/Mischievous Happenings, Part 2/

/After much thinking and contemplating, I decided to make this into a longer story seeing as how I was enjoying it so much. However you should realise that just because I wrote more, it doesn't mean that you should necessarily read it. If you liked Part 1 however I hope you like Part 2.

And now… back to the story/

Unfortunately just as she was starting to kiss him back with a lot of fervour who should walk in but Harry and George. Harry immediately froze and just looked at them in disbelief. Fred and Hermione had broken apart and Hermione was bitting her lip nervously… but she was grinning. Harry wetted his lips and cleared his throat. He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out so he tried again. 'I think… I think that coming to find Hermione without Ron was a very good idea.' Hermione furrowed her brow in confusion. Absentmindedly Fred noticed that she looked very cute when she did that. 'Why was it a good idea not to bring Ron when you came to find me? And why did you come to find me? We were… busy!'

Fred chuckled and moved so he was standing behind Hermione. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. She shivered in response. 'Yeah, we were… busy.' Harry looked from Hermione to Fred. He looked at George behind him. 'You're kidding me, right? You were busy… and you don't know why it's a good thing that Ron didn't come with George and me? What are you blind Hermione? He likes you, he has for ages!' Hermione froze.

'He likes me?' She asked, narrowing her eyes. 'Since when?' 'Since absolutely ages!' replied Harry. 'That bastard!' cried Hermione who had clenched her fists. A tear ran down her cheek. 'You mean to say that when Victor asked me to the Yule Ball… he liked me… before Victor asked me?' 'Well yes.' Said Harry frankly. More tears ran down Hermione's face. 'So if Ron even thought someone might ask me out he'd stop them?' 'Maybe.'

'Too bad!' said Hermione resolutely as Ron himself walked in with Lee Jordan. She turned around and pulled Fred in for a very long and passionate kiss before grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the library. She could be heard telling Fred 'Let's go see if we can find an empty classroom like you suggested before.' before they both walked out of the library. Ron turned to watch them go. He turned back towards Harry. 'Did I just see and hear what I thought I saw?' he asked, his voice trembling.

'If I say no… would you believe me?' replied Harry hopefully. Ron just nodded to him and walked out of the library. 'Um… am I the only one whose worried he'll do something drastic?' Asked Lee. George and Harry shrugged, 'He'll be fine.' Said George. 'He'll be fine.' Harry sniggered, 'He's too much of an idiot to even think of doing something drastic, he'll probably just mope about for a few weeks and ignore Hermione and Fred, nothing to worry about' Here George nodded his agreement. 'Righty oh!' sighed Lee. 'Hang on does this mean we can't flirt with her or stare a her during class anymore?' he asked sadly.

Harry looked at him funny, 'Since when did you two do that? And why would you do that" he asked, confused. Lee coughed and George cleared his throat. They slung their arms around Harry and sat him down. 'Well you see Harry, as people grow older and go through puberty, guys become attracted to good looking girls.' 'And vice versa!' said Lee, cutting into George's speech while George nodded in agreement. 'And Hermione has grown into a prime specimen of the female species.' Said George. 'Therefore as we are almost totally ruled by our hormones at this age we flirt with Hermione or stare at her because of the aforementioned reason.' Finished Lee.

At the end of this speech they got up and left Harry who sitting there was nodding slowly with a totally blank expression on his face. 'Poor fellow!' whispered Lee to George, 'Yeah, next time I think we should spring it on him a bit slower.' They both nodded in agreement and left the library already planning a prank to pull on Ron. That is once they found him. If they couldn't find him then they would simply prank a Slytherin instead.

Meanwhile Fred and Hermione had found an empty classroom and Hermione was in the process of wiping the tears from her eyes while Fred watched. 'Does this revelation mean that making out furiously for the rest of lunch is out of the question?' He asked her jokingly but she smiled at him sexily and whispered no so softly that he could barely hear. 'So that's a yes is it? Because a seventeen year old boy I am at this stage completely ruled by my hormones!' he told her seriously. This time she laughed.

'And as a sixteen year old girl I am not quite as ruled by my hormones.' She said in response. 'That does not mean that I am adverse to making out furiously for the rest of lunch however. Luckily for you!' she moved closer to Fred and placed her hands on his shoulders. She pushed his thighs to each side of her body and moved until she was standing in between his legs. She licked his lips and laughed, the sound sending shivers running down Fred's spine.

Slowly she bent down slightly and placed her hands gently but firmly on his shoulders. He looked up at her quizzically and she smiled. He raised an eyebrow at her and raised his hands to rest them on her hips. When she smiled at him again he raised his head and pressed his own lips gently to hers. Her hands wound their way around his neck as she leaned even closer, pressing her lips against his too. A shiver ran through her when he pulled her closer and he growled deep in his throat at the contact and the feel of her soft pliant body against his.

Her hands found their way into his hair and she stroked his soft hair as their lips moved against each other. Fred's arms were now completely encircling Hermione's waist and he marvelled at how fragile she seemed at that moment, totally at his mercy. Her waist was tiny and Fred grinned against her lips as he stroked her back. She shivered in his arms but leaned into him none the less. There was no space separating them now at all and neither of them really minded much at. In fact both were rather pleased with the situation.

Hermione loved every second of what was happening. His lips were so gentle against hers and his arms totally surrounded her waist. A thought flitted through her mind; that what felt so utterly safe and comforting and possessive, to be in his arms should perhaps have felt more like a cage. But it didn't. Never had Hermione felt so possessed and never had Hermione enjoyed having someone's arms around her more.

At that point time was seemingly standing still. Both wanted the moment to last forever but both knew it couldn't eventually both of them had to draw breath and so they did; breaking apart but still in each other's arms. Hermione was breathing heavily as she laid her head on Fred's chest, listening to his heartbeat. Fred was grinning broadly as he took in the scent of her hair. It smelled faintly of lavender. He pressed his lips to it gently and she looked back up at him.

When he grinned down at her she smiled tentatively back. Then her smile faltered and she looked down at the ground as her hands traced soft patterns n his thigh. The silence went on for a while and then, 'Fred? Do you know, today is the first time someone's ever kissed me or that I've ever kissed anyone back. I've never even been on a real date before with a guy.' She looked back up at him. 'What's your point?' he asked her gently. 'I don't really know.' She responded, her forehead creasing slightly as she frowned.

Fred reached out with his fingers and smoothed away her frown. Then they just stood there for a while in silence once more. When the bell went it startled both of them and Hermione jumped slightly in Fred's arms. He smothered a laugh and stood up stretching as Hermione pulled away from him. He noticed with a lazy eye that when she did the same her skirt was pulled even higher. He gulped as her jumper slid up to expose a thin line of pale, creamy flesh. He offered her a hand once they were ready to go and she took it as they walked out of the classroom.

/To Be Continued…/