and substance was the reason why there was no record of Hershey Kellogg across the world. Hershey Kellogg was the alias used by the son of the Chief Financial Goblin of the Diagon Alley branch of Gringotts, Brukel.

Brukel's smirk did not go away, even in his natural form. "We shall pay it, of course. It was a magical binding contract between you and he."

Harry looked at him shrewdly, "Perhaps, but I don't have access to fifteen grand." He paused as the smirk grew bigger, "Do I?"

Brukel grinned toothily, "Harry, $15,000 won't even put a dent in the interest you gain in a week just in your trust account."

Harry blinked and said, "Oh." He paused for a moment in thought, "I didn't know I had that much in my trust account."

"Well, you d-" Brukel broke off his statement and waved a hand in front of his face quickly.

Brukel's form wavered again, and suddenly Hershey Kellogg was standing there again. Vernon shuffled in and looked at Kel. "Well?"

Kel smiled, "Mr. Dursley, your money is currently being routed from my back directly to your own bank."

Vernon nodded, "Very well. Take the boy, when you leave, then."

Kel looked at Harry and nodded, "Grab your belongings, Harry, we're leaving now."

"I've got everything."

Kel blinked at Harry and then turned to Vernon, one eyebrow arched, "This is all he has?"

"Why should I have bought him anything? He was just dropped on our porch almost ten years ago! My family had to pay for his scraps! And he got Dudley's clothes when my son couldn't wear them any more! He had more than he deserved!" By this point, Vernon was spitting and sputtering, and his face was turning a shade of purple not seen often.

Kel glared at Vernon, reached out, took Harry by the shoulder, and then waved his hand and they disappeared. Vernon almost had a coronary as he realized that one of those 'freaks' like Lilly and James Potter had just been in his house! But the freak took they boy and left $15,000 American!

But what if that had been a lie? Vernon gave pause and then shook his head. A freak that Kellogg guy may have been, but he was a businessman, and Vernon knew at least in that, he could be trusted.

He walked back into the living room and turned on the telly. No more of that freak boy living under his roof. No sir! His home was now completely and absolutely normal!

Perhaps he should suggest moving to Majorca to Petunia... She had been wanting to go there for a long while now.

Brukel and Harry appeared outside of a little cottage to the south of London and Harry looked around. "Are you sure this will work?"

Brukel's 'Kellogg' form wavered and disappeared leaving the Goblin standing beside Harry, nodding. "This cottage and the land that it is on is paid in full. The Goblin wards are in place, completely protecting this place from anything magical or muggle, not to mention shielding this place from all ministry sensors, so that magic, even underage wizard magic can be done here without the hassles of the wizarding world's government."

Harry nodded, 'You don't know how much I thank you for this. Living with the Dursleys-"

"I know," interrupted Brukel. "Remember, I saw what that stupid uncle of yours was like."

"Yes, about that. I'm sorry you had to see that."

Brukel waved the apology away and lead Harry over to the door. "This cottage has three bedrooms, a rather large bath, a good sized kitchen, a study, as well as a comfortably sized living room. I believe that you will find this place to be of your liking." With that, he ran one finger down the door and it opened with a loud clicking sound. "As this cottage was magically sealed after it was furnished, I had to unlock it for you. This also activates all house wards and charms."

"House wards and charms?" asked Harry. He stepped inside and gasped. The cottage was perfect! Bare of everything to make it feel like home, but perfect nonetheless.

"Yes, house wards and charms," repeated Brukel, "The Mahogany and granite floor would get extremely messy and cold if there were not self cleaning and warming charms on them. The entire house is warded against fires, both natural and magical, so it is highly unlikely to burn down. There are temperature charms in each room so that no matter where you are, you can always make it cooler or warmer. Need I continue?"

"If you've got a book on what all this house and the property have, that'd probably help me the most," stated the stunned boy. He paused for a moment, "Besides, I'm only ten. Shouldn't I be living with someone, Kel?"

At this, Brukel laughed, "Harry, you are, in the eyes of the wizarding world and the muggle world, living with Hershey Kellogg. Now, while I do not mind sharing my home with you, I know that you have, how do we say, an aversion to small rooms. Unfortunately, my home has many of them, and I know you would be uncomfortable there."

Harry nodded, "I understand, and thank you, Kel."

