/Mischievous Happenings, Part 1/

/I don't know what this year is set in so I've decided upon an alternate reality situation in which Hermione is in her sixth year, the twins are in their seventh, Harry and Ron still do Divination, the sixth and seventh years share some classes, the seventh years don't really have N.E.W.T.s on, Harry isn't out searching for Horcruxes and Dumbledore isn't dead etc. etc. So if there are any references that are all over the place, deal with it! And now… on with the story/

Hermione hurried to class, Professor Sumatra had told them to expect a big surprise today. And although Hermione suspected it was an assignment to complete in the holidays she didn't want to miss out on learning what it was. She skidded to halt outside her Muggle Studies classroom just as the bell rang. Her classmates were already sitting down and as she walked into the classroom she realised that the only seat left was next to Fred Weasley. She stifled a moan; that would be fun. Not!

As she sat down in the sea she realised that Fred was fast asleep. She prodded his shoulder gently; he didn't wake up. She looked around her guiltily to check no one was watching before proceeding to tickle him. He awoke with a stifled laugh and looked wildly around him and then at Hermione who was innocently re-arranging her books on the desk. He eyed her suspiciously and she gave him what she hoped was an angelic and at the same time disinterested look.

After the Professor set them the task of researching muggle phones he poked her in the stomach in revenge. She yelped and then blushed crimson as several people looked at her before turning to glare at Fred. He shrugged and sat there, imitating her look of innocence earlier. She fumed silently. When he dropped one of his books and bent to retrieve it she took her chance and stole his quill, hiding it in her robes. When he sat back up properly he found his quill missing.

This time he fumed silently as he sat there reading the chapter set to them and then his face suddenly changed to glee as he realised how he could take his revenge. Several seconds later Hermione realised that he was resting his hand on her thigh as he leant in, supposedly to have a look at something she had just written. His hand inched higher until Hermione jumped in her seat, grabbed it and pulled it off her. He just sat there and grinned as she went back to reading, her face flushed.

The next time he leaned over to annoy her he found her hand clamped around his arm, her fingernails digging into his flesh. It hurt! A lot! She had long fingernails. He stifled a yelp as her fingernails dug further into his arm. At that moment Professor Sumatra came by and stopped to enquire why Hermione was holding Fred's hand and why he was turning red. Fred smirked as Hermione simply blushed and let go of his hand, stammering something. His smirk was wiped from his face as he realised what she had said.

'You had no right to tell her that!' he whispered harshly to Hermione as the Professor grinned and walked away. She batted her eyes flirtatiously at him and smiled sweetly at him, 'But Fred, sweetie I just thought it was so sweet of you to finally ask me out that I couldn't bring myself to lie.' Behind him Fred heard a muffled gasp and found his twin George and Lee Jordan to be looking at Hermione in awe.

She noticed as well and blew them both a kiss, whilst batting her eyelashes at them. To Fred's surprise Lee grinned wickedly at Hermione and blew her one back while George waggled his eyebrows at her in way that he probably thought was incredibly alluring. Hermione giggled and turned back to her work but George saw Fred's incredulous look and responded with a shrug that said what she's hot! Fred shook his head and turned back to his work, which he had barely started. He chanced a glance at Hermione appraisingly.

He tried to be entirely subjective and what he saw astounded him, she was hot! When had that happened? When had the annoying know-it-all book worm that happened to be his younger brother's best friend grown into such a gorgeous young woman, confident in who she was and what she looked like. Even her manner had changed he realised; the Hermione of a year ago would never have acted like she had that lesson.

Then again he thought as Hermione crossed one leg over the other, the Hermione of a year ago would never have worn her skirt so high. He gulped as her skirt edged up a little higher and resolutely turned back to his work. None the less he couldn't resist peaking at her legs every so often, and he was pretty sure that behind him Lee and George were doing the same thing.

Hermione nervously shifted in her seat, she couldn't help but think about the surprise the Professor had promised them at the end of the double lesson. It didn't help that more than half of the elder males in the class were staring at her none-stop. She stole a glance at Fred, he appeared to be staring at her legs, Hermione suppressed the urge to giggle as he quickly turned back to his work. As she turned back to her work she realised that her quill had broken and was no longer working. She scowled at it before turned to Fred. She inched her hand over to his leg and he looked up at her as her hand came to rest on his thigh.

She mouthed 'Do you have a spare quill?' at him and he rolled his eyes and sighed as if exasperated. He pulled a scrap of paper off his book and wrote you already have my spare quill, use it! on it. She blushed furiously and several of the guys around her sighed. She glanced around her astonished that they were sighing over her and looked back at Fred. He gave her a mischievous grin, which made her feel warm inside and her stomach flutter. She smiled shyly back at him and took his quill out of her pocket.

She noticed that it had the initials F.W. on it and giggled at the way it changed colour from red to gold and back again every few seconds. She used it too write down several of her notes but could hardly contain the laughter bubbling up inside her. For some reason she felt incredibly happy. She smiled brightly at Fred as she finished up the last of the work and handed his quill back to him, but he told her to 'Keep it.' She shrugged and dropped it into her bag.

