Darklord X:

Darklord X returning with a vengeance! (insert maniacal laughter here!) Just a short poem I wrote about the idea of Kyd Wykkyd's thoughts and feelings. I have not given the girl in this poem a name, but I'm sure others out there will pick someone they feel is appropriate. Sorry about the long wait for the second chapter of "Honour Among Thieves", but don't worry, people! It'll be posted soon!

See ya later! (insert maniacal laughter here!)

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Sympathy for a Shadow

Silence. Silence except for the gentle sound of rain.

So much silence that it's suffocating.

If I weren't so accustomed to it, I would have drowned in it by now.

But I shall not die. A shadow can never truly die.

The rain falls down upon us. I don't know why she stands in the rain, but she does. I don't know why I stand here in the rain either.

She stands with her back to me, completely unaware of my presence, for I make no noise. A shadow can never truly make noise.

Her beautiful face is hidden from me as she stares out over the city. She seems to be listening to the sounds of the rain, as if it is a question.

Even if there is a question, I cannot hear it. Nor would I answer, for I cannot speak. A shadow can never truly speak.

I half-hope, half-fear that she will turn around and see me. I want to know if she sometimes has these strange feelings that I have.

But, even if she told me of her feelings, I doubt I would understand, for I don't even understand my own. A shadow can never truly understand.

I want to know if she wants to be loved, as I sometimes want to be loved. But, in truth, all I want to know is if she could ever love someone like me.

Sadly, I turn and walk away from her. I know that, deep down, I am only deluding myself even further. She could never love someone like me…

For a shadow can never truly be loved.