The Trouble With Twins

Here is part two of 'The Trouble With Twins' I hope you like it as it took awhile to actually figure out. I rather like the pairing between Fred and Hermione, it's not quite the same when it's George and Hermione, there doesn't seem to be as much of a connection. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have writing this.

'Become your… partner in crime… well I certainly didn't see that one coming!' Hermione narrowed her eyes at Fred. 'Did you two decide this before or after I helped you two earlier?' She asked suspiciously. 'After.' Answered George, shrugging non-chantilly. 'Really?' asked Hermione quietly. 'Are you sure?' 'Uh huh.' George again. Hermione thought for a moment before a smile spread across her face. 'You two do realise that if I don't want to compromise my chances of becoming Head Girl I can in no way ever be connected to any of your pranks, don't you?'

George snorted and Fred grinned slyly. 'Is that a yes or a no?' asked George impatiently. 'It's a…' here Hermione paused to drag out the suspense, the boys looked at her impatiently. 'Yes!' she finished, grinning widely. Fred whooped as Hermione giggled. He pulled her off the desk, picked her up and proceeded to dance with her around the room. Hermione clung to his shoulders as he whirled her around enthusiastically.

Eventually he let her down and Hermione looked around, only to realise that George had disappeared. She turned back to Fred who still had his arms around her. She blushed at the intense look on his face and tried to step backwards, he loosened his arms, a bit. Hermione was looking everywhere but his face. 'What's the matter?' he asked her softly. Hermione glanced at him once, shyly before she looked down, but not before Fred had seen the blush staining her cheeks.

Fred chuckled to himself and drew Hermione to him, slowly. She wrapped her arms around his neck and finally met his amused gaze. He bent down until his forehead was resting against hers and tighten his arms around her. She put her head on his shoulder and suddenly Fred was very aware of how her body was pressed right against his. He gulped as she shifted in his arms. The softness of her chest was pressed tightly against the hardness of his muscled chest and the long smooth planes of her stomach and thighs were pressed against his.

Eventually after the two of them had stood there for a long while Fred loosened his arms form around Hermione and she looked up at him, bemused. He cleared his throat, 'Hermione, while I would happily stay like this forever my stomach is telling me that it needs food!' Hermione giggled as his stomach growled, as if to illustrate his point. She moved away from him but took his hand when he offered it. 'Wonder what Ron's going to think about all this?' she pondered out loud and Fred raised his eyebrows at her.

They turned and walked out of the classroom together after Hermione had straightened her clothing. Fred took her hand as they walked down the corridor and she smiled shyly up at him. He grinned broadly at her and let go of her hand, only to put his arm around her waist, where his fingertips brushed the bare skin of her stomach, which was exposed by her low cut jeans. Hermione shivered unconsciously and Fred suppressed a grin. They walked through the corridors until they reached the giant doors of the Great Hall. They both paused and looked at each other before Fred reached out and pushed the door open, letting Hermione walk in before him.

She had only gone a few steps before Fred reached out to her and wrapped his arm around her waist again; Hermione looked up at him and giggled at the goofy expression on his face. They walked towards the head table. Since it was nearing Christmas there were only about forty students left at school and Professor Dumbledore had simply enlarged the staff table so all of them fit on it. Most of the others were already seated and so Fred and Hermione took the vacant seats at the end of the table, between Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood.

Luna was staring into space dreamily and Hermione noticed that Malfoy was staring her with a scowl on his face. It appeared that she had stolen the last chicken drumstick. Hermione stifled another giggle; the expression on his face was really quite comical. Unfortunately her half-stifled giggle made Malfoy turn to glare at her. Fred reached for the sausages and dumped some on his and Hermione's plates. He then carved his up and slung his spare arm around Hermione's shoulders as he ate.

The expression on Malfoy's face turned to disbelief and his head swung from Hermione to Fred. He looked back at Hermione and seemed to be waiting for her to push Fred's arm off he at any second and then give him the scolding of a lifetime. Hermione merely smiled happily up at Fred and then ate her own food. When they'd both finished Fred's arm around Hermione tightened and she leaned willingly into the welcoming curve of his side. He splayed his fingers over her thigh and she placed her own on top of his, looking at the slight contrast between their skin tones.

Hermione was perfectly happy to just sit there in his embrace. She felt warm, content and utterly possessed. It was a completely new feeling and Hermione was surprising enjoying it. She glanced up at Fred and realised he was staring at her. 'What is it?' she asked him softly. 'I just can't believe that I'm actually going out with you, that's all!' he replied, speaking just as softly as she had. But it wasn't soft enough. Luna's head swung around to face them and Malfoy choked on a mouthful of sausage.

Eventually Fred had to pound him on the back to help him stop coughing and Luna just stared at all three of them. 'Are you really?' she asked curiously. Hermione felt herself flush but she nodded anyway. Luna seemed to shrug but then went back into her own world. Malfoy meanwhile was staring at Hermione aghast. 'You're going out with him?' he whispered furiously. 'Christ Granger! I thought you had better standards!' Fred turned red at his words but Malfoy wasn't finished.

He looked at Fred appraisingly. 'I mean he's better looking that Weasel-face but still!' Hermione looked at Malfoy, she was totally and utterly bewildered. Her confusion only grew when he turned to Fred and actually threatened him. 'If you hurt her you will answer to about half of our year! And that's including me! Do you understand?' he said fiercely. Hermione's jaw dropped open as Fred nodded meekly. Malfoy turned back to his food. 'Why…?' Hermione managed to gasp out. 'Because you're the only other one in our year who can actually hold on an interesting conversation with me!' answered Malfoy promptly. 'Besides which, half of the guys in our year have a crush on you and the other half either admire you or consider you like a sister to them.'

Hermione closed her mouth with a snap. She was utterly bewildered but then she supposed it did make sense, after all apart from Malfoy there was n one else in their year that she even considered exchanging insults with. And no one else seemed to understand that their snapping at each other was in fact fun for both of them and it allowed them to work out their frustrations. But as for half the guys in their year liking her… that did not add up at all! 'Um okay then so does this mean you're actually admitting that I'm as smart as you?' she asked Malfoy curiously.

He looked at her with a grin 'Well I wouldn't say quite as smart…' he stopped when Hermione threw a piece of sausage at him. 'Okay so I admit it you're the only other person in our year anywhere near as intelligent as me… sooooo friends?' he said with a sly grin as he extended his hand for her to shake. Without hesitation she shook it grinning, 'You just don't want to be stuck with someone else in our class for that potions assignment next term.' She said whilst trying to contain her laughter and to her surprise Malfoy did nothing to deny it, grinning slyly at her before turning back to his food.

To Be Continued...