When the bell rang for lunch the class trooped out, leaving their bags in the classroom. Hermione hung to the back of the class and looked around for Harry and Ron who had Divination. She couldn't see them and sighed inwardly, it seemed like her lunchtime would be spent alone once more. Her shoulders slumped slightly but before she had time to do more than sigh Fred, George and Lee bounded up to her. The twins slung their arms around her shoulders and saluted her with their spare hand. Lee Jordan stood in front of her at attention and saluted her as well.

Then he dropped to his knees and kissed her hand, 'Your guard of honour, oh fairest of beautiful maidens.' He said pompously, prostrating himself in front of her, awaiting her reply. Hermione giggled which caused all three to grin recklessly at her. She resisted the urge to giggle again and smiled at them. And so they set off for the Great Hall together with Hermione wondering if Fred had a reason for drawing her closer to him than George.

When they reached the Great Hall the boys insisted that Hermione sit with them and so with only a small feeling of betraying her best friends she sat down. Fred immediately sat down at her right side, as did Lee on her left side. George meanwhile settled himself directly across from her. As food appeared on the table the two boys sitting next to her piled food upon her plate and constantly asked her if she needed anything. Hermione found herself thinking that this was a little over the top but she certainly didn't mind.

Two other boys came to sit on either side of George. They introduced themselves to her quickly, 'Hi, I'm Michael Gordon, lovely to meet you Hermione.' That was from the tall one with fair hair, she eyed him suspiciously, 'I didn't tell you my name.' She said and he blushed and murmured something, which sounded suspiciously like 'You didn't have to.' She giggled slightly as George elbowed him. The other stood and leaned over the table to shake her hand, she shook it. 'And you are?' she asked him, arching an eyebrow.

'I'm Kevin. Kevin Murray. And Michael here knows your name because he's been dying to ask you out for ages.' And long uncomfortable pause came about as Hermione looked at her plate and tried to avoid looking at Michael. But the silence was broken when Michael himself asked, 'Would you? Go out with me that is?' Hermione froze and looked at him in disbelief. This time it was Fred who broke the silence. He threw an arm around her and said to Michael, 'Sorry mate, I already asked her out last period and she said yes.'

Hermione's head swivelled to Fred, she was furious that he had twisted her words but before she could do anything he pulled her to him and bent down and kissed her. And it wasn't just a peck on the cheek; it was a full-blown kiss on the mouth. Her body at first froze but gradually her arms went around his neck, his around her waist and she kissed him back. Fred was in a sea of bliss as he kissed her sweet delectable mouth. Eventually they broke apart and stared at each other only to find that Lee, George and Kevin were whistling and applauding them.

This was drawing attention to the fact that Hermione and Fred were still tightly holding onto each other. Hermione let go of him reluctantly and he whispered 'Didn't know you were such a good kisser!' to her. She flushed and stuck her tongue out at him but he simply chuckled, 'Don't encourage me.' He told her but she ignored him. People on the Gryffindor table were catcalling and Hermione felt it was her duty to ignore them. However when she heard the voice of Draco Malfoy say clearly that he'd always known that she was a whore she stiffened, her eyes narrowed and she practically jumped out of her seat but the strong arms of Fred Weasley kept her from moving.

At that moment the loud voice of Ronald Weasley rang out through the hall. 'Do you say that about every girl who breaks your nose and reduces you to a blubbing baby, you disgusting little ferret?' Hermione grinned as she remembered breaking Malfoy's nose and the time Professor Moody had made Malfoy turn into a ferret. The sixth years looked at her in awe. 'Did you really break Malfoy's nose and make him cry?' Asked Fred curiously. She grinned wickedly in reply and nodded. He shivered. 'I am going to treat you like glass.' He assured her fervently as did the other boys sitting around her.

Hermione smiled at Fred but then she realised that Ron and Harry were on the other side of the hall and were undoubtedly coming to talk to her. She got up and tugged at Fred's arm. 'Come on. We need to talk. Now. Before Harry and Ron come over.' He followed her without question, even grabbing hold of her hand as she led him out of the Great Hall and towards the library where they could talk without being interrupted.

As they sat down at a study table Hermione looked around and realised that no one was in the library, even the librarian was out for lunch. This could make it easier but at the same time harder. She shifted nervously in her seat as she turned her attention back to Fred. He was watching her impassively. 'Um…' she didn't know where to start. 'Are you about to accuse me with twisting your words and then kissing you by any chance?' Asked Fred and she nodded. 'Well quite frankly you brought this upon yourself, the twisting of your words I mean and you were the one that kissed me back.'

Hermione swallowed, it was true, in a roundabout way. 'But even if that is true… where does this leave us? Are we still friends or if we aren't, what are we?' 'We are going out of course.' Replied Fred instantly. She looked at him, confused. 'But I thought… well I don't know what I thought.' 'Do you want to go out with me?' Asked Fred. 'Yes.' He replied in a small voice. 'Good, then it's all settled 'cause I want to go out with you.' He leaned across the table at that point and kissed her lips softly before pulling back. And then he had a thought. 'So… wanna go find an empty classroom and make out?' he asked her.

Hermione remained silent with a frown on her face. Fred's breath caught in his mouth. Perhaps he shouldn't have asked her that so quickly. But she did reply eventually, 'Where would we even find an empty classroom Fred?' She asked and he laughed breathlessly, standing up and pulling her up to him. 'We'll find somewhere!' He promised her before he bent down to kiss his girlfriend firmly on the lips.

/To Be Continued…/