"Trust me, Harry, I will be checking in with you at least once every other day, just to make sure everything is all right. Shall I give you a tour?"

Harry nodded enthused and he and Brukel walked through the door. The front door opened directly into the living room which was consisted of warm hues of stained black walnut and maple. It was already furnished with a couch, love seat, two very plush seats, a rocking chair, and random other furniture, lighting, and other odds and ins. Harry noticed the stone fireplace that everything seemed to focus around and glanced at Brukel who verbally reassured him that it was blocked from incoming floo.

Brukel lead the way into the kitchen and dining room, both of which were brighter with painted walls. The kitchen going a step farther with tiled marble floors and tabletops. The dining room had a large oval shaped table large enough for about eight people to sit at it; Brukel told him that the table and the dining room itself would magically expand to make room for more people if it was ever needed.

The two entered the living room again and then walked through it to where Brukel said the study was. Harry's jaw dropped at what could only be called a massive library to his youthful mind. The room was done in beechwood, oak, and several other types of wood that Brukel said were mentioned in the book on the house. There were six nice sized work tables around the room as well as a single large desk situated in the middle of the room. Brukel pointed up and Harry's eyes followed to see that, while the other rooms were all single story rooms, the study actually had two stories, magically expanded in the same area. And there were plenty of books (Brukel mentioned having set up the shelves to have copies of every book in the Potter Family vault, not to mention the dozens of up-to-date books that Brukel had bought under the advisement of Harry.

Brukel lead the stunned boy from the study and stopped. "Now this is where I'm sure you'll want to pay plenty of attention. What I'm about to show you is your bedroom, as well as the two other bedrooms." With that said, he lead the boy back into the living room and through another door, calmly mentioning to Harry, "As you notice, the living room is the main room of the house. IT was designed this way as a form of comfort and unity. I do hope you like it."

Harry nodded immediately, "This is awesome what you've done, Kel."

Brukel smiled and lead the way into the first bedroom. It was the master bedroom- Harry's room. This room, like the living room, was done in dark hues, but the walls were split horizontally, and the upper half was painted white, thus giving the room a brighter, but still warm feel. There was a large bed which Harry guessed was either a King or a Queen sized bed. There was a single bookshelf filled with classic works that Harry had told Brukel he liked including Shakespeare and Mark Twain. On the wall was a set of dragon hide battle robes that Brukel told him belonged to his father. Some of the Potter Families collection of swords was hanging around the room. Harry grinned; this was his home.

Brukel showed him to the master bath and Harry's mouth dropped open in shock. There was a huge raised bath tub set in onyx and quartz tiles. There were lillies and other plants within the bathroom that gave the whole room a feeling of being in nature.

Before Harry could let all of this settle, Brukel drew him out of his room and to the other two. With the notable difference that both of the rooms were a bit bigger than Harry's, they were close to being the same. Instead of a single queen bed though, there were two double beds, one on each side of the room, two closets, pretty much two of everything. There was a single bathroom between the two, but it was close to being identical to Harry's except that the tilework was in rose quartz and white crystal.

After finishing the tour with a look outside (there was a large garden that wrapped around the entire house with a large in ground pool in the back yard), Brukel lead Harry back in to the study. With both seated at one of the desks, Brukel got to the point.

"While I know you and I would have loved taking care of everything earlier, it wasn't possible. But as we've now got the cottage set up and the paperwork filed to make you legally the head of the Potter house, I need your okay to take the next steps." He snapped his fingers and a briefcase appeared on the desk between them. Turning it to face him, Brukel quickly unclasped it and puled out a piece of parchment. He unrolled it and placed it in front of Harry who looked it over with a frown.

On the parchment were five names, his included. His name had a single line drawn through it, unlike the other four.

"We need to make a choice of who will be first, Harry."

Harry nodded and looked at the list closely. He looked at Brukel smiled, "Best to follow my mum's advice. Let's get Hermione Granger first."

Brukel nodded and took the list back. He looked over the list and sighed, wondering what was so bad that it had been Seen years before.

He put the list on the table and stood, closing the briefcase and nodded to Harry, "I'll leave you to plan everything from this end, then." Harry nodded and with a soft pop, Brukel vanished.

Harry looked back at the other names and sighed deeply. "Just hold on a little bit longer, Ginny, Luna, Blaise..." He walked from the room to begin setting up for, what he hoped to be, good news.